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563 Possible Causes for Epstein Barr Virus, white patches

  • Pharyngitis

    Strep often produces white patches in the throat and on the tonsils, as well as red, swollen tonsils. Pus may be seen in the back of the throat.[] […] antimicrobial susceptibility testing to determine susceptibility of the oropharyngeal flora to the antibiotics were continuously performed, different blood tests for herpes viruses, Epstein-Barr[] It is a good idea to visit your GP if you notice white patches of tissue or pus filled sores at the back of your throat.[]

  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    Signs of mono include fever, sore throat, headaches, white patches on the back of your throat, swollen glands in your neck, feeling tired and not feeling hungry.[] Description Ordering Documents Bio-Rad offers complete microplate EIA kits for the detection of specific IgM and IgG antibodies to Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) antigens, aiding[] patches loss of appetite swollen lymph nodes (commonly called glands, located in the neck, underarms, and groin) headaches sore muscles weakness larger-than-normal liver[]

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Exudates manifest as white or yellow patches. A whitish coating may appear on the tongue, causing the normal bumps to appear more prominent.[] […] diphtheria. 4 to 6 weeks is the incubation period for Epstein-Barr virus.[] […] symptoms persisted, she began feeling weak and fatigued; she was then diagnosed with mononucleosis 5 days later, which was serologically confirmed with a strongly positive Epstein-Barr[]

  • Streptococcal Infection

    patches of pus on the tonsils (but not always), and swollen glands in the neck.[] virus.[] (exudates), swollen lymph nodes on the neck, fever; pharyngitis with fever and white patches on tonsils are important but not definitive signs of GAS pharyngitis.[]

  • Drug-induced Fever

    […] discharge and severe itching Mouth sores or white patches in your mouth or on your tongue Side effects of antibiotics can range from mild allergic reactions to severe and[] […] exposure to a drug, because of high doses, repetitive use or prolonged use Certain illnesses commonly associated with allergic drug reactions, such as infection with HIV or the Epstein-Barr[] Re-activation of human herpes virus 6 (HHV6, cause of roseola ) or Epstein Barr virus (EBV) may also be important.[]

  • Condyloma Acuminatum

    We report the case of a 52-year-old man who presented with a 2 2-cm verrucous white patch on his buccal mucosa.[] (HSV) 1&2, HIV 1 & 2, hepatitis A, B and C, Epstein-Barr virus and cytomegalovirus) were either negative or within normal limits.[] […] urinalysis, immunological (immunophenotype of peripheral lymphocytic subsets and serum immunoglobulins) and serological investigations (tests for syphilis, herpes simplex virus[]

  • Arsenic Trioxide

    The first case was a 54-year-old female complaining of a painful white patch on the gingival tissue of the left mandibular second molar (tooth #37) after treatment by a private[] Retrospective analysis of biomarkers (Epstein Barr virus serology and quantification, carcinoembryonic antigen) showed the potential presence of cancers before or shortly[] Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) is associated with hematopoietic malignancies, such as Burkitt's lymphoma, post-transplantation lymphoproliferative disorder, and diffuse large B-cell[]

  • Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis

    patches in your lungs a CT scan of your chest to look for white patches in your lungs blood tests to check for antibodies that are related to PAP pulmonary function tests[] The case of a 3-year-old boy with histologically proven PAP, a high load of Epstein-Barr virus, and a response to ganciclovir treatment supports the view that specific infections[] […] particles in the environment or workplace, such as silica or aluminum dust If your doctor suspects you have PAP, they may perform the following tests: a chest X-ray to look for white[]

  • Ulcerative Colitis

    An initial fundus examination showed subtle yellow-to-white patches within the inner retina of the right eye superotemporal to the fovea.[] Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infection varies in its clinical manifestations and severity.[] We report this case of a 21-year-old immunocompetent man presenting with ulcerative colitis and superimposed Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) colitis.[]

  • Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis

    A 40-year-old Japanese woman with MPGN type III developed numerous yellow-white patches in the central macula of both eyes.[] Extensive etiologic investigation was negative except for Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) viral load. EBV-DNA was then identified by in situ hybridization in the renal biopsy.[]

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