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11 Possible Causes for Erosive Gastritis, Oral Mucosal Disorder, Seizure

  • Philodendron Poisoning

    Symptoms may include gastroenteritis, delirium, refractory seizures, and coma.[] With severe poisoning, coma and epileptiform seizure activity, or spastic and tonic movements, including opisthotonus without electroencephalographic seizure activity, may[] The first phase consists of a fast heart rate, tremors, sweating and seizures.[]

  • Dieffenbachia Poisoning

    The first phase consists of a fast heart rate, tremors, sweating and seizures.[] Hypertonic sodium may be indicated for MDMA-associated cerebral edema and seizures. Figure 17.1. "Ice" Methamphetamine.[] These include nausea, stomach pain, dizziness, drowsiness, poor circulation to extremities, seizures, tremors, collapse, slowed pulse, irregular heartbeat, pupil dilation,[]

  • Toxic Effect of Corrosive Alkalis

    […] hypocalcemia mercuric chloride — renal failure, shock oxalic acid — hypocalcemia, renal failure paraquat — pulmonary fibrosis, multi-organ dysfunction and shock phenol — coma, seizures[] ., Transplantation of cultivated autologous oral mucosal epithelial cells in patients with severe ocular surface disorders.[] […] inorganic mercury salts) — renal failure, shock oxalic acid — hypocalcemia, renal failure paraquat — pulmonary fibrosis, multi-organ dysfunction and shock phenol — coma, seizures[]

  • Anorexia Nervosa

    Patients may suffer from salivary gland hyperplasia, dental caries, periodontis, oesophageal strictures, Mallory–Weiss tears, gastritis, and oesophagitis.[] CONCLUSIONS: ED display a wide array of oral mucosal lesions that can be regarded as their early manifestations.[] […] heartbeat, low blood pressure, heart valve disease, heart failure, and swelling in the feet, hands or face (oedema) problems with the brain and nerves – including fits (seizures[]

  • Spondylitic Aortitis

    , Gastritis Erosive, Gastritis Fungal, Gastroenteritis, Gastroenteritis Viral, Gastrointestinal Angiodysplasia Haemorrhagic, Gastrointestinal Disorder, Gastrointestinal Disorder[] Aspartate Aminotransferase Increased, Asphyxia, Aspiration, Asterixis, Asthenia, Asthenopia, Asthma, Asthmatic Crisis, Astigmatism, Ataxia, Atelectasis, Atherosclerosis, Atonic Seizures[] , Optic Neuritis, Oral Candidiasis, Oral Discomfort, Oral Fungal Infection, Oral Intake Reduced, Oral Mucosal Blistering, Oral Mucosal Disorder, Oral Mucosal Petechiae, Oral[]

  • Acquired Adrenogenital Syndrome

    , Gastritis Atrophic, Gastritis Erosive, Gastroenteritis, Gastroenteritis Bacterial, Gastroenteritis Eosinophilic, Gastroenteritis Viral, Gastrointestinal Disorder, Gastrointestinal[] Aniridia-ambiguous Genitalia-mental Retardation [syndrome]; Anticipatory Goal Response AGS Adrenogenital Syndrome; Alagille Syndrome; American Geriatrics Society; Audiogenic Seizures[] Adrenogenital Syndrome ; Alagille Syndrome ; American Geriatrics Society; Audiogenic Seizures AHA Anti- heart Antibody; Antihistone Antibody; Area Health Authority; Arthritis[]

  • Hematologic Disease

    This condition can generate bleeding when transforms into erosive gastritis [ 89 ], especially in patients with bleeding duodenal or gastric peptic ulcers [ 90, 91 ] and in[] seizures.[] […] are notoriously heterogeneous and may range from virtually no symptom to mild symptoms to a disease resembling factor VIII deficiency and include oral mucosal bleeding, soft[]

  • Presbyesophagus

    Learn why what you can do home remedis and medication. avoid buying the cheap ones and that haven’t been tested and that erosive gastritis and diarrhea treatment amoxicillin[] Arteriosclerosis, Nervousness, Back Pain, Libido Decreased, Bursitis, Ulcer, Granuloma, Diverticulum, Rhinitis Allergic, Gastrointestinal Disorder, Toxic Neuropathy, Complex Partial Seizures[] No dose of AP investigated was associated with cardiac dysrhythmia, morphology changes, cardiogenic syncope or seizures.[]

  • Deafness-Small Bowel Diverticulosis-Neuropathy Syndrome

    HEMATEMESIS Possible Causes: PUD or erosive Gastritis Mallory-Weiss Tear of esophagus Esophageal varices, portal hypertension HEMATOCHEZIA and MELENA HEMATOCHEZIA: Occult[] […] partial seizures, grand mal seizures Approved[] His legs jerk and twitch so bad that it's like he's having a seizure.[]

  • Hydroxyurea

    Esophago-gastro-duodenoscopy revealed multiple erosions on the gastric mucosa, biopsy of which showed chronic gastritis.[] Valproic acid was continued, but an increased dose was required to control seizures.[] […] tissue disorders: Skin reactions (oral, ungula and cutaneous pigmentation), oral mucositis, rash, melanonychia, alopecia, leg ulcers, cutaneous dryness, nail hyperpigmentation[]

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