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1,617 Possible Causes for Erysipelas, Exanthema, Ross River Fever

  • Insect Bite

    凍結外科 cutaneous candidiasis 皮膚カンジダ症 d decubitus 1.褥瘡(じょくそう) 2.臥位 dermatitis 皮膚炎 dermis 真皮 diascopy 硝子圧法 drug eruption 薬疹 e eczema 湿疹 epidermis 表皮 erosion びらん eruption 発疹 erysipelas[] River fever by mosquitoes Further Reading Insect bites and stings Symptoms of insect bites Treatment of insect bites Prevention of insect bites[] Common causes are immunological and non-immunological cutaneous drug eruption 1– 4 —particularly secondary to antibacterials 5– 7 (fig 3), urticarial reactions, 8, 9 viral exanthema[]

  • Skin Infection

    The lesions are more superficial in erysipelas than in cellulitis and have a well-defined, raised margin.[] […] headache, myalgia, and no hearing loss Conjunctival injection Present May be present Regional lymphadenopathy Present regionally and tender Usually absent Associated rash exanthema[] Erysipelas kajsa/Flickr/CC BY 2.0 Erysipelas is a bacterial infection that occurs in the top two layers of skin . It is also commonly referred to as St.[]

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  • Erysipelas

    Erysipelas is a dermatological disorder caused by bacterial infection.[] Erysipelas's etiology is Streptococcus, which penetrates through small skin lesions.[] Who Gets Erysipelas?[]

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  • Sweet Syndrome

    Cellulitis/erysipelas Disseminated erythema nodosum Erythema elevatum diutinum Leukocytoclastic vasculitis Pustular vasculitis of the dorsal hands Pyoderma gangrenosum[] […] associated with hepatobiliary disease Subcorneal pustular dermatosis Pustular psoriasis Secondary syphilis Leukemia cutis Arthus reaction Hereditary periodic fever syndromes Erysipelas[] […] of Sweet's syndrome Cutaneous conditions Acral erythema Drug eruptions Halogenoderma Rosacea fulminans Infectious and inflammatory disorders Bacterial sepsis Cellulitis Erysipelas[]

    Missing: Ross River Fever
  • Familial Mediterranean Fever

    Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) is an autosomal recessive autoinflammatory disorder characterized by recurrent fever, serositis, abdominal pain, arthritis, arthralgia and erysipelas[] Clinical differential diagnoses encompass erysipelas, erysipelas-like rashes after joint replacements, mercury exanthemas and malignant counter-parts (e.g. erysipelas melanomatosa[] Although various skin lesions such as "erysipelas-like erythema", urticaria, nonspecific purpura, and subcutaneous nodules have been described, cutaneous vasculitis is rare[]

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  • Erysipeloid

    Erisipeloid (synonym: erisipeloid of Rosenbach, swine erysipelas ) is an infectious skin disease caused by Bacillus swine erysipelas.[] Abstract Erysipelas was diagnosed in 2 succeeding caged layer flocks housed in the same building and was characterized clinically by sudden death.[] Genuine erysipela was ruled out by laboratory tests and clinical observation.[]

    Missing: Ross River Fever
  • Barmah Forest Virus Infection

    The symptoms of Ross River Fever. Prevention of Ross River Disease. How do I know I have Ross River Disease? The treatment of Ross River Fever.[] Parvovirus B19 Parvovirus B19 infections in children present as a viral exanthema, and in adults as a cause of arthralgia and arthritis.[] Ross River fever is a mosquito -borne infectious disease caused by infection with the Ross River virus .[]

    Missing: Erysipelas
  • Rheumatic Fever

    Streptococcus pyogenes SYNONYM OR CROSS REFERENCE : Group A (β-hemolytic) streptocci ( GAS ), streptococcal sore throat, strep throat, pharyngitis, scarlet fever, impetigo, erysipelas[] The paediatrician discounted the diagnosis of acute Ross River fever and expressed the possibility of acute rheumatic fever.[] […] which colonizes the throat or skin and is responsible for a broad spectrum of diseases that range from simple and uncomplicated pharyngitis and skin infections (impetigo, erysipelas[]

  • Phlebotomus Fever

    Diphtheria Diphyllobothriasis Dipylidiasis Dirofilariasis Dracunculiasis Echinococcosis unilocular Endocarditis infectious Enterobiasis Enterovirus infection Epidural abscess Erysipelas[] fever A92 Other mosquito-borne viral fevers Excludes: Ross River disease ( B33.1 ) A92.0 Chikungunya virus disease Chikungunya (haemorrhagic) fever A92.1 O'nyong-nyong fever[] Dipylidiasis Dirofilariasis Dracunculiasis Ebola Echinococcosis unilocular Endemic syphilis bejel Endocarditis infectious Enterobiasis Enterovirus infection Epidural abscess Erysipelas[]

  • Scarlet Fever

    Group A streptococci can cause pharyngitis, skin infections (including erysipelas pyoderma and cellulitis), pneumonia, bacteremia, and lymphadenitis.[] (By Afag Azizova (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons) Differential diagnosis [ 5, 13 ] Other viral exanthema: Erythema infectosum (or fifth disease). Measles. Rubella.[]

    Missing: Ross River Fever

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