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652 Possible Causes for Erythema, Exanthema

  • Insect Bite

    Wells' syndrome is a multifaceted dermatosis with a wide morphological spectrum, ranging from characteristic cellulitis-like erythema and wheals to an unusual presentation[] The postmortem examination revealed swelling and desquamation of skin and erythema on the left arm extending below the elbow.[] A circular, red, expanding rash (erythema migrans, or a “bullseye” rash) is one of the first symptoms of Lyme disease.[]

  • Sunburn

    .) , Photosensitivitasos reakció , Dermatitis photosensitiv , Photosensitiv dermatitis , Photosensitivitas toxikus reakció , Fényérzékenyített , photosensitivitasos exanthema[] The endpoints evaluated in this study were erythema (assessed visually and instrumentally), DNA damage and sunburn cell formation.[] 72 h assessments were made of skin erythema, immunohistochemical expression of leukocyte markers, COX-2, 12-LOX, 15-LOX and nitric oxide synthase (NOS), and eicosanoid levels[]

  • Skin Infection

    erythema compared to erythema migrans caused by Borrelia infection.[] P. multocida wound infections are characterized by acute onset of erythema, pain, and swelling.[] The case of Mr M, a previously healthy 39-year-old man with erythema and swelling of his finger, illustrates the issues involved in treating community-acquired skin and soft[]

  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    Timár L, Baló-Banga JM, Budai J (1987) [Infectious mononucleosis and drug exanthema].Orv Hetil 128: 1871-1874.[] […] multiforme Erythema nodosum Urticaria including cold urticaria Urticarial vasculitis Acrocyanosis (bluish hands and feet) Annular erythema Pityriasis lichenoides Palmar dermatitis[] A physical examination is remarkable for diffuse pharyngeal erythema with moderately enlarged tonsils and the presence of several enlarged, tender anterior and posterior cervical[]

  • Drug-induced Fever

    Fever, if present, is usually seen in association with erythema nodosum, polyarthralgia and hilar lymphadenopathy.[] Another case of drug induced liver injury accompanied by HHV-6 reactivation has been reported in Japan, the second such case without exanthema to be described.[] Other systemic features that can occur are fever, hepatomegaly, skin eruptions such as a rash or erythema, photosensitivity, splenomegaly, pericarditis, and the presence of[]

  • Drug Eruptions

    Six patients with FU-agent-induced drug eruptions showing DLE-like lesions and acral erythema were enrolled in this study.[] Our results indicate that specific sensitizations are one cause of exanthemas under therapy with PEG-IFNs.[] Seventeen of 22 (17/22) patients had maculo-papular exanthema, 4/22 bullous exanthema and 1/22 urticaria.[]

  • Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis

    Five days later, she developed a maculopapulous exanthema and small flaccid blisters, which spread over the common integument predominantly located on the dorsal trunk.[] .— To conduct a prospective case-control study about causative factors of severe bullous erythema multiforme, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, and toxic epidermal necrolysis, we[] […] remains to be established by controlled studies. 9 , 13 Apart from TEN, the differential diagnosis of HSCT-associated acute epidermal necrolysis includes, among others, viral exanthema[]

  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

    A 42-year-old woman was admitted to our hospital with complaints of exanthema, arthralgia, shortness of breath, and hemoptysis.[] A 16-year-old girl presenting with polyarthritis, malar rash, and palmar erythema was indicated for steroid therapy on the basis of positive results for antinuclear, anti-Smith[] Malar rash Fixed erythema, flat or raised, over the malar eminences, tending to spare the nasolabial folds 2.[]

  • Cryopyrin-Associated Periodic Syndrome

    […] familial cold… (More) DOI: 10.1007/s00393-011-0856-9 Topics Chronic Infantile Neurological, Cutaneous, and Articular Syndrome Fatigue Sensorineural Hearing Loss (disorder) Exanthema[] ., non-itchy, generalized macular erythema and plaques, are characteristic for all forms of CAPS.[] With the exception of one event of injection site erythema in a patient 12–17 years, ISRs were only reported in patients 2–11 years and 18 years of age.[]

  • Immune Complex–Mediated Small Vessel Vasculitis

    […] information and clinical findings A 24-year-old primigravida in the 35th week of pregnancy was admitted to our obstetric department for lower extremities pruritic maculopapular exanthema[] Rarer forms of this condition include hypocomplementemic urticarial vasculitis and erythema elevatum diutinum.[] Allergic vasculitis allergic vasculitis A form of nonthrombocytopenic purpura due to a hypersensitivity vasculitis associated with urticaria, erythema, arthritis, gastrointestinal[]

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