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37 Possible Causes for Erythema, Seborrheic Blepharitis, X-Ray Abnormal

  • Rosacea

    We report a unique case of facial erythema of rosacea that responded to brimonidine gel with effective blanching for two years until the patient developed a paradoxical erythema[] […] dermatitis Blepharitis Erythema Scaling, eczematous changes Paranasal, nasolabial, extrafacial distribution Perioral dermatitis 7, 48 Erythema, papules Perioral distribution[] Chest X-ray and ECG revealed no abnormality. Serology for syphilis and HIV, and mantoux test were negative.[]

  • Staphylococcus Aureus Infection

    In all patients, fever and systemic erythema without hemodynamic disturbance occurred following cellulitis of the lower limbs.[] He continued to spike fever with the development of erythema, and swelling of the distal thigh.[] Initial features include fever, erythema, and blisters, which eventually rupture and leave a red base.[]

  • Viral Pleurisy

    […] weight loss, or pruritus may include edema, jaundice, ascites, collateral circulation with distended abdominal veins (caput medusae), hepatosplenomegaly, leukonychia, palmar erythema[] blepharitis 【脂漏性皮膚炎】*seborrheic dermatitis 【脂漏性角化症】*seborrheic keratosis *keratosis seborrheica[L] 【脂漏性乳児皮膚炎】*infantile seborrheic dermatitis 【脂漏性疣】*seborrheic wart (自) 【[] Abnormalities may be detected through an X-ray if there are other causes of the pleuritic pain.[]

  • Primary Cardiac Sarcoma

    […] finger joints Erythema on the extensor surface of extremity joints, slight raised red-purple erythema over elbows or knees 2.[] blepharitis 【脂漏性皮膚炎】*seborrheic dermatitis 【脂漏性角化症】*seborrheic keratosis *keratosis seborrheica[L] 【脂漏性乳児皮膚炎】*infantile seborrheic dermatitis 【脂漏性疣】*seborrheic wart (自) 【[] This is like an x-ray, but this procedure will provide us with more details than X-ray because it can reveal the abnormal portion of the bone.[]

  • Cutaneous Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis

    Erythema elevatum diutinum (EED) is a leukocytoclastic vasculitis followed by repair and fibrosis.[] blepharitis【脂漏性眼瞼炎】 *seborrheic dermatitis【脂漏性皮膚炎】 *seborrheic keratosis【脂漏性角化症】(keratosis seborrheica[L]) *seborrhoea sicca[L]【乾性脂漏症】 *seborrheic wart【脂漏性疣】 *secondary biliary[] […] virus ( HIV ), hepatitis B and C serology Serum complement levels Protein and immunoglobulin electrophoresis Cryoglobulins Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody ( ANCA ) Chest X-ray[]

  • Acute Dacryoadenitis

    Swelling and erythema of lids increased with development of limitation of extra ocular movements in all directions. Blood counts revealed leucocytosis.[] Staphylococcal and seborrheic blepharitis (see “Bacterial Blepharitis”/“Meibomianitis”) also can influence the stability of the tear film by producing toxins and lipases that[] He did not appreciate any abnormalities of her eyes but there was mild swelling of the eyelids. An x-ray was obtained and was interpreted as normal.[]

  • Lacrimal Gland Disorder

    […] and signs Persistent or progressive swelling of the outer one third of the upper eye lid Pain and / or double vision may or may not be present Chronic eyelid swelling and erythema[] ., blepharochalasis, staphylococcal blepharitis or seborrheic blepharitis). Patients with severe eyelid inflammation should be treated medically prior to device use.[] Also, LLT X-ray of nasolacrimal duct abnormal is linked to PT Face and mouth X-ray abnormal in MedDRA 12.0, however, this PT has not been included in the term list for this[]

  • Subcorneal Pustular Dermatosis

    Within one month, symptoms in the lesion treated with tacalcitol ointment started subsiding, and eventually only erythema remained.[] blepharitis 【脂漏性皮膚炎】*seborrheic dermatitis 【脂漏性角化症】*seborrheic keratosis *keratosis seborrheica[L] 【脂漏性乳児皮膚炎】*infantile seborrheic dermatitis 【脂漏性疣】*seborrheic wart (自) 【[] X-ray shows lytic lesions with progressive sclerosis.[]

  • Mycosis Fungoides

    We report a case of a 64-year-old woman, who presented with mottled skin aspect of erythema, poikilodermatous patches (hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, atrophy, and telangiectasia[] […] dermatitis, discoid lupus, or atypical blepharitis as a differential diagnosis.[] Chest X-ray, lymph node aspiration cytology and bone marrow examination did not reveal anything abnormal.[]

  • Basal Cell Carcinoma

    Pharmacologic effects first appeared at 4 weeks and by 8 weeks, the lesions had scabbed and had fallen off with no induration but residual mild perilesional erythema.[] […] keratosis Actinic keratosis Chalazion Cyst Squamous papilloma Blepharitis Xanthelasma Nevus Verruca Malignant Squamous cell carcinoma Sebaceous gland carcinoma Malignant[] Exposure to ultraviolet light and x rays, suppression of the immune system, and genetic factors seem to increase the risk that this will happen.[]

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