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113 Possible Causes for Erythema, Venous Insufficiency of Leg

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis

    DVT can also lead to complications in the legs referred to as chronic venous insufficiency or the post-thrombotic syndrome .[] On physical examination, the patient had increased warmth, edema, erythema, and tenderness in the left calf, with positive Homan's sign.[] PICC line and upper limb DVT) 6 In the lower limbs, patients often present with unilateral leg pain, swelling, and erythema.[]

  • Hereditary Deficiency of Antithrombin

    Since most thrombotic events affect the venous circulation, this can lead to venous insufficiency.[] Physical exam Findings consistent with blood clots in the legs or arms are tenderness, swelling, and redness at the affected site(s).[]

  • Hereditary Protein C Deficiency

    Summary Epidemiology Prevalence of severe protein C deficiency (homozygous or compound heterozygous forms) is estimated at 1/ 500,000. Partial deficiencies (heterozygous forms) are much more frequent (1/200-1/500). Men and women are equally affected. Clinical description Patients with undetectable protein C levels[…][]

  • Stasis Dermatitis

    Improvement in the steroid-treated leg was statistically better than vehicle at days 14 and 28 in terms of erythema (P .05) and petechiae (P .05).[] Often those with stasis dermatitis also suffer from the other symptoms of venous insufficiency such as leg swelling, leg pain, dry skin, leg cramps at night and frequent night[] There is striking edema, bright-red erythema, weeping and scaling. The lower leg has circumferential erythema and scaling, with a tight appearance.[]

  • Thrombosis

    DVT can also lead to complications in the legs referred to as chronic venous insufficiency or the post-thrombotic syndrome.[] Warmth or erythema of skin can be present over the area of thrombosis.[] Chronic venous insufficiency. This may happen after a blood clot in a leg vein. It means that a vein no longer works well.[]

  • Thrombophlebitis

    In cases where periorbital swelling complicating sinusitis is diagnosed, clinical findings of swelling and erythema extending beyond the orbital region into the cheek should[] DVT can also cause permanent damage to the valves in the leg veins, resulting in deep venous insufficiency (DVI), or pooling of blood in the legs.[] No information about risk factors leading to this withdrawal movement or pain on injection is available and whether this reaction leads to erythema or to venous sequelae ([]

  • Erysipelas

    Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium. Abstract We report histopathological findings in a case of familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) syndrome with an erysipelas-like erythema[] venous insufficiency; 75% of cases now occur in legs ( Int J Dermatol 2010;49:1012 ) Its incidence has declined throughout the 20th century, possibly due to antibiotics and[] All had a painful erythema of the medial part of one or both calves and all failed numerous antibiotic regimens.[]

  • Cellulitis

    DISCUSSION: The current emergency medicine definition of cellulitis includes erythema, induration, warmth, and swelling.[] Diseases that affect blood circulation in the legs and feet, such as chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins, are also risk factors for cellulitis.[] She was taking chlorambucil and developed facial edema with erythema and warmth, misjudged as facial cellulitis.[]

  • Varicose Ulcer

    […] women in late middle age, and presenting as a red painful plaque on the lower limb or ankle that later breaks down into a superficial ulcer surrounded by a zone of purpuric erythema[] Leg ulcer treatment is costly and affects the quality of life of affected individuals. What is chronic venous insufficiency?[] Symptoms of Venous Insufficiency Ulcers Whe a venous ulcer begins to develop, stasis dermatitis may be present causing scaling and erythema of the lower extremities.[]

  • Infective Eczematoid Dermatitis

    […] reaction Intense 3 erythema,papules and vesicles.Irritant reaction Cauterization IR 14.[] Non- eczematous id reactions include erythema nodosum , Sweet syndrome , guttate psoriasis and blistering diseases . How is disseminated secondary eczema diagnosed?[] Physical examination revealed extensive malodorous crusting of the interdigital webs of both feet, in addition to tenderness, erythema, and serous discharge.[]

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