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349 Possible Causes for Erythematous Rash, Metabolic Acidosis

  • Streptococcal Infection

    . - Metabolic acidosis may develop late in the course of disease. - Acute phase reactants (erythrocyte sedimentation rate, C-reactive protein) are typically markedly elevated[] Erythrogenic toxin - produces the generalized erythematous rash of scarlet fever. 5. Streptodornase - DNAase 6. NADase 7.[] The rash of scarlet fever requires the presence of pyrogenic exotoxin and delayed type skin reactivity to streptococcal toxins.[]

  • Propionic Acidemia

    Metabolic acidosis is a key feature of this disease and is useful in differentiating it from nonketotic hyperglycinemia.[] Multiple carboxylase deficiency is differentiated from propionic acidemia by skin manifestations, which include generalized erythematous rash with exfoliation and alopecia[] It is frequently accompanied by metabolic acidosis with anion gap, ketonuria, hypoglycemia, hyperammonemia, and cytopenias.[]

  • Short Bowel Syndrome

    Persistent metabolic acidosis and mineral and bone disorders should be of particular concern in hemodialyzed patients with SBS.[] Also, a scaly erythematous rash can erupt around the mouth, eyes, nose, and perineum. Weser E. Nutritional aspects of malabsorption: short gut adaptation.[] Zinc deficiency - angular stomatitis, poor wound healing, alopecia, scaly erythematous rash around the mouth, eye, nose and perineum.[]

  • Multiple Carboxylase Deficiency

    A 30-month-old female patient who presented with the initial features of diabetic ketoacidosis (severe metabolic acidosis, ketosis, and hyperglycemia), lactic acidemia, moderate[] rash with skin exfoliation and alopecia , failure to thrive , seizure , coma , developmental delay , foul smelling urine, metabolic acidosis , ketosis and hyperammonemia[] If not, it can result in irreversible damage to the central nervous system and early death from metabolic acidosis.[]

  • Septic Shock

    Early septic shock is associated with hypoperfusion and heterogeneous microcirculation that is associated with hyperlactemia and metabolic acidosis.[] The disseminated, erythematous, pustular rash is a common feature. However, extensive organ involvement and life-threatening hypotension are unusual.[] In the following hours his hemodynamic situation deteriorated markedly, exhibiting respiratory-metabolic acidosis, elevated inflammatory marker plasma levels, a severely disturbed[]

  • Pyruvate Carboxylase Deficiency

    Pyruvate carboxylase deficiency, complex form, presents in early infancy with lethal metabolic acidosis, resulting from ketoacidosis and lactic acidemia.[] The juvenile form presents with lactic acidosis, alopecia, intermittent ataxia; seizures; and an erythematous rash.[] The patient developed signs of severe liver damage and died at 13 days of age after increasing metabolic acidosis and severe bleedings.[]

  • Hydrochlorothiazide

    A twelve-year-old girl with persistent hyperkalemia, metabolic acidosis, normal blood pressure and glomerular filtration rate, and short stature (first percentile for height[] He exhibited a generalized erythematous, non‐blanching, maculopapular rash over his trunk and extremities without mucosal involvement.[] ) was studied using metabolic balance techniques.[]

  • Toxic Shock Syndrome

    Metabolic acidosis , electrolyte disturbance. Did you find this information useful?[] On admission he was hypotensive, anuric, with erythematous rash on his face, neck and chest, with acute renal failure and elevated creatine phosphokinase level.[] Symptoms include high fever, hypotension, diffuse erythematous rash, and multiple organ dysfunction, which may rapidly progress to severe and intractable shock.[]

  • Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency

    acidosis (eg, pH 16 mEq/L) Patients with hemodynamic instability as judged by the Investigator Patients with uncorrected metabolic disorders (eg, diabetes) or liver disease[] After several months of this diet, the patient developed lethargy and a pruritic, diffuse, scaly, and erythematous rash.[] […] soybean proteins, or any of the active substances, excipients, or components of the container Patients with a diagnosis of shock, renal failure requiring dialysis, or severe metabolic[]

  • Biotinidase Deficiency

    A three month old baby presented with refractory seizures, dermatosis and persistent metabolic acidosis. Biotinidase deficiency was diagnosed on enzyme assay.[] rash seizures ataxia lactic acidaemia In the long term if untreated, hearing loss and optic atrophy can also occur 4 .[] Biochemically the disease is characterised by metabolic acidosis and organic aciduria.[]

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