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40 Possible Causes for Erythematous Rash, Tonsillar Exudate

  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    Skin rashes are frequent. A macular erythematous rash may occur in patients with infectious mononucleosis who are treated with ampicillin or amoxicillin.[] exudates, fever, and absence of cough are less likely than with streptococcal pharyngitis or infectious mononucleosis Table 1.[] Fatigue and malaise may persist for several months after the acute infection has resolved. [ 6 ] Sore throat; tonsillar enlargement is common, classically exudative and may[]

  • Pharyngitis

    exudate with or without scarlatiniform rash, fever and malaise had been subjected to perform a rapid test (RAD: Rapid antigen detection) for the search of the beta-hemolytic[] The rash is found in the neck, groin, and axillae, and is accentuated in body folds and creases (Pastia’s lines). 1 , 4 , 19 The pharynx and tonsils are erythematous and covered[] Figure 35-1 Strep pharyngitis showing tonsillar exudate and erythema. ( Courtesy of Michael Nguyen, MD .)[]

  • Streptococcal Infection

    Erythrogenic toxin - produces the generalized erythematous rash of scarlet fever. 5. Streptodornase - DNAase 6. NADase 7.[] exudate) Individuals with strep throat can experience other associated signs and symptoms as well, which may include any of the following: Headache Abdominal pain Nausea[] The rash of scarlet fever requires the presence of pyrogenic exotoxin and delayed type skin reactivity to streptococcal toxins.[]

  • Scarlet Fever

    We describe a patient who presented with a widespread erythematous rash, diarrhoea, confusion, pre-renal uraemia and hyponatraemia.[] exudate in only 24% (95% CI: 17-31%).[] An erythematous rash is commonly present.[]

  • Epidemic Pleurodynia

    Six patients were observed with tonsillar exudates and one was confirmed to have a CB3 urinary tract infection.[] rash (30%) nausea , vomiting , diarrhea (50%) otitis (25%) epigastric pain testicular pain (ie, orchitis ) in 10% of males Laboratory culture of virus from throat & feces[] […] several days to weeks upper respiratory tract symptoms mild pharyngitis rhinitis dry cough headache fever (morning & evening) pleural friction rub (25% of patients) transient erythematous[]

  • Gonococcal Pharyngitis

    The absence of tender anterior cervical adenopathy, tonsillar enlargement, and tonsillar or pharyngeal exudate was most useful in ruling out GABHS.[] Characteristics of acute rheumatic fever not commonly described included tenosynovitis in all six and an erythematous rash in three.[] Classic physical findings include fever, cervical adenopathy, and posterior pharyngeal and tonsillar erythema and exudates.[]

  • Kawasaki Disease

    exudates or ulcers erythema and oedema of hands and feet – this is a common feature but may only manifest as failure or refusal to weight-bear.[] Symptoms include a fever lasting more than 5 days, macular-papular erythematous rash, adenopathy, bilateral conjunctival injection and swelling of the hands and feet.[] The rash was erythematous and patchy in distribution with involvement of the face and limbs.[]

  • Adenovirus Infection

    The usual rash configu-ration is erythematous papules and macules. An association with echovirus infection has been reported.[] exudates and cervical adenitis.[] exudates (in as many as 52% of children), and leukocytosis [25] .[]

  • Infectious Mononucleosis Hepatitis

    exudate Nausea / vomiting / GI symptoms.[] However, if given to a patient with IM, the patient often develops a macular erythematous rash after 5–9 days![] Case Report A 2year old boy was admitted with h/o fever for 10 days, progressive maculopapular erythematous rash from day 2 of fever with anasarca for 3 days and high coloured[]

  • Amoxicillin-Clavulanate

    Red flags for sore throat Temperature 38 degrees celsius No cough or coryza (which may suggest a viral cause) Swollen anterior cervical lymph nodes Tonsillar swelling or exudate[] rash.[] . - Erythematous rashes common in glandular fever. - Cytomegalovirus infection. - Acute or chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. - Hepatic impairment. - Pregnancy. - Cholestatic[]

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