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134 Possible Causes for Erythrocytosis, Globulins Increased

  • Myeloproliferative Disease

    These data suggest that erythrocytosis and granulocytosis in JAK2(V617F) mice are the net result of a complex interplay between cell intrinsic and extrinsic factors.[] Our data seem to indicate that both thrombocytosis and erythrocytosis resembled primary forms in these subjects; however, none of them suffered serious thrombotic and/or hemorrhagic[] Somatic Mutations of JAK2 Exon 12 in Patients with Polycythemia Vera or Idiopathic Erythrocytosis.[]

  • Polycythemia Vera

    Unexpectedly, the symptom of erythrocytosis disappeared after the surgery.[] ERYTHROCYTOSIS AND POLYCYTHEMIA VERA 1. In patients with erythrocytosis, which of the following is not characteristic of polycythemia vera?[] We report a case of erythrocytosis as the primary manifestation of a chronic myeloid leukemia, with the presence of the Philadelphia chromosome and the Breakpoint cluster[]

  • Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma

    Tumor cells may produce erythropoietin and provoke erythrocytosis.[] […] abdominal mass; [9] malaise, which is a general feeling of unwellness; [9] weight loss and/or loss of appetite; [10] anaemia resulting from depression of erythropoietin ; [8] erythrocytosis[]

  • Hyperviscosity Syndrome

    The most common cause of hyperviscosity is increased concentrations of gamma globulins, either monoclonal in malignant disease or polyclonal, usually seen with rheumatic disorders[] The hyperviscosity syndrome is described in a patient with erythrocytosis and an immunoglobulin M with kappa light chain (IgMK) macroglobulinemia.[] Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD) with Symptomatic Erythrocytosis. J Gen Intern Med. 2007; 22: 1775–1777. Reiss UM et al.[]

  • Cryptogenic Cirrhosis

    Serum globulin increases in cirrhosis and in most liver disorders with an inflammatory component.[] In addition, liver cancers can produce and release a number of substances, including ones that cause an increased in red blood cell count (erythrocytosis), low blood sugar[]

  • Palmar Abscess

    […] erythremia【赤血病】 *erythroblastosis【赤芽球症】 *erythroblastosis fetalis【胎児性赤芽球症 胎児性赤芽細胞症】[L][略 EBF]( hemolytic disease of the newborn) *erythrocytopenia【赤血球減少(症)】(erythropenia) *erythrocytosis[]

  • Renal Cell Carcinoma

    In addition, the following may be found: fever, weight loss, anemia, varicocele, and paraneoplastic syndromes (5%) characterized by erythrocytosis, hypercalcemia, liver dysfunction[] […] micro- or macroscopic hematuria occurs in 60% of patients Complete blood count (CBC) - patients may have anemia of chronic inflammation (normo- or microcytic), some have erythrocytosis[] […] obstruction of the testicular vein Renal cell carcinoma is a unique and challenging tumor because of the frequent occurrence of paraneoplastic syndromes, including hypercalcemia, erythrocytosis[]

  • Haemoconcentration

    ] [11] HIF2α erythrocytosis: Gain-of-function mutations in HIF2α are associated with autosomal dominant erythrocytosis [12] and pulmonary hypertension. [13] Relative polycythemia[] Links: erythrocytosis mean corpuscular haemoglobin (MCH)[] "Autosomal dominant erythrocytosis and pulmonary arterial hypertension associated with an activating HIF2 alpha mutation".[]

  • Nephrotic Syndrome

    Lab Increased alpha2-globulin, increased beta-globulin, decreased albumin, increased cholesterol, increased TGs, increased phospholipids; these increases are confined to lipoproteins[] Satoh S, Kaneko T, Seino K, Abe T, Omori S, Sugimura J, Fujioka T, Kubo T (1995) Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor-induced anemia and treatment for erythrocytosis in[] Total cholesterol and triglyceride levels are typically increased.[]

  • Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

    […] in testosterone binding globulin levels may occur and total serum testosterone levels may overestimate free testosterone.[] In addition, these liver tumors can produce and release a number of substances, including ones that cause an increase in red blood cells (erythrocytosis), low blood sugar[] One concern about restoring testosterone levels to normal in cirrhotics is that this might increase the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma.[]

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