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1,019 Possible Causes for Esophageal Stenosis, Gastric Hernia, Phlegmonous Esophagitis

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

    Second will be placement with complicated anatomy due to alterations from prior gastric surgery and a hiatal hernia.[] The incidence of GERD is escalating (Figure 1 )[ 39 - 59 ] and, even though old complications attributed to this illness, such as esophageal stenosis and ulceration, have[] hernias, swallowing disorders and gastroparesis.[]

  • Esophageal Ulcer

    A small percentage of these lesions 1 are congenital, but most occur as complications of the sliding type of esophageal hiatal hernia or of operations upon the gastric cardia[] Thereafter, swallowing difficulties appeared, and endoscopy revealed severe esophageal stenosis and a deep ulcer.[] Obesity Pregnancy Certain foods like chocolate Delayed gastric emptying Infection Infectious esophagitis with the subsequent development of esophageal ulcers may be caused[]

  • Esophageal Burn

    gastric lipase.[] […] of esophageal stenosis, stenosis is located in the most severe parts of esophageal injury, esophageal stenosis of the corrosive substances easy to stay in the site, but also[] […] hypersecretory states Delayed gastric emptying Pregnancy Scleroderma Hiatal hernia It is typical for patients with GERD to have multiple risk factors Patients with a past[]

  • Phlegmonous Esophagitis

    Reflux Esophagitis Contributing Factors: Hiatal hernia Delayed gastric emptying (gastroparesis/obstruction) Incompetent Lower esophageal sphincter Irritant effects of gastric[] […] eventually alleviated the acute phlegmonous esophagitis in our patient.[] Repeated chest CT and endoscopy following day 100 of hospitalization showed esophageal stenosis and extraluminal barium leakage.[]

  • Mallory-Weiss Syndrome

    […] into chest.  TYPESTYPES  1.Sliding hernia(oesophageo gastric1.Sliding hernia(oesophageo gastric hernia) – 80%hernia) – 80%  2.Rolling or paraoesophageal hernia2.Rolling[] […] stricture, esophageal stenosis 食道憩室 diverticulum of the esophagus 圧出性憩室 pulsion diverticulum 咽頭食道憩室 pharyngoesophageal diverticulum 横隔膜上憩室 epiphrenic diverticulum 気管分岐部食道憩室[] Recently other conditions such as pregnancy, migraine, hiatal hernia, gastric ulcer, biliary disease, and various medications have been associated with MWS.[]

  • Radiation Esophagitis

    During upper endoscopy, an esophageal stenosis was found in 11 cases and was associated with ulceration in three cases.[] An isolated esophageal ulceration was present in only two cases. Chronic radiation esophagitis diagnosis was confirmed by histology and durgery in seven cases.[] Lew RJ et al. (2004) Technique of endoscopic retrograde puncture and dilatation of total esophageal stenosis in patients with radiation-induced strictures.[]

    Missing: Gastric Hernia
  • Neoplasm of the Esophagus

    In case of intrathoracic anastomosis especially when located below the aortic arch the risk of reflux esophagitis and reflux stenosis (and even Barrett metaplasia) is very[] Esophageal dilatation prior to EUS is not recommended because of the risk of perforation estimated at 30 to 70%.[] The inability to pass a tumor or stenosis ranges between 20 and 40% which of course also restricts the possibility of assessing not only tumors but also lymphnode invasion[]

    Missing: Gastric Hernia
  • Esophagitis

    It is also indicated for symptomatic relief in oesophagitis, hiatus hernia, gastritis and iatrogenic gastritis.[] KEYWORDS: IgG4-positive plasma cell; IgG4-related disease; esophageal stenosis; esophagitis[] Over time, if you have cell changes in your oesophagus due to the gastric acid burns, this is known as Barrett’s oesophagus.[]

    Missing: Phlegmonous Esophagitis
  • Esophageal Stenosis

    […] remnant Associations Esophageal strictures are often associated with a hiatal hernia.[] Esophageal atresia with tracheosophageal fistula may be associated rarely with distal esophageal stenosis.[] Hiatal hernia Hiatal hernia is a condition in which stomach bulges up into the thorax through the diaphragm.[]

    Missing: Phlegmonous Esophagitis
  • Plummer-Vinson Syndrome

    […] in Boerhaave's syndrome, pneumomediastinum Calf pain on forced dorsiflexion of the foot in patients with DVT Pain along the inner aspect of the thigh; seen with obturator hernia[] This experience indicates that endoscopic bougienage is safe, effective, and relatively easy to perform in patients with severe esophageal stenosis.[] Plum·mer-Vin·son syn·drome ( plŭm'ĕr vin'sŏn ), iron deficiency anemia, dysphagia, esophageal stenosis, and atrophic glossitis.[]

    Missing: Phlegmonous Esophagitis

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