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4 Possible Causes for Esotropia - Hypermetropia - Strabismus

  • Esotropia

    Collective characteristics of this form of strabismus are a comitant and relatively large deviation, mild hypermetropia, a potential of normal binocular cooperation and absence[] Esotropia was surgically corrected. In this study we pointed to the role of genetic factors in the development of refractive error, as well as the type of strabismus.[] J Pediatr Ophthalmol Strabismus. 1989;26264- 270 Google Scholar 9. Raab E Hypermetropia in accommodative esodeviation.[]

  • Aniridia

    Strabismus, ptosis and refractive errors: Ptosis is found in up to 10% of cases, with strabismus presenting as esotropia also common.[] Myopia and hypermetropia are not uncommon. Systemic defects Hearing: Difficulties can arise from auditory processing deficits due to abnormal interhemispheric transfer.[]

  • Optic Nerve Hypoplasia

    […] reported another deletion patient (case 32) with ONH, hypermetropia, strabismus, esotropia and corpus callosum abnormality. 66 The third deletion patient reported manifested[] Strabismus might be the presenting symptom of ONH. In a series with 100 cases with ONH, 68 of the cases had strabismus.[] Zollino et al reported a deletion patient (patient 28) with hypoplastic ocular globe, unilateral ONH, strabismus, hearing impairment and craniosynostosis. 65 Koolen et al[]

  • Verloove-Van Horick-Brubakk Syndrome

    Thin vermilion border Strabismus Feeding difficulties Delayed speech and language development Midface retrusion Facial palsy High hypermetropia Delayed skeletal maturation[] Facial diplegia Nonprogressive High-frequency hearing impairment Esophoria Accommodative esotropia Arrhythmia Short neck Proptosis Uplifted earlobe Alacrima Retrocerebellar[] […] valve prolapse Prominent nose Abnormality of the skin Long face Pulmonic stenosis Joint hyperflexibility Dolichocephaly Broad forehead Prominent forehead Congenital onset Hypermetropia[]

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