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15 Possible Causes for Exanthema, Fever, Loose Tooth

  • Langerhans-Cell Histiocytosis

    A 10-year-old girl was seen with a 3-week history of right upper lid swelling and with no other symptoms or fever.[] A 3 years old boy was hospitalized with a month's history of polydipsia, polyuria and low fever. There was no relevant family history.[] The patient reported no pain at other sites, exhibited no fever or night sweats, and was unable to recall any recent injury.[]

  • Scurvy

    Skin biopsy of the exanthema suggested scurvy.[] Symptoms of typhoid fever include: high fever stomach pain weakness headache Some people might also develop a rash and experience diarrhea or constipation.[] The authors report the case of a 50-year-old alcoholic man with chronic hepatitis C virus infection, who presented to the emergency department with fever and exuberant ecchymoses[]

  • Granuloma Annulare

    Aggressive types of tumours are usually expansive and rapidly grow, causing pain, bleeding, and displaced and loose teeth.[] […] left), Alcian Blue pH 2.5 (right) Interstitial pattern Electron microscopy description Degenerated elastic fibers Differential diagnosis Rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatic fever[] Patients may have associated arthralgia, diarrhea, and fever. The erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) may be elevated 1 .[]

  • Doxycycline

    The most common side effects are diarrhea or loose stools, nausea , abdominal pain , and vomiting .[] Drug fever induced by doxycycline is rarely reported.[] The most common side effects are diarrhea or loose stools, nausea, abdominal pain, and vomiting.[]

  • Chediak Higashi Syndrome

    A 13-year-old African American male presented with severe gingival inflammation, generalized gingival bleeding, and tooth looseness.[] There was no history of nystagmus, drug intake, mucosal involvement, or other relevant complaints; there was no history of Herpes simplex or other exanthemas.[] A 14-week-old boy with undiagnosed Chediak-Higashi syndrome developed fever with a high temperature and acute cardiac failure after having received a scheduled vaccination[]

  • Enamel Hypoplasia

    Here are some helpful tips for parents: If the permanent incisor is erupting behind the primary incisor, and the primary incisor is loose, ask your child to wiggle the tooth[] Among the children, diseases occurring within one year after birth, exanthematous diseases such as exanthema submonia, common cold and pneumonia, Jaundice, intussusception[] Likely correlates of this secular trend logically include reduced childhood fevers and clinical intervention to reduce circum-natal stresses acting on cotwins.[]

  • Hidradenitis Suppurativa

    This is nothing like a gum boil/abscessed tooth. Any ideas? Mel over a year ago What about for a 5 yr old loosing teeth.[] How To Order Acne No More Book Tcm Inversa Deterioration of acne vulgaris or eruption of an acneiform exanthema could be established during treatment with vitamin B6 Indulge[] OBJECTIVES: To describe clinical and genetic characteristics of two unrelated patients with HS and familial Mediterranean fever (FMF). METHODS: Case study.[]

  • Scombroid Fish Poisoning

    Some people may have neurologic symptoms, such as a tingling sensation, tooth pain or feeling as if the teeth are loose, itching, a metallic taste in the mouth, and blurred[] Other symptoms may include: Itching Hives Burning sensation in the mouth Fever Unusual heart pounding sensation.[] : Tingling and burning sensations around the mouth Facial flushing Abdominal cramps Nausea and vomiting Sweating Headache Dizziness Itching and hives Rashes Palpitations Fever[]

  • Humulus

    They look visibly rough as they have toothed margins. Flowers: green-yellow in colour.[] The 8th-century Arab physician Mesuë praised the syrup as a good medication for bilious fever and to purify the blood.[] Native Americans used Humulus lupulus medicinally to induce sleep, for breast and womb problems, for inflamed kidneys, rheumatism, bladder problems, intestinal pain, fever[]

  • Bulimia

    […] causes pain abscess and swelling Lasers in cosmetic dentistry and dental implants Loose teeth that move or are mobile when chewing Loose teeth usually indicate gum disease[] The reasons for premature attrition were improvement in one patient (no. 12), a generalized exanthema in one patient (no. 7), severe nausea in one patient (no. 8) and non-compliance[] Pancreatitis can occur suddenly, causing symptoms including fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, elevated heart rate and abdominal tenderness and pain.[]

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