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19 Possible Causes for Exanthema, Myocarditis, Ross River Fever

  • Rheumatic Fever

    Along with endocarditis, myocarditis and pericarditis, complete atrio-ventricular block has been recognized, rarely, during the course of acute rheumatic carditis.[] The paediatrician discounted the diagnosis of acute Ross River fever and expressed the possibility of acute rheumatic fever.[] In addition to valvulitis, there may be myocarditis and pericarditis.[]

  • Insect Bite

    Lyme disease over long term may also lead to joint problems like arthritis and heart muscle problems like myocarditis.[] じょくそう) 2.臥位 dermatitis 皮膚炎 dermis 真皮 diascopy 硝子圧法 drug eruption 薬疹 e eczema 湿疹 epidermis 表皮 erosion びらん eruption 発疹 erysipelas 丹毒(たんどく) erythema 紅斑(こうはん) erythroderma 紅皮症 exanthema[] […] the face encephalitis The condition can also damage the joints, which can lead to arthritis and heart problems (occasionally), such as inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis[]

  • Epidemic Typhus

    Renal insufficiency, pneumonia, gangrene, myocarditis, and multiple organ failure may appear. Full recovery may take months.[] Among the more common mosquito-borne diseases are Malaria, Dengue fever, Chikungunya virus, Zika virus, Ross River virus, and West Nile virus, while less common diseases include[] We report a case of epidemic typhus in a patient from the Batna region of Algeria, who presented with generalized febrile exanthema.[]

  • Chikungunya

    Exams revealed myocarditis.[] Approximate Synonyms Chikungunya fever Mosquito-borne viral fever Onyong-nyong fever O'nyong-nyong fever Oropouche virus disease Rift valley fever Ross river disease Ross[] A rash manifesting as macular or maculopapular exanthema and/or erythema was observed in 15 patients (75%).[]

  • Dengue Fever

    Myocarditis is an uncommon manifestation of dengue fever.[] River virus infection Yellow fever Fight the Bite When you have a notifiable condition 1 – In South Australia the law requires doctors and laboratories to report some infections[] CONCLUSIONS: Patients with dengue fever are at high risk of developing myocarditis and rhythm disturbance and therefore require a close cardiac monitoring.[]

  • Coxsackie Meningitis

    , caused by this virus.The first cases of myocarditis in infants, thought to be due to Coxsackie virus, were described from Southern Rhodesia 1 and Transvaal. 2 More recently[] 2084 Rhinoscleroma and ozena 2093 Rhinosporidiosis 2096 Rhodococcus equi infection 2099 Rickettsia felis infection 2101 Rickettsialpox 2108 Rift Valley fever 2112 Ross River[] Coxsackievirus Group A (serotypes 1-22 and 24), Coxsackievirus Group B (serotypes 1-6), enteroviral vesicular pharyngitis (herpangina), enteroviral vesicular stomatitis with exanthema[]

  • West Nile Encephalitis

    Neurologic impairment Seizures Bronchial pneumonia Myocarditis Pancreatitis Hepatitis Death Headache Myalgia Fever Fatigue Neck stiffness Possible recent exposure to bodies[] Excludes Ross River disease ( B33.1 ) Other mosquito-borne viral fevers A92.3 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code A92.3 West Nile virus infection 2016 2017 2018 2019 Non-Billable/Non-Specific[] Pancreatitis, myocarditis, hepatitis, rhabdomyolysis, and orchitis have also been described.[]

  • Rift Valley Fever

    Silvio Antoniak and Nigel Mackman, Coagulation, Protease-Activated Receptors, and Viral Myocarditis, Journal of Cardiovascular Translational Research, 10.1007/s12265-013-9515[] Approximate Synonyms Chikungunya fever Mosquito-borne viral fever Onyong-nyong fever O'nyong-nyong fever Oropouche virus disease Rift valley fever Ross river disease Ross[] Excludes Ross River disease ( B33.1 ) Other mosquito-borne viral fevers Clinical Information An acute infection caused by the rift valley fever virus, an rna arthropod-borne[]

  • Kyasanur Forest Disease

    Coxsackie virus B 1-6 (CVB 1-6) - colds, viral meningitis, myocarditis Echo viruses - colds, gastroenteritis diarrhea, encephalitis Human enteroviruses - colds, gastroenteritis[] Louis Encephalitis - Murray Valley encephalitis - Ross River ) Tick ( Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever - Omsk hemorrhagic fever - Kyasanur forest disease - Alkurma - Powassan[] , sandfly fever, Ross River fever, Sindbis fever, Mayaro fever , Murray Valley encephalitis, St.[]

  • Viral Arthritis

    Adenovirus or coxsackieviruses A9, B2, B3, B4, and B6 – These infections have been associated with recurrent episodes of polyarthritis, pleuritis, myalgia, rash, pharyngitis, myocarditis[] From board-exam curiosity to hemispheric reality Prior to the current epidemic, these diseases, rare in the West (originating in Australia [Ross River fever], the Pacific,[] Parvovirus B19 Parvovirus B19 infections in children present as a viral exanthema, and in adults as a cause of arthralgia and arthritis.[]

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