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4,728 Possible Causes for Exanthema, Systemic Autoinflammation, X-Ray Abnormal

  • Erythema Nodosum

    […] skin syndrome, Impetigo, Boil, Carbuncle ) · Strep ( Impetigo ) · Corynebacterium ( Erythrasma ) Viral skin disease Wart · Molluscum contagiosum · Erythema infectiosum · Exanthema[] Ahmet Gül, Behçet Disease, Textbook of Autoinflammation, 10.1007/978-3-319-98605-0_35, (647-665), (2019).[] The x-ray is done to look for one or more enlarged lymph nodes in the chest and abnormal markings in the lungs.[]

  • CINCA Syndrome

    […] autoinflammatory conditions characterized by chronic systemic inflammation due to an abnormal regulation of the innate immune system.[] It is diagnosed by blood and spinal fluid tests together with X-rays to identify the bone effects of the condition and genetic tests can confirm diagnosis in some people.[] […] joints in hands and feet can also be involved usually bilateral painful contractures cause limited range of movement – an important cause of disability characteristic unique x-ray[]

  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    Amoxicillin-induced exanthema in young adults with infectious mononucleosis: Demonstration of drug-specific lymphocyte reactivity. Br J Dermatol 2002 ; 147: 1166 – 70.[] Timár L, Baló-Banga JM, Budai J (1987) [Infectious mononucleosis and drug exanthema].Orv Hetil 128: 1871-1874.[] Jappe U (2007) Amoxicillin-induced exanthema in patients with infectious mononucleosis: allergy or transient immunostimulation?Allergy 62: 1474-1475.[]

    Missing: Systemic Autoinflammation
  • Skin Cancer

    The present review is aimed at providing an overview of skin cancer with particular focus on occupational concern and giving evidence-based recommendation for effective prevention at workplace. We performed a systematic search of literature using PubMed and the Cochrane Library. Outcome of preventive strategies[…][]

    Missing: Systemic Autoinflammation
  • Septicemia

    […] or CT scan), an abnormal chest x-ray consistent with pneumonia (with focal opacification), or petechiae, purpura, or purpura fulminans may be evident of infection.[] Other investigations will also be necessary to identify any undetected infection, including chest x-rays, scans and tests on samples of blood, urine, faeces and mucus from[] , infection causing inflammation of the abdominal cavity lining, infection of the bile duct, or intestinal infarction.[8] A pierced internal organ (free air on abdominal x-ray[]

    Missing: Systemic Autoinflammation
  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

    […] capacity of carbon monoxide (DLCO) along with abnormal chest x-rays may be detected in asymptomatic patients. [9] Pulmonary abnormalities do not correlate with immune parameters[] A 42-year-old woman was admitted to our hospital with complaints of exanthema, arthralgia, shortness of breath, and hemoptysis.[] Non-laboratory tests X-rays or other imaging tests may be ordered to examine organs potentially affected by lupus. In addition, a kidney biopsy may be performed.[]

    Missing: Systemic Autoinflammation
  • Malignant Melanoma

    The incidence of malignant melanoma has increased in recent years more than that of any other cancer in the United States. About one in 70 people will develop melanoma during their lifetime. Family physicians should be aware that a patient with a changing mole, an atypical mole or multiple nevi is at considerable risk[…][]

    Missing: Systemic Autoinflammation
  • Herpes Simplex Infection

    Equine coital exanthema. In: Coetzer JAW, Tustin RC, eds. Infectious diseases of livestock. 2nd ed. Cape Town: Oxford Press, 1992:860-7. 5 Marschang RE.[] […] subitum ” No Yes HHV-7 Human herpesvirus 7 HHV-7 Roseola, exanthem subitum Morbilliform eruption, “ exanthema subitum ” No Yes HHV-8 Kaposi’s sarcoma- associated herpesvirus[] […] herpesvirus 6 A HHV-6A Possible assoc with multiple sclerosis, cancers None No Yes HHV-6B Human herpesvirus 6 B HHV-6B Roseola, exanthem subitum Morbilliform eruption, “ exanthema[]

    Missing: Systemic Autoinflammation
  • Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis

    Chest x-rays may be abnormal, either showing diffuse disease (67%) or isolated areas (58%).[] Also, blood tests aimed at measuring kidney function may show abnormalities. Chest x rays are used to determine if the lungs are involved.[] […] eye) and X-rays of the chest and sinuses, which detect abnormalities resulting from lung and sinus inflammation.[]

    Missing: Systemic Autoinflammation
  • Measles

    Pneumonia and hilar adenopathy are common and may be prolonged; chest x-ray abnormalities may persist for weeks to months. Symptomatic hypoxemia may occur.[] Classic Paper The diagnosis of the invasion of measles from a study of the exanthema as it appears on the buccal mucous membrane † Corresponding Author University Department[] In the majority of cases there is no suspicion of any exanthema. In a few cases there is an indistinct spotting around the lips and alae nasi, but no eruption.[]

    Missing: Systemic Autoinflammation

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