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3,112 Possible Causes for Excessive Masturbation, Iron Deficiency Anemia, Skin Pustule

  • Acne Vulgaris

    .• Papules - inflamed lesions that appear as small, pink bumps on the skin.• Pustules (pimples) - inflamed pus filled lesions that are red at the base.• Cysts and nodules[] […] sexual thoughts and masturbation.[167] Dermatology's association with sexually transmitted infections, especially syphilis, contributed to the stigma.[167] Acne vulgaris[] Iron deficiency anemia is sometimes associated with chronic cases. Bacterial[edit] Staphylococcus aureus folliculitis.[]

  • Cutaneous Candidiasis

    […] redness small pustules skin inflammation oozes whitish fluid white pussy blisters Candida is a common cause of diaper rash.[] Iron deficiency anemia and deficiencies including vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, and folic acid are associated with heightened infection rates.[] In the absence of circulating neutrophils, pustules do not appear on the skin; as the white-cell count recovers, the lesions may become pustular even as the infection is being[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Folliculitis

    The diagnosis of S. marcescens folliculitis was made on the basis of histopathologic features and tissue culture of a skin biopsy specimen of a pustule after her eruption[] Iron deficiency anemia is sometimes associated with chronic cases. Bacterial[edit] Staphylococcus aureus folliculitis.[] In general, folliculitis presents with the following common cutaneous symptomatology among patients: Clustering of red bumps in a skin region Pustule formation or development[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Small, red bumps filled with pus, called pustules, may appear on your face as part of this condition.[] If Hb is 10 g/dL, superimposed iron deficiency or other causes of anemia should be considered.[] Overall, rosacea is a common, chronic inflammatory skin condition. It causes irregular redness or flushing of your face, particularly in the cheeks or nasal areas.[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease Type 1

    Cutaneous reactions to intestinal Crohn disease In some cases, non- granulomatous skin disorders occur as a reaction to the intestinal disease.[] Patients with documented iron-deficiency anemia were excluded.[] Weight loss as well as specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies (for example, iron deficiency anemia) may occur.[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Peptic Ulcer

    Acute Miliary Tuberculosis The skin lesions of acute miliary tuberculosis are nonspecific, and consist of erythematous papules, vesicles, or pustules.[] […] older than 55 years with new-onset dyspepsia Family history of GI malignancy Unintended weight loss Gastrointestinal bleeding Progressive dysphagia Odynophagia Unexplained iron-deficiency[] deficiency anemia, or jaundice). 1 – 4 Endoscopy is recommended for patients who are 55 years or older, or who have alarm symptoms.[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Rosacea

    Erythema — A diffuse red and inflamed area of the skin. Papule — A small hard elevation of the skin. Pustule — A small pus-filled elevation of the skin.[] It does not have the pustules of rosacea. Perioral dermatitis – small pustules dot the skin, around the mouth in younger women.[] It is characterized by erythematous changes of the facial skin, and commonly presents with papules, pustules, or telangiectasias.[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation Iron Deficiency Anemia
  • Celiac Disease with Diffuse Intestinal Ulceration

    The lesions initially present as scaly, erythematous patches and plaques similar to atopic dermatitis, but progress to vesicles, crusts, erosions, and pustules.[] Prevalence of occult celiac disease in patients with iron-deficiency anemia: a prospective study. South Med. J. 97, 30–34 (2004). 26. Murray, J. A. et al.[] Hookworms deplete the body of nutrients, and a major effect is severe chronic iron-deficiency anemia.[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Angular Cheilitis

    Itchy, cracked and crusty skin on the lips. Pustules, which are spots resembling blisters or pimples. Bad taste in the mouth.[] Correction of iron deficiency anemia and any vitamin insufficiency will successfully treat the angular cheilitis.[] ), or B12 (Cyanocobalamin) and iron deficiency anemia.[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Food Allergy

    The prevalence of nonclassic celiac disease is high in the Western world, with patients mainly presenting with unexplained iron-deficiency anemia.[] deficiency anemia, and failure to thrive in infants.[] Adults — signs and symptoms Chronic diarrhea (formerly considered the most common symptom) Weight loss Iron-deficiency anemia Abdominal distension due to bloating Malaise[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation Skin Pustule

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