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5,415 Possible Causes for Excessive Masturbation, Pelvic Pain, X-Ray Abnormal

  • Bladder Calculus

    We present a 39-year-old man with repeated urinary tract infection and lower abdominal pain.[] However excessive masturbation causes anxiety in parents. We describe a boy with a bladder calculus presenting as excessive masturbation.[] X-rays and intravenous pyelogram X-rays show the inside of the bladder and most abnormalities that may be present.[]

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

    Abstract Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) has been investigated in Western countries and identified to be associated with chronic pelvic pain and inflammation.[] Acute pelvic pain in reproductive-aged women presents a diagnostic challenge.[] BACKGROUND: Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is often responsible for acute pelvic pain, yet its clinical diagnosis is difficult.[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Uterine Fibroid

    pain or bulkiness, dyspareunia, increased urinary frequency, and infertility.[] Hysterosalpingography is a special X-ray test. It may detect abnormal changes in the size and shape of the uterus and fallopian tubes.[] Affected women may remain asymptomatic or may report symptoms related to abnormal uterine bleeding, infertility, or pelvic pain and pressure.[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate

    Although such cases must be regarded as extremely rare, postirradiation sarcoma should be considered as a potential cause of pelvic pain developing after RT.[] Computed tomography (CT) scan : This is an X-ray procedure using a computer to take detailed, three-dimensional pictures of abnormal tissue in the body.[] pain, incontinence, or fractures related to bone metastases from prostate cancer.[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Carcinoma of the Prostate

    pain, incontinence, or fractures related to bone metastases from prostate cancer.[] The patient also developed severe constipation with deep seated pelvic and perineal pain.[] […] area Bone pain Erectile dysfunction When to see a doctor Make an appointment with your doctor if you have any signs or symptoms that worry you.[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Cervical Cancer

    Later, you may have pelvic pain or bleeding from the vagina. It usually takes several years for normal cells in the cervix to turn into cancer cells.[] Rarely, an abnormality seen on a routine X-ray could be the first sign of metastatic cervical cancer.[] pain.[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Tubo-Ovarian Abscess

    This was a retrospective review of non-pregnant ED patients presenting with pelvic pain who were diagnosed with TOA using bedside transvaginal US.[] We present a case of 19-year-old sexually inactive girl who presented with abdominal pain and pelvic mass resembling ovarian tumor.[] A 57-y-old woman presented with recurrent abdominal and pelvic pain of 6 months' duration with low-grade fever. A computed tomographic scan indicated an ovarian tumor.[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Leiomyosarcoma

    pain Presentation may be related to tumor rupture (hemoperitoneum) or due to extrauterine extension 5 year survival 40%, only 10% if anaplastic; minimal survival if extends[] In the case 1, a 59-year-old woman was admitted to our hospital to examine abnormal shadow detected on chest X-ray.[] Bone scans or PET scan, which include taking pictures or x-rays of the bone after a dye has been injected that is absorbed by bone tissue.[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Urinary Retention

    When a woman experiences urinary incontinence, bowel incontinence, pelvic pain or other problems in the pelvic region, our specialists can diagnose the underlying condition[] Computerised tomography (CT) scans — A combination of x rays and computer technology creates images that can show things like: urinary tract stones, urinary tract infections[] pain, obstructive and irritative urinary symptoms, weight loss and malaise.[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation
  • Metastatic Ovarian Carcinoma

    Most patients had abdominal pain and a pelvic mass. In 56%, the ovarian tumors and the large bowel carcinomas were discovered synchronously; 44% were metachronous.[] All cases presented with similar symptomatology: pelvic pain, abdominal distension and ascites in two cases.[] Later, pelvic pain, anemia, cachexia, and abdominal swelling due to ovarian enlargement or ascites usually occur.[]

    Missing: Excessive Masturbation

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