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21 Possible Causes for Exotropia, Fatigue, Hematocrit Decreased

  • Malaria

    You then develop a high temperature, accompanied by severe sweating and fatigue. These symptoms usually last between 6 and 12 hours.[] The symptoms of malaria include: High fever Chills Shaking Extreme sweating Fatigue Body aches and general discomfort Headache Muscle ache Nausea Vomiting If the symptoms[] Symptoms of malaria vary but typically include: fever, headache, fatigue, and muscle aches. Cough and diarrhoea may also occur.[]

  • Plummer-Vinson Syndrome

    We present a case of an 18-year-old boy with a rare presentation of this syndrome including pectus carinatum, exotropia and mitral valve prolapsus.[] METHODS: Five males presented to us with dysphagia and fatigue of various durations, from April to August, 2012.[] Lab test normally expose “iron-deficiency” anemia with values of hemoglobin, hematocrit, serum iron and ferritin decreased and increased total of iron binding capacity.[]

  • Amniotic Fluid Embolism

    […] to 615.0 - 615.9 ) 670.1 epilepsy 649.4 excessive weight gain NEC 646.1 face presentation 652.4 failure, fetal head to enter pelvic brim 652.5 false labor (pains) 644.1 fatigue[] Abnormal laboratory results were WBC 24.8 x 10 3 /mm 3 , hemoglobin (HGB) decreasing to 4.2 g/dL, hematocrit (HCT) 12.7%, and PTLs 72 x 10 9 /L.[] The mechanical ventilatory support for the treatment of ARDS is essential, the goal being to rest the fatigued respiratory muscles while providing suitable gas exchange.[]

  • Microcytic Anemia

    Distinct dysmorphic features were noted: exotropia, a square face with a prominent forehead, low-set eyebrows, a wide nasal bridge with broad nasal tip and anteverted nares[] […] presentation One of the difficulties in diagnosing anemia is that the patient does not typically exhibit many symptoms and those which are present are things like headache, fatigue[] Typically, when iron deficiency is the cause of microcytosis, the RBC count is decreased proportionately to the hemoglobin and hematocrit.[]

  • Porphyria

    Clinical finding include hemiplegia, tetraparesis, limb dystonia, seizures, developmental delay, exotropia and visual field defects.[] We ask about general symptoms (anxious mood, depressed mood, fatigue, pain, and stress) regardless of condition. Last updated: May 14, 2019[] […] disturbance Anxiety disorder Confusion Somatization disorder Psychosis Acute psychosis Acute confusional state Pain and sensory disturbance Back, thigh, or extremity pain Chronic fatigue[]

  • Ayerza Syndrome

    ) 378.10 convergent (see also Esotropia) 378.00 divergent (see also Exotropia) 378.10 due to adhesions, scars - see Strabismus, mechanical in neuromuscular disorder NEC 378.73[] N Engl J Med 1941; 225:845-855 MILITARY SYMPOSIUM FATIGUE IN AIRCRAFT PILOTS* Ross A. McFarland, PH.D.[] Secondary to decreased tissue oxygenation (physiologically appropriate polycythemia or hypoxic erythrocytosis) High-altitude erythrocytosis (Monge disease) Pulmonary disease[]

  • Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis

    An exotropia as a presenting symptom is unusual.[] CBC showed slightly decreased hemoglobin, hematocrit, mean corpuscular volume (MCV) and raised red blood cell distribution width (RDW).[] Several days after admission a right exotropia was noticed.[]

  • Retinal Artery Embolism

    After 6 months, vision in the right eye remained light perception and the right exotropia was unchanged with complete loss of adduction.[] Patients who have giant cell arteritis are 55 or older and may have a headache, a tender and palpable temporal artery, jaw claudication, fatigue, or a combination.[] At the onset of symptoms, hemodilution with the help of IV fluids (with the aim of decreasing hematocrit to 35%) might improve retinal blood flow.[]

  • Optic Neuropathy

    The following categorizes the clinical characteristics: FUNCTIONAL VISION PROBLEMS Exotropia (eye turned outward) Exophoria (tendency for the eyes to turn out) Convergence[] […] ischemic optic neuropathy in giant cell arteritis , but that is usually accompanied by headache, jaw pain provoked by chewing ("jaw claudication"), limb girdle joint pain, fatigue[] […] oxygen delivery to the optic nerves. 1 Postoperative blindness has been previously reported in association with pressure-induced eye-injury, arterial hypotension, low hematocrit[]

  • Cerebral Arteriosclerosis

    […] such that the superior pole rotates outward executive functions higher intellectual functions such as judgment, insight, reasoning, abstraction exophthalmos see proptosis exotropia[] The common signs and symptoms of cerebral arteriosclerosis include: Pain in chest Pain in leg, arm and anywhere the artery is blocked Breathlessness Fatigue Confusion Muscle[] Smoking increases LDL and decreases HDL; it also promotes vasoconstriction, which is particularly dangerous in arteries already narrowed by atherosclerosis.[]

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