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10,304 Possible Causes for eyes

  • Blepharitis

    Welcome to Mile High Eye Institute, a world class eye care facility right here in Denver.[] You might also notice: Feeling like something is in your eye A burning feeling in the eye Sensitivity to light Red and swollen eyes or eyelids Blurry vision Dry eyes Crusty[] This inflammation of the oil glands in your eyelids is the most common cause of dry eyes.[]

  • Foreign Body in the Eye

    Prevention of foreign bodies in eyes The best way to prevent a foreign body from getting in your eye is to protect your eyes.[] A foreign body in the eye refers to anything that enters the eye from outside of the body.[] Symptom Definition A foreign body (FB) or object becomes lodged in the eye. The most common objects that get in the eye are an eyelash or a piece of dried mucus (sleep).[]

  • Eyeball Injury

    An extreme eye injury can cause a globe rupture where the eyeball can split open. This can be due to trauma directly on the eye or around the eye.[] Prevention of foreign bodies in eyes The best way to prevent a foreign body from getting in your eye is to protect your eyes.[] Eye trauma refers to damage caused by a direct blow to the eye.[]

  • Keratitis

    Your eye may burn or feel irritated, as if something is in it. Light may hurt your eyes. You may even have trouble opening your eye.[] Location: Eye Health Eye Conditions & Diseases Keratitis Keratitis means "inflammation of the cornea", the clear front of the eye that covers the pupil.[] Tests and Diagnosis An eye care professional can diagnose a corneal infection during an eye exam.[]

  • Pterygium

    These growths are commonly located on the inner corner of the eye.[] People with pterygium have a growth of pink, fleshy tissue on the white of the eye, which usually forms on the side of the eye closest to the nose.[] Symptoms Appearance of a raised pink, white, or red lesion on the eye Redness and irritation of the eye Foreign body sensation Decreased or blurry vision The symptoms described[]

  • Strabismus

    […] mechanisms acting as entry points into the vicious circle of dry eye disease.[] On the other hand, if the eyes do not switch fixation (one eye is constantly the fixating eye and the other eye is constantly the misaligned eye), then the fixating eye is[] There was an increase in eye position variance during drifts in patients with strabismus.[]

  • Meibomian Cyst

    Symptoms of a stye at first generally include eyelid tenderness and redness in the affected area, with irritation and scratchiness in the eye.[] LEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR EYES Some of our most interesting stories about eyes and eye-care.[] As well as a tender, inflamed lump in the eyelid, a meibomian cyst can cause irritation of the eye and sometimes blurring of vision, due to pressure on the eyeball.[]

  • Rosacea

    Red eye and relapsing conjunctivitis-blepharitis are among the most common ocular disease in elderly patients.[] Many people who have rosacea get eye problems. These may include: Eyes becoming red, dry, itchy, burning or watery. You might feel like you have sand in your eye.[] We report the case of a 79-year-old woman with a long history of red eye and relapsing conjunctivitis-blepharitis caused by ocular rosacea.[]

  • Ectropion

    Specialist Treatment Contact us now to find out how we can help you with your eye, eyelid, facial or skincare needs.[] The most common symptoms of ectropion are; tearing, dry eyes and burning and can cause eye infections. Ectropion usually occurs as a result of the aging process.[] Introduction A lower eyelid ectropion is an eyelid disorder in which the lower eyelid margin is turned away from its normal position in contact with the eye.[]

  • Conjunctivitis

    Eye drops in the form of antihistamines for the eye or drops containing steroids, may be necessary in more severe cases.[] Bacterial Conjunctivitis Bacterial infections can cause a red eye, which is associated with pus or discharge from the eye, or they can cause a red eye which is associated[] […] topical toxic epidermal necrolysis treatment tumor ulceration usually uveitis vascular vasculitis virus vitamin Wegener's granulomatosis Bibliografische Informationen Titel Eye[]

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