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25 Possible Causes for Facial Edema, Halitosis, Periorbital Edema

  • Acute Sinusitis

    […] eyes, cheeks, nose or forehead Reduced sense of smell and taste Cough Other signs and symptoms can include: Ear pain Headache Aching in your upper jaw and teeth Bad breath (halitosis[] Other findings, especially in acute ethmoiditis, are periorbital cellulitis, edema, and proptosis.[] […] forehead Reduced sense of smell and taste Cough (may get worse at night) Other symptoms of acute sinusitis: Headache Ear pain Upper jaw and teeth ache Fatigue Fever Bad breath (halitosis[]

  • Sinusitis

    Often it is stated that rhinosinusitis may contribute to a halitosis complaint, and widely used diagnostic protocols for rhinosinusitis sometimes list halitosis as a minor[] edema Tenderness overlying sinuses Air-fluid levels on transillumination of the sinuses (60% reproducibility rate for assessing maxillary sinus disease) Facial erythema See[] On exam, look for facial swelling, erythema, edema (most commonly periorbital), cervical adenopathy, postnasal drainage or pharyngitis.[]

  • Maxillary Sinusitis

    On clinical examination, the patient presented a periorbital edema around the right eye, moderately erythematosus, flutuant and painful on palpation (Figure 1).[] […] proximities of the sinus, facial tumefaction, erythema, pain and facial congestion, nasal obstruction, paranasal drainage, reduced sense of smell, fever, headache, odontalgia, halitosis[] Fatigue, loss of smell, and halitosis can also be indicative of a sinus infection. Maxillary sinus infections can extend into the other sinus cavities.[]

  • Herpes Zoster

    This condition can result in discomfort, interfere with speech and swallowing, make wearing dentures difficult, cause halitosis, and impair oral hygiene by causing a decrease[] The patient showed notable improvement in the eruption and facial edema and was discharged to home after 5 days. Viral culture of the vesicle fluid grew VZV.[]

  • Chronic Sinusitis

    Halitosis, fatigue, dental pain, cough, ear pressure, fullness.[] edema, ophthalmoplegia, focal neurologic signs, high fever, severe headache, meningeal irritation, or significant or recurrent nose bleeding. [20] Orbital complications include[] Steam inhalation and nasal saline irrigation may help by moistening dry secretions, reducing mucosal edema, and reducing mucous viscosity.[]

  • Paranasal Sinus Cancer

    Periorbital edema in a child requires prompt assessment for orbital cellulitis and possible surgical intervention to prevent visual impairment and intracranial infection.[] Signs Acute and chronic sinusitis cause similar symptoms and signs, including purulent rhinorrhea, pressure and pain in the face, nasal congestion and obstruction, hyposmia, halitosis[] Periorbital edema in a child requires prompt assessment for orbital cellulitis and possible surgical intervention to prevent visual impairment and intracranial infection.[]

  • Viral Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

    In viral nasopharyngitis patients have profuse nasal discharge, fever, halitosis, mouth breathing leading to dry mouth, hyposmia, sneezing and odynophagia, symptoms that occur[] Some of these children experience headaches usually located behind or around the eye, occasionally with periorbital edema.[] Other signs may include bad breath ( halitosis ), cough, voice hoarseness , and fever.[]

  • Maxillary Fracture

    The minor signs and symptoms are hyposmia, fever, halitosis, headache, dental pain, cough, and otalgia.[] “Panda facies” within 24 to 48 hours • Bilateral circumorbital/periorbital ecchymosis and gross edema ’Racoon eye • Gross circumorbital edema will prevent eyes from opening[] In patients with severe facial edema, the position of the medial canthal ligament can appear asymmetric.[]

  • Necrobiotic Xanthogranuloma

    Clinically, the patient presented with dry eyes and substantial periorbital edema with multiple yellow indurated plaques.[] […] papilla palatina 【口蓋裂】*cleft palate *palatoschisis 【口腔乾燥症】*xerostomia 【口腔真菌症】*oral mycosis *stomatomycosis 【口腔病巣性粘液沈着症】*oral focal mucinosis 【口臭】*bad breath *foul breath *halitosis[] His physical exam showed mild facial and cervical edema but did not reveal any lymphadenopathy or abnormal skin lesions.[]

  • Frontal Sinusitis

    Complications should be suspected in patients with: Protracted symptoms with increasing severity Periorbital edema due to preseptal cellulites Painful and restricted eye movements[] Infections in respiratory track, nose or sinusitis are associated causes for halitosis....[] The symptoms were: frontal headache in 89%, facial pain in 60% and palpebral edema in 56% and forehead swelling in 36%. Fever was found in 33%.[]

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