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995 Possible Causes for Facial Mass

  • Burkitt Lymphoma

    This form usually presents in the jaw or as a facial bone tumor.[] mass/swelling and ascites.[] The sporadic form usually presents with an intra-abdominal mass with symptoms of bowel obstruction or gastrointestinal bleeding.[]

  • Lethal Midline Granuloma

    Physical exam Upon observation, key findings include facial swelling and erythema.[] , nasal bleeding, nasal obstruction, palate perforation (i.e. midline perforation of the hard palate), and mid-facial and/or upper airway destructive lesions.[] Lesions in the orbit include orbital masses, lacrimal swelling, and uveitis. Parotid swelling may occur, with or without facial nerve involvement.[]

  • Myopericytoma

    […] trunk Treatment Excision; only rarely recurs Clinical images Images hosted on other servers: Lower leg Dorsal nose Gross images Images hosted on other servers: Multiple facial[] Excision of the facial masses and superficial parotidectomy with facial nerve preservation were performed.[] All facial nerve branches were preserved.[]

  • Leiomyosarcoma

    A 68-year-old female presented with a left facial mass. Physical examination revealed a firm immobile mass at the level of the left parotid tail.[] No facial nerve dysfunction or palpable adenopathy was noted at the time of presentation.[]

  • Hemangiosarcoma

    Hemangiosarcomas are rare tumors of endothelial cell origin. To date, only 20 cases of hemangiosarcoma have been described after renal transplantation, occurring mostly in the skin or in a dialysis fistula. We report a primary metastasizing hemangiosarcoma arising from a renal allograft. The patient was treated with[…][]

  • Congenital Epulis

    Congenital epulis is a benign gingival tumour whose differential diagnosis includes other oral-facial masses such as haemangioma, granular cell myoblastoma and cystic hygroma[] A case of congenital epulis in a triple X infant, whose intra-oral mass was first detected on a 33-week prenatal ultrasound, is described.[] Two previous ultrasound studies performed at 21 and 28 weeks' gestation showed normal facial anatomy, suggesting accelerated tumour growth during the third trimester.[]

  • Pituitary Apoplexy

    A huge B-cell lymphoma displaying as a huge facial mass followed within 1 year of the diagnosis of acromegaly. Death from advanced cancer ensued 3 years later.[]

  • Intermediate Uveitis

    NHL can manifest as latent Bell palsy and facial mass in addition to the more common symptoms of uveitis.[] To report a case of intraocular non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) manifesting as persistent intermediate uveitis, facial mass, and Bell palsy.[] A 51-year-old patient with persistent intermediate uveitis for 4 years is diagnosed with intraocular NHL after developing Bell palsy and a facial mass.[]

  • Tertiary Syphilis

    1 Rapid progression to gummatous tertiary syphilis in a patient with HIV. ( 29882582 ) Charlton O.A....Konecny P. 2018 2 A pseudotumoral facial mass revealing tertiary syphilis[]

  • Microphthalmos

    A newborn male, known to have a facial mass on prenatal ultrasonography, was delivered by planned induction at 37 weeks' gestation.[]

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