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1,213 Possible Causes for Facial Numbness, Mutation in the Tight Junction Protein 2 Gene, Vasovagal Syncope

  • Hyperventilation

    Hyperventilation exercise during electroencephalography precipitated a recurrence of right hemiplegia and aphasia in a patient with Hb SS disease. Although recovery of function started within hours of the event, full recovery has not occurred six months after. Hyperventilation provocative test during[…][]

    Missing: Mutation in the Tight Junction Protein 2 Gene
  • Acute Hyperventilation

    Abstract In 27 comatose patients with acute head injury, 45 paired studies of regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) were performed before and after hyperventilation. In total 676 regions were studied, and rCBF was calculated as initial slope index using the intracarotid washout technique of 133 Xe. The tests were[…][]

    Missing: Mutation in the Tight Junction Protein 2 Gene
  • Psychogenic Hyperventilation

    This is where they base the tilt-table test study for vasovagal syncope. They have been successful thus far in inducing some but not all.[] Some people experience episodic acute OI, such as postural vasovagal syncope (fainting), or chronic OI, such as postural tachycardia syndrome, which can significantly reduce[] Vasovagal syncope is a diagnosis that is ordinarily based entirely on history, and in which there are no physical findings at the time of examination.[]

    Missing: Mutation in the Tight Junction Protein 2 Gene
  • Anxiety Disorder

    Anxiety can be an appropriate response to stressful situations but is considered a pathologic disorder when it is disabling and difficult to control. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is the most common anxiety disorder seen in primary care, affecting approximately 3% of adults in the United States (1, 2). This[…][]

    Missing: Mutation in the Tight Junction Protein 2 Gene
  • Ciguatera Poisoning

    Ciguatera poisoning is a critical public-health issue among Pacific island nations. Accurately predicting ciguatera outbreaks has become a priority, particularly in Rarotonga in the southern Cook Islands, which has reported the highest incidence of ciguatera poisoning globally. Since 2006, however, cases of ciguatera[…][]

    Missing: Mutation in the Tight Junction Protein 2 Gene
  • Orthostatic Syncope

    Several studies have reported the clinical symptoms associated with CM-I, including suboccipital headache, weakness in the upper extremities, facial numbness, loss of temperature[] Paolo Alboni, Raffaello Furlan Springer, ٢٠‏/١١‏/٢٠١٤ - 326 من الصفحات This book is exceptional in being devoted solely to vasovagal syncope (VVS), the most frequent cause[] […] muscles Changes in vision or speech Difficulty walking or using your arms Change in sensation to affected leg or arm, including numbness, feeling cold, or change in color[]

    Missing: Mutation in the Tight Junction Protein 2 Gene
  • Neuralgia

    numbness, and new facial numbness.[] […] attacks, which occur under a wide range of vasovagal terms but which are, in fact, secondary to a hyperstimulation of fibres of the ninth cranial nerve [ 2 ].[] Microvascular decompression has some risks, including decreased hearing, facial weakness, facial numbness, a stroke or other complications.[]

    Missing: Mutation in the Tight Junction Protein 2 Gene
  • Occult Malignancy

    A 90 head-up tilting test performed for 10 minutes to screen for neurocardiogenic syncope did not show vasovagal reflex, but transient orthostatic dizziness was observed,[]

    Missing: Mutation in the Tight Junction Protein 2 Gene
  • Hypomagnesemia

    It has been recently attributed to a mutation in the Claudin 16 (CLDN 16) gene of the Paracellin-1 (PCLN-1) tight junction protein.[] Herein, we report 2 sisters with FHHNC. Both sisters presented at an early stage with hypomagnesemia and hypocalcemia.[]

    Missing: Vasovagal Syncope
  • Orthostatic Hypotension

    Treatment for recurrent vasovagal syncope includes increased salt and water intake and various drug treatments, most of which are still under investigation.[] vasovagal syncope.[] Drug Treatment of Orthostatic Hypotension and Vasovagal Syncope. Heart Disease. 2003; 49-64. Lee T, Donegan C, Moore A.[]

    Missing: Facial Numbness Mutation in the Tight Junction Protein 2 Gene