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19 Possible Causes for Facial Pain, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Hyperosmia

  • Gradenigo's Syndrome

    thyroiditis Hassall’s concentric corpuscle hay fever head and neck cancer head raising exercise head register head shaking nystagmus head voice headache headphone 同 recurrent[] This condition is characterized by a triad of otorrhea, facial pain and diplopia, related to otitis media in the pre-antibiotic era.[] She awoke with the headache and facial pain 7 days earlier.[]

  • Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia

    […] by kiwi33 12-17-2018 01:47 AM 273 1,356 Autoimmune Diseases (3 Viewing) For Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (underactive thyroid), Graves’ disease (overactive thyroid), Lupus, Crohn's[] Restorative surgical solutions Minimally invasive approaches alleviate facial pain while maximizing quality of life.[] Hyperosmia B. Hypokaliemia C. Hypoxia D. Hyponatremia E. Acidosis 21. Necrosis focus appeared in the area of hyperemia and skin edema in few hours after burn.[]

  • Hypopituitarism

    We herein report the case of a 49-year-old man with type 1 diabetes and Hashimoto's thyroiditis who experienced an unexplained improvement in his glycemic level and recurrent[] Other symptoms and signs include weakness , headache , abdominal pain , low blood pressure , vision problems, facial swelling, hoarseness , joint stiffness , and loss of pubic[] Hyperosmia may be an early manifestation of hypocortisolism and may be mistakenly diagnosed as osmophobia.[]

  • Gingival Fibromatosis-Progressive Deafness Syndrome

    Unusual presentations: Generalized gingival enlargement has been rarely reported with amelogenesis imperfecta[ 50 ], Hashimoto’s thyroiditis[ 51 ], I-cell disease[ 52 ] and[] […] palsy EEG abnormality Polydactyly Abdominal pain Glaucoma Retrognathia Heterogeneous Colorectal polyposis Microphthalmia Hemiparesis Short ribs Parietal bossing Thoracic[] […] kyphosis ( 脊椎後彎症、後彎症) 【亀裂舌】*fissured tongue *lingua dissecta[L] ( 溝状舌) (脚) 【脚痛】*skelalgia (吸) 【吸引性肺炎】【吸入性肺炎】*aspiration pneumonia ( 嚥下性肺炎) (嗅) 【嗅覚過敏】*olfactory hyperesthesia *hyperosmia[]

  • Juvenile Paralysis Agitans of Hunt

    […] disease or thyroiditis E06.3 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code E06.3 Autoimmune thyroiditis 2016 2017 2018 2019 Billable/Specific Code Applicable To Hashimoto's thyroiditis Hashitoxicosis[] pain Tic douloureux G50.1 Atypical facial pain G50.8 Other disorders of trigeminal nerve G50.9 Disorder of trigeminal nerve, unspecified G51 Facial nerve disorders [ edit[] Stiffness and myalgic pains may suggest a diagnosis of arthritis, polymyalgia, or fibromyalgia.[]

  • Necrobiotic Xanthogranuloma

    Of note in her past medical history was that she developed Hashimoto's thyroiditis at the age of 15 years which was treated with carbimazole and propranolol and subsequently[] *ocular pain *oculodynia 【眼内出血】*hemophthalmia interna[L] 【眼傍結合組織炎】*parophthalmia 眼周囲炎 【顔面片麻痺】*facial hemiplegia 【顔面筋麻痺】*facial paralysis *prosopoplegia 【顔面痙攣】*facial spasm[] […] disease Graves' disease(Basedow病) 亜急性甲状腺炎:subacute thyroiditis 腺腫様(結節性)甲状腺種:adenomatous (nodular) goiter 濾胞性腺腫:follicular adenoma 乳頭癌:papillary carcinoma 濾胞型乳頭癌:follicular[]

  • Malignant Hyperthermia - Arthrogryposis - Torticollis

    […] struma Hashimoto–Pritzker syndrome Hashimoto's thyroiditis Haspeslagh–Fryns–Muelenaere syndrome Hay–Wells syndrome recessive type Hay–Wells syndrome He Hea–Hei • Hel • Hem[] *ocular pain *oculodynia 【眼内出血】*hemophthalmia interna[L] 【眼傍結合組織炎】*parophthalmia 眼周囲炎 【顔面片麻痺】*facial hemiplegia 【顔面筋麻痺】*facial paralysis *prosopoplegia 【顔面痙攣】*facial spasm[] Hand–Schüller–Christian disease Hanhart syndrome Harding ataxia Harlequin type ichthyosis Harpaxophobia Harrod–Doman–Keele syndrome Hartnup disease Hartsfield–Bixler–Demyer syndrome Hashimoto[]

  • Familial Isolated Congenital Asplenia

    Hashimoto hypothyroidism Hashimoto thyroiditis Hemochromatosis type 1 Hemimegalencephaly Hemoglobin E - beta-thalassemia Hereditary cerebral cavernous malformation Hereditary[] *ocular pain *oculodynia 【眼内出血】*hemophthalmia interna[L] 【眼傍結合組織炎】*parophthalmia 眼周囲炎 【顔面片麻痺】*facial hemiplegia 【顔面筋麻痺】*facial paralysis *prosopoplegia 【顔面痙攣】*facial spasm[] […] kinase deficiency Goldenhar syndrome Gorlin syndrome Granuloma Annulare Granulomatosis with polyangiitis Griscelli disease type 2 Growth Hormone Deficiency Harlequin syndrome Hashimoto[]

  • Hypertrichotic Osteochondrodysplasia

    […] disease , see Hashimoto thyroiditis Hashimoto struma , see Hashimoto thyroiditis Hashimoto syndrome , see Hashimoto thyroiditis Hashimoto thyroiditis Hashimoto's disease[] […] and Coarse facial features, related diseases and genetic alterations[] […] kyphosis ( 脊椎後彎症、後彎症) 【亀裂舌】*fissured tongue *lingua dissecta[L] ( 溝状舌) (脚) 【脚痛】*skelalgia (吸) 【吸引性肺炎】【吸入性肺炎】*aspiration pneumonia ( 嚥下性肺炎) (嗅) 【嗅覚過敏】*olfactory hyperesthesia *hyperosmia[]

  • Subcorneal Pustular Dermatosis

    (A case of culture-negative EPDS responding to steroids in a 36-year old with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, autoimmune hepatitis, and Takayasu’s aortitis.[] *ocular pain *oculodynia 【眼内出血】*hemophthalmia interna[L] 【眼傍結合組織炎】*parophthalmia 眼周囲炎 【顔面片麻痺】*facial hemiplegia 【顔面筋麻痺】*facial paralysis *prosopoplegia 【顔面痙攣】*facial spasm[] […] kyphosis ( 脊椎後彎症、後彎症) 【亀裂舌】*fissured tongue *lingua dissecta[L] ( 溝状舌) (脚) 【脚痛】*skelalgia (吸) 【吸引性肺炎】【吸入性肺炎】*aspiration pneumonia ( 嚥下性肺炎) (嗅) 【嗅覚過敏】*olfactory hyperesthesia *hyperosmia[]

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