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32 Possible Causes for Facial Pain, Larynx Ulcer, Otalgia

  • Herpes Zoster

    The medical term for head or facial pain due to shingles is "painful trigeminal neuropathy attributed to herpes zoster."[] Flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy revealed multiple ulcerations on the right side of the larynx-from the epiglottis to the arytenoid.[] Involvement of facial nerve leads to otalgia, lower motor neuron homolateral facial paralysis, and vesicular eruptions in auricle.[]

  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck

    Chronic sinusitis, epistaxis, cervical lymph node enlargement and facial pain may be reported as well.[] ), or the lower part of the throat near the larynx (hypopharynx).[] Facial palsy, weakness or severe facial pain or numbness. Orbital masses.[]

  • Herpes Zoster Oticus

    Pain /diagnosis /etiology /therapy; Herpes Zoster Oticus /diagnosis /etiology /therapy; Humans;...[] Endoscopic examination showed multiple ulcerations on the right side of the larynx from epiglottis to arytenoid ( Fig. 1 ).[] Common presenting symptoms include cutaneous auricular vesicles, severe otalgia, inflammation of the pinna, and occasionally unilateral sudden facial paralysis.[]

  • Laryngotracheitis

    Acetaminophen, rather than aspirin, is recommended for the relief of fever, sore throat, myalgias, facial pain, and other uncomfortable sensations in pediatric patients because[] The goal of this study is to describe a unique finding of ulcerative lesions of the larynx in two pediatric patients presenting with prolonged acute laryngotracheitis and[] We present two cases of ulcerative lesions of the larynx in immunocompetent children, one with PCR positive HSV, which presented as severe croup requiring intensive care unit[]

  • Cellulitis of the Pinna

    […] and headache, facial nerve palsy (sometimes), failure of treatment and a positive bone scan.[] Although diligent oral hygiene with frequent antibacterial mouth rinse can slow the progression and prevent periodontal complications in some patients, necrotizing ulcerative[] Otomycosis Symptoms: Itching or mild otalgia. Secondary bacterial infection may produce intense pain.[]

  • Acute Tracheitis

    Symptoms include nasal obstruction, anterior or posterior purulent nasal discharge, facial pain, decrease in sense of smell, and cough. 26 Rhinosinusitis is classified as[] Obstruction of larynx Pachyderma of larynx Ulcer of larynx Excludes: ulcerative laryngitis (464.00-464.01) 478.8 Upper respiratory tract hypersensitivity reaction, site unspecified[] […] send to OR for endoscopy which reveals edematous larynx w/ulceration & sloughing of tracheal mucosa (bacterial croup) & purulent secretions in right lower lobe of right lung[]

  • Lethal Midline Granuloma

    Patients typically present with nasal pain, obstruction, nasal stuffiness, epistaxis, and possibly purulent rhinorrhea. Facial swelling and pain are also common.[] In the larynx, the ulcerating lesions can cause subglottic stenosis. Pulmonary symptoms include chest pain, cough, and hemoptysis.[] Epistaxis and facial swelling may be in the clinical spectrum. With disease progression, facial pain and destructive sinonasal lesions may ensue.[]

  • Purulent Rhinitis

    pain 8 ; the other studies did not report the incidence of unilateral facial pain.[] J38.7 Other diseases of larynx Abscess Cellulitis Disease NOS Necrosis Pachyderma Perichondritis Ulcer } } } } } } } of larynx J39 Other diseases of upper respiratory tract[] ..ear pain, irritability, otorrhea, and/or fever -mme confirmed by bulging TM (limited or absent mobility, air-fluid level behind TM, otorrhea) -distinct erythema of TM (otalgia[]

  • Laryngeal Syphilis

    Hard nodes, with severe pain. Facial neuralgia. Lancinating pain in upper jaw. Nose.-- Red, swollen. Tip of nose red; profuse, acrid, hot, watery, thin discharge.[] , burns in the larynx, pseudocroup, (edema, diphtheria, perichondritis, ulcers, in acute infectious diseases, and spasm of the glottis.[] Otalgia Chronic Catarrh of the Middle Ear Chronic Adhesive Process Otosclerosis Otalgia The Relation Between Diseases of the Nose and Throat and of the Ear Chapter XL.[]

  • Cricoarytenoid Ankylosis

    […] muscles that control chewing and moving.Jaw pain can be caused by arthritis of the temporomandibular joint.[] […] ventricle 478.79 Sclerosis, sclerotic larynx 478.79 Stricture (see also Stenosis) 799.89 larynx 478.79 Thickening larynx 478.79 subepiglottic 478.79 Ulcer, ulcerated, ulcerating[] (see Otalgia , [[Otalgia]]) Dysphagia (see Dysphagia , [[Dysphagia]]) Odynophagia (see Odynophagia , [[Odynophagia]]) Treatment Treatment of Acute Cricoarytenoid Rheumatoid[]

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