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40 Possible Causes for Facial Pain, Preauricular Swelling

  • Sialadenitis

    Parotitis results in swelling of the face, fever, and facial pain.[] Although the parotitis is very rare in neonates as described it should be suspected in neonates with erythematous preauricular swelling.[] Sialadenitis Symptoms Some of the common symptoms of Sialadenitis include: Facial pain, with pain originating in the entire angle of the jaw or underneath the jaw Tenderness[]

  • Parotid Duct Obstruction

    pain in the ears Having an abnormal foul taste in your mouth Difficulty in opening your mouth Facial pain Inflammation over the side of your face and upper neck Difficulty[] It produces a clinical picture of facial swelling with minimal pain, and may be diagnosed by computed tomography or sialography.[] The three main complications that can occur with this surgery are: Facial paralysis Post-operative pain Potential airway complications caused by a lot of bleeding in your[]

  • Furunculosis

    Abstract Orbital inflammation secondary to sinus inflammation is a well known entity and has been widely reported. However, nasal furunculosis resulting in orbital inflammation is a rare occurrence. We present a case of a 2-year-old boy who developed multiple bilateral orbital abscesses secondary to nasal furunculosis.[…][]

  • Otitis Media

    […] twitches, or severe ear pain that suddenly ceases (indicating eardrum rupture).[] Abstract Septic arthritis of the temporomandibular joint (SATMJ) is an extremely rare disease with characteristic features of preauricular pain, swelling, redness, and malocclusion[] […] nerve paresis or paralysis Fetid otorrhea Retro-orbital pain on the side of the infected ear Vertigo Spontaneous nystagmus associated with sensorineural hearing loss Infected[]

  • Pleomorphic Adenoma

    Freeman is an orthodontist in private practice with an MSc degree in orofacial pain. He is a staff clinician in the Facial Pain Unit of Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto.[] Facial asymmetry was evident due to a diffuse swelling on right lower third of the face in the preauricular region ( Figure 1 ). Skin over the swelling revealed scaring.[] CASE: A 47-year-old female visited a hospital with swelling of the right parotid region, slight pain and facial palsy.[]

  • Sialolithiasis

    CASE REPORT: We describe the case of a 37-year-old man who presented with 5 days of worsening unilateral facial pain and swelling.[] Whilst most cases are asymptomatic , some can present with facial swelling and / or facial pain.[] […] neoplasms Contraindications • Persons allergic to iodine and/or contrast medium • Acute infection • Calculi located in anterior part of the salivary duct Adverse reactions • Pain[]

  • Mumps

    More specific features include facial swelling (parotitis) in 95% and/or testicular pain (orchitis).[] Other neurologic complications include facial nerve neuritis and myelitis. Gastrointestinal Another clinical manifestation of mumps is acute pancreatitis .[] Pancreatitis presents with mid-abdominal pain and distention, fever (typically low grade), nausea, and vomiting. An elevated serum lipase value supports this diagnosis.[]

  • Preauricular Pits

    Complication associated with it includes: Facial swelling with red painful skin (facial cellulitis) Painful swelling with redness of the ear (Perichondritis) Abnormal Scar[] Presentation Clinical presentation of various ear anomalies may be summarized as follows: Differential diagnoses Preauricular swelling/infection Parotid swelling/mass/tumor[] (Visual Analogue Scale); scar formation; and, facial nerve weakness and salivary fistula.[]

  • Temporomandibular Joint Dislocation

    Abstract A 71-year-old man was referred to the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Westmead Hospital for investigation of limited jaw movement and facial pain[] Two days after admission, a swelling in the left preauricular region progressed, with thrill and bruit.[] Michael D Martin et al, Intubation Risk Factors for Temporomandibular Joint/Facial Pain, Anesth Prog. 2007 Fall; 54(3): 109–114 2.[]

  • Abscess of Salivary Gland

    Smoking Chronic illness Symptoms Abnormal tastes , foul tastes Decreased ability to open the mouth Dry mouth Fever Mouth or facial pain , especially when eating Redness over[] Parotitis presents with a well-demarcated tender swelling in the preauricular region. Discoloured saliva may be seen at the parotid duct orifice.[] Abnormal tastes , foul tastes Decreased ability to open the mouth Dry mouth Fever Mouth or facial pain , especially when eating Redness over the side of the face or the upper[]

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