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4,872 Possible Causes for Facial Skin Lesion, Malaise, Seborrheic Keratosis-Like Papules

  • Erysipelas

    Two cases of facial erysipelas in immunologically altered hosts are reported herein. The unusual presentation with absence of erythema in the skin lesion is emphasized.[] Fever with chills and general malaise may be prominent symptoms. Antibiotics are usually effective. Patients handled in a timely manner tend to recover without problems.[] Typical symptoms of erysipelas are a large, elevated, painful erythematous skin patch with sharp borders, blisters, swollen glands, fever, chills and general malaise.[]

    Missing: Seborrheic Keratosis-Like Papules
  • Herpes Labialis

    Toddlers with primary herpes experience fever, malaise, loss of appetite, and severe intraoral pain. Increased salivation and foul breath may also be present.[] Other symptoms include malaise, fever, and anorexia. There also can be involvement of neural structures and the manifestation of neurologic symptoms.[]

    Missing: Seborrheic Keratosis-Like Papules
  • Actinic Keratosis

    This report describes a patient with a facial skin lesion close to an eye that was initially believed to be actinic (solar) keratosis but was subsequently diagnosed as a basal[] The most likely diagnosis is Seborrheic keratosis Actinic keratosis Seborrheic dermatitis Basal cell carcinoma Poikiloderma Answer on page 699 Copyright the College of Family[] A variety of systemic adverse reactions have been reported by vaccine recipients, including nausea, dizziness, myalgia and malaise.[]

  • Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1

    Abstract We followed the kinetics of reactivation of latent Herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) infection established in rabbits by corneal route. The corresponding trigeminal ganglia (TG) were cultured and the culture medium was examined at daily intervals for release of infectious virus. Sections from the cultured TG[…][]

    Missing: Seborrheic Keratosis-Like Papules
  • Herpes Simplex Infection

    The medical history was insignificant for previous skin lesions.[] All players had a prodrome of fever, malaise, and anorexia with a weight loss of 3.6 to 9.0 kg.[] Fever, malaise, headache, and sore throat are presenting features.[]

    Missing: Seborrheic Keratosis-Like Papules
  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

    In addition, individuals also experience fever, fatigue, malaise, sensitivity to light and development of butterfly shaped rashes.[] Non-specific symptoms of fatigue, malaise, oral ulcers, arthralgia, photosensitive skin rashes, lymphadenopathy, pleuritic chest pains, headache, paraesthesiae, symptoms of[] In addition to these, individuals also experience pain in chest, hair loss, and development of sores inside mouth, anemia, malaise, fatigue, fever and sensitivity to light[]

    Missing: Seborrheic Keratosis-Like Papules
  • Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus

    […] palsy without skin lesions over VII nerve area, although she neither suffered from HIV or any immunosuppression. [10] On further reports, it was observed that if HIV-infected[] A year following the surgery he developed general malaise and fever with progressive weight loss. He was treated by local doctors.[] Symptoms and signs The illness begins with a week or so of ‘flu like” symptoms with malaise and depression.[]

    Missing: Seborrheic Keratosis-Like Papules
  • Paracoccidioidomycosis

    Constitutional symptoms such as malaise, fever, and loss of weight can also accompany the main infection signs.[] A 28-year-old male patient presented with a three-month history of fever, respiratory symptoms and malaise.[] Pulmonary paracoccidioidomycosis: Most cases have an indolent onset and patients present with chronic symptoms such as cough, fever, night sweats, malaise and weight loss.[]

    Missing: Seborrheic Keratosis-Like Papules
  • Smallpox

    The initial symptoms of smallpox include a prodrome of high fever, chills, headache, backache, malaise, and vomiting.[] They may include: Backache Delirium Diarrhea Excessive bleeding Fatigue High fever Malaise Raised pink rash, turns into sores that become crusty on day 8 or 9 Severe headache[]

    Missing: Seborrheic Keratosis-Like Papules
  • Rosacea

    Papule: A papule is a small, red, solid and elevated inflammatory facial skin lesion without pus.[] She was otherwise healthy, with no history of fever, malaise, or weight loss.[] Management of rosacea 2,3,8,14 Central facial erythema without papulopustular lesions Central facial erythema with papulopustular lesions Phymatous Mild-to-moderate Moderate-to-severe[]

    Missing: Seborrheic Keratosis-Like Papules