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285 Possible Causes for Facial Swelling, Pituitary Adenoma

  • Acromegaly

    In more than 98% of cases, acromegaly is due to a GH-secreting pituitary adenoma.[] This leads to coarse facial features, soft tissue swelling (including the tongue), enlargement of the hands and feet, respiratory problems, hypertension, diabetes mellitus[] Symptoms may include: swelling of the hands and feet facial features become coarse as bones grow body hair becomes coarse as the skin thickens and/or darkens increased perspiration[]

  • Abscess

    Among these patients, the original pituitary lesion before TS included Rathke's cleft cyst (8 patients, 34.8%), nonfunctioning pituitary adenoma (11 patients, 47.8%), and[] Signs of serious infection include sharp, deep pain and facial swelling and you should get to a dentist right away -- or to an emergency room if after office hours.[] A lot of times people with an infection will have facial swelling, she says, but it’s pretty uncommon that it would actually break through a person’s skin.[]

  • Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis

    The most common abnormality to be considered in the differential diagnosis is a pituitary adenoma (9) .[] Signs and symptoms of a sinus infection include: Facial swelling Sore throat Bad breath Tooth pain Sensitive teeth Dizziness Pain or pressure around the eyes or cheeks From[] Given the signs, symptoms, and imaging findings, pituitary adenoma was a consideration, and she was placed on vasopressin therapy.[]

  • Congenital Hypothyroidism

    Here we describe a case report evaluating PA in a patient with thyrotrophic pituitary adenoma due to CH.[] […] around eyes Coarse facial features Thick protruding tongue Goiter or enlarged thyroid Widely positioned skull bones Reduced stools or constipation Swollen hands, genitals[] Sluggishness Short stature Lower hairline Slower heart rate Choking episodes Cool and pale skin Difficult breathing Wide, short hands Reduced activities Dry and brittle hair Swelling[]

  • Islet Cell Tumor

    It can be concluded that the pathogenesis of pituitary adenoma formation is primarily mediated by other factors than hypothalamic hormone.[] […] and acral swelling .[] In fact, the name tuberous sclerosis comes from the brain lesions that these patients develop- Tuber in Latin means swelling and skleros in Greek means hard.[]

  • Cushing's Disease

    On pituitary MRI with spoiled gradient recalled acquisition in the steady-state and T1-weighted spin echo protocols, a 5mm hypoenhancing region typical for a pituitary adenoma[] The symptoms and signs are a result of the action of this hormone and include fatty swellings in the interscapular area (buffalo hump) and in the facial area (moon face),[] Double pituitary adenomas are very rare and present up to 1 % of pituitary adenomas in unselected autopsy series and up to 2 % in large surgical series.[]

  • Trimethoprim

    Adenoma St.[] Overdosage Overdose may produce nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, mental depression, confusion, facial swelling, headache, bone marrow depression and slight elevation of liver[] Infection Prostate Cancer Radboud University ZonMw: The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development October 2017 Phase 4 NCT03014687 Recruiting Antibiotics Pituitary[]

  • Surgical Procedure

    In addition, brain magnetic resonance imaging showed a pituitary adenoma. A subsequent transsphenoidal hypophysectomy was performed successfully.[] Here, we report a case of facial swelling and severe bilateral pleural effusion secondary to superior vena cava occlusion in a 41-year-old woman.[] This patient's facial swelling and bilateral pleural effusion disappeared after the operation. In addition, her symptoms of coughing and dyspnea were relieved.[]

  • Angiofibroma

    Classically, patients with MEN 1 will develop parathyroid, pancreatic/gastrointestinal, and pituitary adenomas.[] More advanced tumors may present with facial swelling and visual or neurological disturbances.[] A plethora of other symptoms may be present, including a headache, facial pain, facial swelling, rhinorrhea, hyposmia, ipsilateral hearing loss and diplopia.[]

  • Hypopituitarism

    We conducted a retrospective analysis of the pituitary function of 90 patients who underwent GKRS for pituitary adenoma at the University Hospital Centre Zagreb between 2003[] Other symptoms and signs include weakness , headache , abdominal pain , low blood pressure , vision problems, facial swelling, hoarseness , joint stiffness , and loss of pubic[] Additional symptoms that may be associated with this disease: Weight gain (unintentional) Joint stiffness Hoarseness or changing voice Hair loss Facial swelling Signs and[]

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