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12 Possible Causes for Facial Swelling, Preauricular Swelling, Sudden Hearing Loss

  • Mumps

    More specific features include facial swelling (parotitis) in 95% and/or testicular pain (orchitis).[] A sudden onset of tinnitus, ataxia, and vomiting precedes a permanent hearing loss. Other neurologic complications include facial nerve neuritis and myelitis.[] Individuals with facial swelling (swollen neck or cheek) should consult their health care provider or SCHD at (901)222-9243 and stay in isolation for five days after onset[]

  • Otitis Media

    Here,we present a 9-year-old boy who had left facial swelling after a period of otalgia, diagnosed as Luc abscess without mastoiditis.[] Symptoms such as hearing loss or dizziness may also occur. If suppurative otitis media is present, the eardrum may tear.[] Septic arthritis of the temporomandibular joint (SATMJ) is an extremely rare disease with characteristic features of preauricular pain, swelling, redness, and malocclusion[]

  • Acute Otitis Externa

    Symptoms of otitis externa can include: Pain in the ear (otalgia) Fullness of the ear Itchy ear Temporary hearing loss Drainage from the ear (otorrhea) Facial swelling and[] […] for patients with sudden hearing loss.[] There may be decreased hearing secondary to external canal swelling or presence of debris in the canal Enlarged postauricular and preauricular lymph nodes.[]

  • Chemical Conjunctivitis

    hearing loss, reduced blood pressure, shortness of breath, cough, congestion of the nose, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach pain, rash, itching, irritation at the injection[] Patients demonstrate marked conjunctival injection, conjunctival chemosis (excessive edema), lid swelling and tender preauricular adenopathy.[] If papillae are present Establish type of discharge Severe purulent discharge, eyelid swelling: gonococcal infection.[]

  • Acute Mastoiditis

    On examination, 1 child had facial palsy. All the patients except 1 (who had temporozygomatic swelling) had postauricular swelling.[] hearing loss[] […] and temporal swelling: atypical presentation of acute mastoiditis Key words Atypical mastoiditis, Temporal swelling, Temporal myositis, Temporal osteitis, Intracranial abscess[]

  • Fibrous Dysplasia

    Fibrous dysplasia of the zygomatic bone may cause orbital dystopia, diplopia, proptosis, loss of visual acuity, swelling, mass formation, or facial asymmetry.[] The patients' clinical picture comprised head deformity, external canal stenosis, headache, progressive conductive and/or sensorineural hearing loss, tinnitus, and sudden[] Extraoral examination revealed a diffuse swelling extending anteroposteriorly from preauricular region to nasolabial fold, frontonasal region and superoinferiorly from zygoma[]

  • Malignant Otitis Externa

    There may be dysphagia, hoarseness and facial nerve dysfunction.[] […] sensorineural hearing loss ('The Bells' Palsy of the Ear') including how to save a patient from losing their hearing, Epiglottitis including diagnostic clues and imaging[] Ear canal erythema and swelling. Exudative discharge from the ear. Decreased conductive hearing.[]

  • Malignant Otitis Media

    No vesicles are appreciated and the tympanic membrane is unable to be visualized due to swelling. The mastoid is inflamed and tender to palpation.[] The tables for the differential diagnoses of tinnitus and sudden hearing loss are purest gold.[] Ear canal erythema and swelling. Exudative discharge from the ear. Decreased conductive hearing.[]

  • Cellulitis of the Pinna

    […] in preauricular area Necrotizing (malignant) otitis externa: Pain, tenderness, swelling in periauricular area Headache Otorrhea Cranial nerve palsy: Facial nerve most affected[] , left ear H91.13 Presbycusis, bilateral H91.2 Sudden idiopathic hearing loss Sudden hearing loss NOS H91.20 Sudden idiopathic hearing loss, unspecified ear H91.21 Sudden[] OE - approx ¼ pts disrupted ADL’s or bed-ridden for 3-4 d Chronic OE - canal stenosis, hearing loss Severe infection - myringitis, auricular cellulitis, perichondritis, facial[]

  • Isolated Congenital Auditory Ossicle Malformation

    The latter may manifest with erythema, swelling, pain, and discharge.[] The differential diagnosis of low frequency SNHL include sudden hearing loss , FDNA1, DFNA6/14, LFSNHL associated with Meniere's disease , and sporadic LFNSHL.[] Classification A preauricular sinus can be inherited or can occur sporadically. Most cases are sporadic. Bilateral cases are more likely to be inherited [ 9 ].[]

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