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236 Possible Causes for Factor V Leiden Mutation, Leg Swelling

  • Vein Disorder

    Swelling of the leg is a further sign that damaged or diseased vein valves are not functioning properly.[] The symptoms include leg swelling, redness, itching and pain.[] Symptoms include a sensation of heaviness and a tendency for the leg muscles to cramp while one is standing. The feet and legs swell at the end of the day.[]

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis

    A previously healthy 6-month-old male was brought to the emergency department by his family with a chief complaint of left leg swelling.[] Hematologic workup also discovered a factor V Leiden mutation, further predisposing the patient to DVT.[] V Leiden mutation.[]

  • Thrombosis

    This condition is characterized by pooling of blood, chronic leg swelling, increased pressure, increased pigmentation or discoloration of the skin, and leg ulcers known as[] V Leiden mutations.[] DVT can cause pain and swelling in the leg, but many times it produces no symptoms.[]

  • Acute Nephritis

    Treatment usually focuses on reducing high cholesterol, blood pressure, leg swelling and protein in urine – through diet and medication.[] Her past medical history consisted of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, rheumatic heart disease, hyperlipidemia and recurrent deep venous thromboses due to the factor V Leiden mutation[] […] in the legs, arms, face, and belly Enlarged liver Enlarged veins in the neck Tests that may be done include: Blood electrolytes Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) Creatinine - blood[]

  • Liver Cirrhosis

    You may also get swelling in your legs, ankles or feet, known as peripheral oedema.[] The coincidence in a given patient of prothrombotic mutations, such as factor V Leiden or PAI-1 polymorphisms, can accelerate the fibrogenetic process.[] Cirrhosis The abdomen of a person with cirrhosis showing massive fluid buildup and very visible veins Pronunciation Specialty Gastroenterology Symptoms Tired, itchy , swelling[]

  • May-Thurner Syndrome

    We report an unusual case of a young, female teenager with asymmetrical leg swelling.[] V Leiden mutation on exogenous hormone therapy, with subsequent spontaneous rupture of the LCIV leading to fatal hemoperitoneum.[] Antiphospholipid antibodies (antiphosphatidylserine, anticardiolipin, and antiphosphatidyl-ethanolamine), factor V Leiden mutation by polymerase chain reaction, and homocyst[]

  • Hemophilia A

    Although the efficacy of Factor V Leiden was at issue, when it was applied in FII G20210A mutation, the thrombosis formation tendency increased [ 15 ].[] Arbini AA, Mannucci PM, Bauer KA (1995) Low prevalence of the factor V Leiden mutation among "severe" hemophiliacs with a "milder" bleeding diathesis.[] In our case, the administration of oral anticoagulant drug was initiated after 48 hours, because coagulation tests were normal, Factor V Leiden and prothrombin G20210A mutation[]

  • Hughes-Stovin Syndrome

    We encountered a 45-year-old man who had massive hemoptysis and leg swelling.[] Associations HLA-B51 4 factor V Leiden mutation 4 superficial thrombophlebitis 8 Distribution Primarily involves four main systems: cardiovascular manifestations of Behçet[]

  • Renal Infarction

    This includes palpitations and leg swelling. Palpitations may suggest an arrhythmia and leg swelling or pain may suggest DVT.[] […] embolus Valvular or ischemic heart disease Bacterial endocarditis Antiphospholipid syndrome Polycythemia Vera Factor V Leiden mutation Antithrombin III deficiency Protein[] swelling. [9] Bone : Infarction of bone results in avascular necrosis .[]

  • Acute Biphenotypic Leukemia

    Systemic examination CVS- S1S2 Heard systolic murmur RS-NVBS added sounds P/A-soft CNS-NFND L/E of left leg-swelling of left leg ,tender homans sign 9.[] He served as a member of the NIH-DOE Task Force on Genetic Testing, and was the working group chair for development of national guidelines for cystic fibrosis and factor V-Leiden[] While receiving in medical ward Patient had h/o fever h/o breathlessness h/o bleeding pv h/o malena h/o swelling over left leg(swelling decreased,pain subsided) 12.[]

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