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55 Possible Causes for Failure to Thrive, Renal Insufficiency, Salicylate Poisoning

  • Dehydration

    Transitional care factors associated with potentially preventable conditions such as dehydration and failure to thrive (FTT) may play a significant role in readmission after[] Vomiting, diarrhea, excessive sweating, burns, kidney failure, and use of diuretics may cause dehydration.[] Some problems that may occur include: heat injury, cerebral edema, seizures, hypovolemic shock, kidney failure, coma and death.[]

  • Renal Tubular Acidosis

    Clinical symptoms vary from mild acidosis, incidental detection of kidney stones or renal tract calcification to severe findings such as failure to thrive, severe metabolic[] Salicylate Poisoning Alkali therapy is an important component of therapy in salicylate overdose for several reasons.[] Although a metabolic acidosis also occurs in those with renal insufficiency, the term RTA is reserved for individuals with poor urinary acidification in otherwise well-functioning[]

  • Acidosis

    Failure to thrive, rickets, stunting of growth (seen in children) and osteomalacia or osteopenia (seen in adults) are a result of urinary calcium wastage and a loss of calcium[] Tinnitus or vertigo may occur with salicylate poisoning.[] Creatinine will often be elevated as a marker of renal insufficiency, but may be normal, especially in the setting of acute overdoses.[]

  • Salicylate Poisoning

    […] to thrive.[] Serum salicylate levels do not always reflect the severity of poisoning.[] , acute renal failure.[]

  • Metabolic Acidosis

    We present the case of a 12 days old child who was admitted to the hospital for poor feeding, failure to thrive and severe metabolic acidosis.[] Salicylate poisoning classically results in an increased anion gap metabolic acidosis.[] Insufficiency Cohort) Study.[]

  • Distal Renal Tubular Acidosis

    We suggest that RTA be considered a diagnostic possibility in all children with failure to thrive and nephrocalcinosis.[] Tinnitus or vertigo may occur with salicylate poisoning.[] Obstructive uropathy should be included in the differential diagnosis of hyperkalemic acidosis and renal insufficiency. (N Engl J Med. 1981; 304:373–80.)[]

  • Erythroderma Desquamativum

    Blogs Submit your blog on Generalized Erythroderma, Diarrhea, And Failure To Thrive to be featured![] Neonatal salicylate poisoning during the treatment of a collodion baby. Clin Pediatr . 2002;41(6):451–452. 52.[] Renal tubular acidosis –Chronic urinary tract infections –Chronic renal insufficiency * Syndromes –Down syndrome –Turner syndrome –Russell-Silver dwarfism –Fetal alcohol[]

  • Metabolic Alkalosis

    Abstract A 7-month-old infant with failure to thrive and recurrent episodes of vomiting and metabolic alkalosis was evaluated.[] High altitude exposure Emotional disorders or aspirin (salicylate) poisoning whats the rationale for RESPIRATORY ALKALOSIS caused by HIGH ALTITUDE EXPOSURE?[] Symptoms and renal outcomes of Gitelman's syndrome are, in general, mild and benign, and renal insufficiency from Gitelman's syndrome associated with long-standing hypokalemia[]

  • Disorder of Carbohydrate Metabolism

    Episodic Lactic Acidosis in Infancy, Failure to Thrive, and Hypotonia with or without Features Suggesting Specific Disorders In this category, an infant presents with signs[] Renal insufficiency may require hospital administrations.[] In patients with myoglobinuria, renal insufficiency is a possible life-threatening complication.[]

  • Genetic Recurrent Myoglobinuria

    Common symptoms include hypoglycemia, hyperlactacidemia, severe generalized hypotonia, myopathy, cardiomyopathy, failure to thrive, cardiac failure, circulatory collapse,[] Hyperthermia and rhabdomyolysis in self-poisoning with paracetamol and salicylates . Acta. Med. Scand . 205 : 473 – 476 .[] […] can occlude the renal filtration system leading to acute tubular necrosis and acute renal insufficiency.[]

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