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1,289 Possible Causes for Fainting Spells, Paroxysmal Activity - Sharp-Waves, Paroxysmal Activity - Sharp-Waves Bilaterally

  • Epilepsy

    […] background, diffusemultifocal sharp waves and sharp waves-slow waves; paroxysmal fast activity Neurological examination mild diffuse hypotonia, mild ataxia with wide based[] […] discharges, diffuse (poly)spikes not available slow background, diffuse slow spike-wave discharges, sharp waves-slow waves; (poly)spike waves; paroxysmal fast activity slow[] […] hypsarrhythmia Course of EEG slow background, slow generalized spike-wave discharges and multifocal (poly)spikes slow background, left temporal slowing, slow generalized spike-wave[]

  • Encephalitis

    Rev Neurol (Paris). 2018 Apr;174(4):228-236. doi: 10.1016/j.neurol.2017.11.004. Epub 2018 Mar 31. Author information 1 Centre de référence maladies rares 'Syndromes neurologiques paranéoplasiques', hospices civils de Lyon, hôpital neurologique, neurologie B, 69677 Bron, France; INMG (NeuroMyoGene Institut), Inserm U1217/CNRS[…][]

  • Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease

    […] degenerative neurological disorder CJD CJD (Creutzfeldt Jakob disease) Creutzfeldt Jacob syndrome Creutzfeldt Jakob disease Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease Subacute spongiform encephalopathy Transmissible virus dementia (disorder) Transmissible virus dementia Classic Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease[…][]

  • Panic Attacks

    Focal paroxysms of sharp wave activity appeared on both patients' EEGs coincident with the spontaneous onset of panic attack symptoms. Both patients remained conscious.[] The correlation of focal paroxysmal EEG changes with panic attack symptoms suggests that these attacks were produced by partial seizure activity.[]

    Missing: Paroxysmal Activity - Sharp-Waves Bilaterally
  • Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis

    An EEG revealed repetitive paroxysmal generalized bursts of sharp waves and intervals of slow wave activity (Fig. 2). Skull and chest roentgenograms were normal.[] EEG revealing repetitive paroxysmal generalized bursts of sharp waves and intervals of slow wave activity. Fig. 3.[] One month following admission, myoclonic seizures appeared with bilateral Babinsky reflexes, inappropriate stumbling, falling, language difficulties, and disorientation.[]

  • Vascular Dementia

    Many of the previous studies of vascular dementia using proton magnetic resonance (MR) spectroscopy had been carried out on white matter. However, no proton spectroscopic data of the subcortical gray matter are available in such disease. We report two cases suffering from vascular dementia, with an unilateral[…][]

    Missing: Fainting Spells
  • Rolandic Epilepsy

    Abstract Summary: Purpose: We wished to determine incidence, clinical features, and prognosis of benign rolandic seizures (BRS) and benign rolandic epilepsy (BRE) in a total population. Methods: Cases were ascertained through review of all EEG records, and diagnosis was verified by review of medical records.[…][]

    Missing: Fainting Spells
  • Periventricular Leukomalacia

    J Child Neurol. 2009 Sep;24(9):1158-70. doi: 10.1177/0883073809338064. Author information 1 Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Abstract Intraventricular hemorrhage and cystic periventricular leukomalacia are often co-occurring[…][]

    Missing: Fainting Spells
  • Fragile X Syndrome

    Fragile-X syndrome (FXS) is a frequent genetic form of intellectual disability (ID). The main recurrent mutagenic mechanism causing FXS is the expansion of a CGG repeat sequence in the 5'-UTR of the FMR1 gene, therefore, routinely tested in ID patients. We report here three FMR1 intragenic pathogenic variants not[…][]

    Missing: Fainting Spells
  • Uremic Encephalopathy

    […] discharges (PLEDS). [37] In hypokalemia, diffuse slow activity can be seen together with paroxysmal delta/theta activity, as well as focal paroxysms of sharp waves and spike-waves[] ., frontal intermittent rhythmic delta activity (FIRDA), or spikes and sharp waves as well as spike-wave discharges in temporal regions. [37] In hyponatremia, EEG detects[] […] diffuse slowing in the theta range, followed by paroxysmal delta activity and FIRDA or periodic delta waves, as well as the occurrence of periodic lateralized epileptiform[]

    Missing: Paroxysmal Activity - Sharp-Waves Bilaterally

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