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1,374 Possible Causes for Falling, Progressive Contractures

  • Chronic Alcoholism

    Acute renal failure secondary to progressively decreasing renal blood flow (hepatorenal syndrome) may develop.[] We report a case of a 64-year-old alcoholic man who had a traumatic subdural haematoma after a fall from a height of about eight meters on level ground.[] Osteoporosis and falls leading to fractures of the hip are more common in alcoholic patients.[]

  • Osteoarthritis

    Another characteristic symptom of the disease is the progressive incapacity of the joint to function, leading – in the long run – to loss of mobility.[] People with OA have risk factors such as decreased function, muscle weakness and impaired balance that make them more likely to fall.[] Increased joint motion, enhancing muscle strength, increased aerobic capacity and optimal body weight are immediate objectives. [16] Falls prevention strategies also play[]

  • Muscular Dystrophy

    Walking braces for the ankle-foot or the knee-ankle-foot can help support weak muscles and keep the body flexible, slowing progression of contractures. Medications.[] Symptoms include frequent falling, difficulty in climbing, and a waddling gait. Get unlimited access to all of Britannica’s trusted content.[] The Duchenne MD is the most common form and the symptoms include: Unsteady gait Frequent falls Difficulty in getting up from resting position Difficulty in carrying out activities[]

  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

    Surgical Treatment Progressive contractures may be improved with tendon lengthening but recurrence rates may be high.[] Early signs include delay in walking, frequent falling, and difficulty getting up from a sitting or lying position.[] Four of the five deteriorated rapidly and died within 36 h after falling. X-rays for fractures were negative.[]

  • Humerus Fracture

    […] to development of Volkmann's ischemic contracture. [5] Nerve injury: Neurological injury can result from traction injury or attempted reduction and stabilization. [4] Most[] Falls are the most common cause of proximal and shaft fractures, and those who experience a fracture from a fall usually have an underlying risk factor for bone fracture.[] […] to development of Volkmann's ischemic contracture . [5] Nerve injury: Neurological injury can result from traction injury or attempted reduction and stabilization. [4] Most[]

  • Colles' Fracture

    This can predispose the patient to a contracture at the distal radioulnar joint. [29] Other soft tissue injuries that may affect rehabilitation progress include; edema, cast[] Abstract Distal forearm fracture is one of the most frequently observed osteoporotic fractures, which may occur as a result of low energy falls such as falls from a standing[] Think about what happens when you know you are about to fall. Your first thought is to catch yourself, or break the fall.[]

  • Hemiplegia

    Contractures can develop anywhere but are particular apparent in the paretic limbs. As contractures progress, edema and pain may develop and further restrict mobility.[] CONCLUSIONS: Our device could facilitate wheelchair operation and might potentially be used to reduce fall risk in stroke patients and the burden on caregivers.[] […] be a therapeutic objective but a means for preventing contractures.[]

  • Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy

    Weakness can progress with surprising rapidity, which can result in sudden, life-threatening respiratory failure.[] A 15-year-7 month old Caucasian male presented with lower extremity weakness, frequent falls and abnormal fat distribution occurring over the previous 1 year.[] […] test and postural stability with a battery comprising the modified Clinical Test of Sensory Integration and Balance, the Berg Balance Scale, the Dynamic Gait Index, the Fall[]

  • Radial Head Fracture

    Consider static progressive nightime extension splinting if a flexion contracture is present 6 weeks after injury.[] Clinically on examination patients present with a history of a fall on an outstretched hand.[] Case 3 This 15 year old male presented to the Emergency Department following a fall onto an outstretched hand after falling off his pushbike.[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis

    ; hip containment surgeries; corrective osteotomy for progressive valgus deformity at the knee; posterior spinal fusion Multispecialty care is mandatory for these patients[] CVJ involvement may present with cervical pain, unsteady gait, frequent falls, and progressive impairment of autonomous ambulation, an acute tetraplegia even after minor trauma[] Our Fall 2018 Courage Magazine In the Fall our focus is entirely on you, the hardworking families that make up the society.[]

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