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1,977 Possible Causes for Falling, Slurred Speech

  • Insect Bite

    Symptoms include breathing problems, rapid fall in blood pressure, shock, swelling and constriction of the air passages, swelling of the face, lips and neck etc.[] speech with rapid onset Previous severe allergic reaction to bite from the same type of insect NOTE: Anaphylaxis can occur with bee, yellow jacket, wasp, or fire ant stings[] In a few, rare cases, the victim will turn blue, lose control of urination, and fall into life-threatening unconsciousness or anaphylactic shock within as little as 10 minutes[]

  • Streptococcal Infection

    The serum ASOT reaches a maximum around three to six weeks after infection and starts to fall in six to eight weeks, returning to baseline after 6–12 months.[] His episodes of slurred speech associated with laughter represented cataplexy. He was started on modafinil 100 mg twice a day.[] Most strep illnesses happen in the fall, winter, and spring, but your child can pick the illness up from anyone who is sick from it.[]

  • Adrenal Insufficiency

    speech Severe lethargy Convulsions Fever If you have Addison's or Adrenal insufficiency. it is not something to be taken lightly.[] We performed structural analyses to examine the effect of the p.E314K variant on protein function and show that it falls in the core of the protein may disrupt cholesterol[] Two deaths were reported (fall from height and subarachnoid hemorrhage), both considered to be unrelated to DR-HC.[]

  • Parkinson's Disease

    He also stated that he could not move fast enough to break his fall.[] Difficulty in talking is evident with slurred speech. Diagnosis No laboratory tests help in diagnosing the condition.[] Speech changes. You may speak softly, quickly, slur or hesitate before talking. Your speech may be more of a monotone rather than with the usual inflections.[]

  • Multiple Sclerosis

    The present findings highlight the impact of concern of falling on physical activity in PwMS.[] Some less common symptoms may include slurred speech, lack of coordination, sudden onset of paralysis or difficulty processing information.[] speech Fatigue Dizziness Problems with bowel and bladder function When to see a doctor See a doctor if you experience any of the above symptoms for unknown reasons.[]

  • Meningitis

    speech severe muscle pain breathlessness not urinating for a day cold, clammy and pale skin loss of consciousness If any of these symptoms develop you should seek medical[] You are transferring to LSC for the fall or spring semester from another college or university following a break in enrollment of one, or more, fall or spring semesters.[] Updates Press Release: Report finds inequity may slow progress in preventing child pneumonia and diarrhea deaths November 2018 A new report finds health systems are falling[]

  • Ethanol

    Each year, the program consistently falls short of the blend levels initially called for by Congress in the 2007 bill.[] Measurable cognitive impairment occurs at a blood alcohol level of about 0.05%, gait disturbances at 0.10%, slurred speech at 0.15%.[] This is because volumes are still likely to be high relative to demand, which itself could fall at the end of the quarter.[]

  • Transient Ischemic Attack

    […] restore function and strength Stride improvement exercises to help increase your walking ability High level balance exercises in a supportive environment to decrease risk of falling[] We presented a 14-year-old patient with signs suggestive of transient ischemic attack (TIA), including triple episodic weakness on the right upper limb, slurred speech, and[] […] vision Dizziness Slurred speech Problems thinking of or saying the right word Inability to recognize parts of the body Unusual movements Loss of bladder control Imbalance and falling[]

  • Stroke

    To investigate if any fall event occurred after patients' dismissal, they were followed-up at three and twelve months after dismissal.[] Slurred speech or dysarthria Double vision or other vision problems Headache Nausea and or vomiting This content was last reviewed on 08/16/2018.[] […] describe a case of an 84-year old right-handed man who presented to hospital with dysarthria, dysphagia, right-sided facial drop, a history of generalized weakness and multiple falls[]

  • Rohypnol

    […] more of a drug for recreational use than the other benzodiazepines is that it does not make you drowsy or sleepy, the hypnotic effects are not noticeable, but you seem to fall[] Rohypnol may cause users to feel intoxicated; they may have slurred speech, impaired judgement, and difficulty walking.[] Latest Rohypnol news Canada November 12, 2018 8:26 am N.S. police chiefs tackle drink tampering, urge victims to come forward At a meeting this fall, members of the Nova Scotia[]

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