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140 Possible Causes for Fallopian Tube Carcinoma, Tachycardia

  • Tubo-Ovarian Abscess

    Preoperative diagnosis of fallopian tube carcinoma is difficult, with fewer than 5% being diagnosed preoperatively.[] Symptoms of TOA rupture include signs of sepsis (hypotension, tachycardia, tachypnea) as well as an acute abdominal examination (rebound / guarding).[] S, a 30-year-old nulliparous lady presented with fever (102 – 1030 F), tachycardia (pulse 126 per min), pain abdomen and vomiting following oocyte retrieval.[]

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

    BACKGROUND: Primary carcinoma of the fallopian tube is a rare condition.[] tube carcinoma rare consider in a patient without risk factors for PID and/or a patient in whom a course of antibiotics did not resolve the PID[] Histopathology showed a primary fallopian tube carcinoma. Postoperatively she received chemotherapy. Afterwards she underwent a staging laparotomy.[]

  • Alcoholic Hepatitis

    Tube, or Primary Peritoneal Cancer Treatment Study for Patients with Vulvar Lesion Due to HPV Head and Neck Cancer Locally Advanced Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma[] […] bowel movements (melena) abnormally dark or light skin redness on feet or hands paleness light-headedness or fainting, especially with upright posture rapid heart rate (tachycardia[] 98.9 HR 104 RR 19 BP 117/67 O2 99% RA Gen: Well-appearing obese female in no acute distress HEENT: PERRL, marked scleral icterus, sublingual icterus, MMM, no lesions CV: Tachycardia[]

  • Salpingitis

    A case of primary carcinoma of the fallopian tube with coexistent tuberculosis has been presented, and previously reported cases in the literature reviewed.[] On physical examination, the patient may appear critically ill with tachycardia, fever, distended abdomen, absent bowel sounds, signs of generalized peritonitis, muscle rigidity[] Primary carcinoma of the fallopian tube is a rare gynecologic malignancy. Chronic tubal inflammation is associated with primary carcinoma of the fallopian tube.[]

  • Tuberculous Peritonitis

    Niloff JM, Klug TL, Schaetzl E, Zurawski VR, Knapp RC, et al. (1984) Elevation of serum CA125 in carcinomas of the fallopian tube, endometrium, and endocervix.Am J ObstetGynecol148[] Signs and symptoms • Vague and consist of nothing more than lassitude, anorexia and failure to thrive • Pyrexia (often low-grade), tachycardia, leucocytosis and localised[] Other symptoms [ edit ] Diffuse abdominal rigidity (" abdominal guarding ") is often present, especially in generalized peritonitis Fever Sinus tachycardia Development of[]

  • Benign Tumor of Fallopian Tubes

    Primary fallopian tube carcinoma (PFTC) is an extremely rare malignancy that arises from the fallopian tube.[] Suggested laboratory testing Suggested imaging Ectopic pregnancy Lower abdominal (usually unilateral and severe) or pelvic pain Adnexal mass or tenderness; hypotension; tachycardia[] […] of PPSC, especially fallopian tube carcinomas.[]

  • Disseminated Coccidioidomycosis

    tubes or ovaries.[] A complex adnexal mass may be seen on ultrasound and CT with a differential diagnosis of tubo-ovarian abscess or ovarian carcinoma.[] […] density peritoneal lesions with peripheral enhancement mimicking peritoneal carcinomatosis or pseudomyxoma peritonei. 39, 40 Female genital infection may affect the uterus, fallopian[]

  • Exfoliative Dermatitis

    A woman presented with severe exfoliative dermatitis and a pelvic mass subsequently found to be fallopian tube carcinoma.[] Systemic and potentially life-threatening complications include fluid and electrolyte imbalance, thermoregulatory disturbance, fever, tachycardia, high-output failure, hypoalbuminemia[] Exfoliative dermatitis: presenting sign of fallopian tube carcinoma. Obstet Gynecol . 1988;71(6 Pt 2):1045–7. 13.[]

  • Ovarian Cyst

    Ovarian Malignancy Studies suggest that some seemingly ovarian serous carcinomas actually originate in the fallopian tubes and then spread to the ovary.[] Indigestion, heartburn, or early satiety Endometriomas - These are associated with endometriosis, which causes a classic triad of painful and heavy periods and dyspareunia Tachycardia[] They are highly aggressive, most often diagnosed in late stage (Stage III or IV), and have suggested origins from the distal fallopian tube ( Lee et al., 2007 ).[]

  • Hypersensitivity

    Analysis of patients with epithelial ovarian cancer or fallopian tube carcinoma retreated with cisplatin after the development of a carboplatin allergy.[] A physical examination was significant for fever of 38.2 C (100.8 F), tachycardia, bilateral basal crackles, and oxygen saturation of 88% on room air.[] Subsequent bronchospasm, laryngeal edema, tachycardia, hypo- or hypertension, hypoxia and reduced tissue perfusion can culminate, in severe HSRs, in loss of consciousness,[]

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