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123 Possible Causes for Family History of Gout

  • Gout

    The family history of gout was found in one-third of the cases (p   0.05).[] Non-synonymous allelic variants of ABCG2 had a significant effect on earlier onset of gout and the presence of a familial gout history.[] In some people, gout is caused by a combination of these factors. People with a family history of gout are more likely to develop the condition.[]

  • Gouty Arthritis

    Neither patient had a family history of gout or inherited renal disease.[] […] with hyperuricemia are age 30 years, familial history of gout, alcohol use, obesity, thiazide administration, lead Aspirate: grossly white gray and granular; strongly negative[] Family history of gout. If other members of your family have had gout, you're more likely to develop the disease. Age and sex.[]

  • Urate Kidney Stone

    Assess for a history of deficiency of these enzymes, family history of gout at a young age, renal stones with uric acid in other family members, or glycogen-storage disease[] It tends to run in some families, as there is a family history of gout in about 1 in 5 cases.[] Finally, while gout does run in some families, genes don't seem to play a pivotal role. Most people who develop gout don't have a family history of the disease.[]

  • Chronic Lead Nephropathy

    In order of importance, these were: a childhood history of acute lead poisoning, a history of gout, a family history of gout and detectable XRF finger bone lead.[] history of ESRD in patients in their 30s-60s with history of gout favors diagnosis of MCKD 2 (MCKD 2 results from mutations in UMOD gene encoding uromodulin; MCKD 1, from[] […] occasional medullary cysts on US, extrarenal involvement (CNS, liver) – MCKD 1 and 2: slowly progressive kidney failure, bland urinalysis, unremarkable renal US; strong family[]

  • Hydrochlorothiazide

    Patients with a history or family history of gout may develop gout when taking hydrochlorothiazide due to decreased uric acid excretion.[]

  • Anterior Uveitis

    Medications None Family History Mother – Gout, Rheumatoid Arthritis Social History Social drinker and smoker Diagnosis and initial plan of action Just from hearing her history[] Medical History Asthma NKDA Ocular History Anterior Uveitis – 2 years ago The patient said that she knows that she needs glasses for distance but hasn’t seen an Optometrist[]

  • Hyperuricosuria

    Family history was positive for stones and/or gout in 62.5%.[] history of gout or stones, a search for HU is in order.[] The presence of a positive family history and red urine were significant (P-value 0.05) for the presence of an underlying HU.[]

  • Hyperuricemia

    Indications: First gout attack occurs before the age of 25 Renal calculi are present Positive family history of gout Treatment trial: colchicine in the case of unexplained[] Neither patient had a family history of hyperuricemia, gout or inherited progressive renal disease.[] However, therapy is indicated in patients receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy, with history of renal stone, strong family history of gout, urolithiasis, uric acid nephropathy[]

  • Cystic Kidney

    history of renal disease in autosomal dominant pattern -Family History of Gout -Bland Urinary sediment without little or no proteinuria Definitive Diagnosis through genetic[] Hyperuricemia/Gout results from reduced urate excretion (mechanism not well understood) Progressive decline in renal function secondary to tubular death 48. 3 criteria: -Family[]

  • Ceftriaxone

    In retrospect, there was a positive paternal family history of gout and stones.[] A positive family history of gout or stones is a pointer to the possibility of AUR or urolithiasis in patients on treatment with ceftriaxone.[]

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