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55 Possible Causes for Fatigue, Muscle Twitch, Retrosternal Chest Pain

  • Anxiety Disorder

    […] characterized by at least 6 months of pervasive and excessive anxiety; recurring worry about common events; and physical symptoms, such as muscle tension, insomnia, and fatigue[] twitches.[] However, GAD was also highly associated with impaired psychological well-being, stress and fatigue (p CONCLUSIONS: In AMI patients, GAD was independently associated with less[]

  • Cocaine Abuse

    These effects are more intense when cocaine usage is stopped and can include other effects such as fatigue, listlessness, anxiety, irritability, sleepiness and paranoia.[] Some cocaine users report feelings of restlessness, irritability, anxiety, panic, and paranoia. 2 Users may also experience tremors, vertigo, and muscle twitches. 2 Severe[] twitches Panic attacks Withdrawal symptoms: Depression Tiredness Increased appetite Insomnia Slowed thinking and movement Restlessness Cocaine Addiction Treatment Because[]

  • Cholinergic Crisis

    Nclex 26 Review on Myasthenia Gravis – Neuromuscular disease: weakness and fatigue of the voluntary muscles. – Is usually due to insufficient amount of Acetycholine.[] There is muscle twitching and paralysis, sweating, salivation and pallor and the pupils are very small. These are the effects of military ‘nerve gases’.[] Their activation leads to their twitching 3 . - Nicotinic Ach-receptors are expressed on the skeletal muscles of the diaphragm and their activation mediates the process of[]

  • Acute Hyperventilation

    […] symptoms yet it frequently leads to or propagates a number of conditions - often those typically thought of as conditions the person must simply live with such as Chronic Fatigue[] Acute secondary hypocalcemia can result in carpopedal spasm, muscle twitching, a prolonged QT interval, and positive Chvostek and Trousseau signs.[] During World War I, similar symptoms often associated with fatigue were also attributed to cardiovascular dysfunction and described as "soldier's heart" ( Lewis 1919 ) or[]

  • Psychogenic Hyperventilation

    Fatigue of inspiratory muscles and their synergic behavior. J Appl Physiol 1979;46:897-904. Bellemare F, Grassino A.[] twitching.[] Acute secondary hypocalcemia can result in carpopedal spasm, muscle twitching, prolonged QT interval, and positive Chvostek and Trousseau signs.[]

  • Panic Attacks

    […] up from a sitting or a lying position, forms a key aspect of many syndromes: irritable heart (American Civil War), effort syndrome (World War I and World War II), chronic fatigue[] muscles sweaty palms, flushed face terror fear of losing control fear of a stroke that will lead to disability fear of dying fear of going crazy A panic attack typically[] […] a definite diagnosis, some common ones include: Irregular heartbeat Dizziness and lightheadedness Shortness of breath Choking sensations and nausea Shaking and sweating Fatigue[]

  • Mitral Valve Prolapse

    The patient was admitted to the clinic complaining of atypical chest pain, palpitations, breathlessness at physical efforts, fatigue, and a feeling of fogginess.[] Patients may also experience muscle twitches, muscle weakness, dizziness, fainting, pains in the neck, back, and extremities, numbness, swelling of the hands and feet, visual[] More-severe mitral valve regurgitation can cause symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue or lightheadedness.[]

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

    Symptoms include headache, fatigue, dizziness, nausea or vomiting, and loss of consciousness.[] muscle twitching, tremors (Parkinson-like symptoms) Problems writing (thinking clearly) Difficulty hearing Muscle or joint pain Difficulty processing visual information like[] A 36-year-old man with retrosternal chest pain was admitted after exposure to CO.[]

  • Metal Fume Fever

    He was referred to the emergency department of our hospital with low-grade fever, dyspnea, headache, fatigue and myalgia.[] I've have problems with my eyes that feel like muscle twitches. I have to close them tightly to get them to stop.[] Myalgias, cough, and fatigue were the predominant symptoms reported.[]

  • Organophosphate Insecticide

    Other adverse health effects caused by pesticides include chronic fatigue, asthma, wheeze, immune system disorders, impaired memory, disorientation, depression, irritability[] There is muscle twitching, convulsions, coma, arrest.[] […] very narrowed pupils dizziness disorientation coughing and wheezing sneezing difficulty breathing drooling or excessive phlegm muscle twitching and tremors muscle weakness fatigue[]

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