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1,304 Possible Causes for Fatigue, Vaginal Bleeding, Vaginal Discharge, Weight Loss

  • Cervical Cancer

    During more advanced stages when the cancer has spread to other body parts such as the lungs and abdomen, symptoms include fatigue, unexplained weight loss, heavy bleeding[] In conclusion, although its rarity, clinicians should suspect of cervical cancer in a pregnant woman complaining of vaginal bleeding.[] P   .31; Physical fatigue, P   .44; Activity, P   .36; Motivation, P   .55; Mental fatigue, P   .49), and FQ (Mental fatigue, P   .29; Physical fatigue, P   .35); and the[] The abnormal vaginal discharge, cervical lesion and chest pain were resolved.[]

  • Metastatic Ovarian Carcinoma

    This case also illustrates the DCA side effects of sedation and fatigue.[] Signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer may include: Abdominal bloating or swelling Quickly feeling full when eating Weight loss Discomfort in the pelvis area Changes in bowel[] Ovarian Cancer Overview Ovarian cancer warning signs include ongoing pain or cramps in the belly or back, abnormal vaginal bleeding, nausea, and bloating.[] Because sex-cord stromal tumors make an overabundant supply of estrogen, they often cause abnormal vaginal bleeding.[]

  • Leiomyosarcoma

    Complaints of malaise and fatigue likely are due to anemia, which often is present in patients who bleed chronically.[] […] menstruation) Pelvic or abdominal pain Foul-smelling vaginal discharge Less common symptoms can include: Weight loss Weakness Lethargy Fever In a pelvic exam, the uterus is[] Although the most frequent symptoms are vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain, the symptoms are generally associated with dimensions and localization of the tumor.[] loss, abdominal pain, frequent urination, and kidney failure due to compression of the kidney The tumor may also adversely impact adjoining/surrounding structures, such as[]

  • Atrophic Vaginitis

    On top of hot flashes, night sweats, and intense fatigue, you may also notice that you’re spotting after sex and may even be a little bit dry down there.[] discharge.[] TODAY'S EVENTS Calendar - Hysterectomies - Birthdays Request Information Fibroid Treatments Post-op Intimacy - Weight Loss …more I am a HysterSister HYSTERECTOMY STORIES Featured[] Vaginal bleeding H. Haemorrhage requiring return to theatre To filter your results, tick the boxes above and hit the search button.[]

  • Vaginal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

    Show More Learn More Caring for the Caregiver Coping with Chemotherapy Delegation to Help with Fatigue FAQ: Cancer Pathology Tissue Slides FAQ: Cancer Radiology Scans and[] Other possible manifestations include dysuria, hematuria, vaginal discharge, and pelvic pain.[] loss and weakness for last 2 months.[] Symptoms of recurrent disease include weight loss, vaginal or rectal bleeding, bleeding from the urinary tract, pain in the pelvis, back or leg, leg swelling and the development[]

  • Ectopic Pregnancy

    The early signs of an ectopic pregnancy are like those of a normal pregnancy: missed periods tender breasts nausea vomiting fatigue frequent urination a positive home pregnancy[] discharge and 2 days history of painless vaginal bleeding.[] She was forced to take time off work - including filming for Geordie Shore and also a book signing for her weight loss tome Live Fast Lose Weight - due to being unwell.[] She felt tenderness in an abdominal examination and had a small amount of vaginal bleeding.[]

  • Vaginal Tissue Injury

    Internal fistulas may experience diarrhea, rectal bleeding, a bloodstream infection or sepsis, poor absorption of nutrients and weight loss, dehydration, and worsening of[] […] lacerations to life-threatening vaginal bleeding.[] Signs might include abnormal vaginal discharge or genital sores. Vaginitis.[] TODAY'S EVENTS Calendar - Hysterectomies - Birthdays Request Information Fibroid Treatments Post-op Intimacy - Weight Loss …more I am a HysterSister HYSTERECTOMY STORIES Featured[]

  • Abdominal Visceral Abscess

    Loss Part 7: Oncology and Hematology Part 8: Infectious Diseases Part 9: Terrorism and Clinical Medicine Part 10: Disorders of the Cardiovascular System Part 11: Disorders[] Ectopic pregnancy in the right Fallopian tube: pain rather than vaginal bleeding is the prominent feature. If in doubt, admit.[] . — Hepatitis – Patients with acute hepatitis (eg, from hepatitis A, alcohol, or medications) may have fatigue, malaise, nausea, vomiting, and anorexia in addition to right[] Chills and weight loss occur in about half of cases.[]

  • Psoas Abscess

    We report a case of a caecal tuberculosis (TB) presented initially with an appendicular mass and systemic symptoms of fever and fatigue and 3 weeks after, with right-sided[] She denied trauma, fevers, rigors, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, vaginal bleeding or discharge, weakness or numbness in the lower extremities, and[] Abstract A 48-year-old man presented with a 2-month history of polyuria, polydypsia, chest pain, fever, cough and extreme weight loss.[] bleeding.[]

  • Botryoid Sarcoma

    There have been no fevers or weight loss, although she has had a decreased appetite for 1 month.[] Presentation [ edit ] For botryoid rhabdomyosarcoma of the vagina, the most common clinical finding is vaginal bleeding [2] but vaginal bleeding is not specific for sarcoma[] Case Report A 4-year-old boy presenting with fever, progressive jaundice, pruritus, loss of appetite, and fatigue over a month's duration was referred for sonography of abdomen[] […] bleeding post-coital bleeding vaginal discharge pyometron (due to obstruction) What age range is associated with invasive cervical carcinoma?[]

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