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87 Possible Causes for Femoral Bruit

  • Lower Extremity Arterial Aneurysm

    bruits are audible above the inguinal crease Femoral bruits are audible in the thigh: A femoral bruit audible during systole and diastole is diagnostic for arteriovenous[] A physical exam in our laboratory identifies any diminished wrist or foot pulses or the presence of supraclavicular or femoral bruits.[] […] fistula (after femoral artery puncture in cardiac catheterization), Popliteal bruits (behind the knee) Whenever possible listen for femoral bruits and palpate the pulses in[]

  • Peripheral Vascular Disease

    Physical findings include abnormal pedal pulses, femoral artery bruit, delayed venous filling time, cool skin, and abnormal skin color.[] The most reliable physical findings are diminished or absent pedal pulses, presence of femoral artery bruit, abnormal skin color, and cool skin ( Table 3 10 ), but their absence[] […] artery bruit, abnormal skin color, and cool skin temperature.[]

  • Arteriovenous Fistula

    The inguinal bruit resolved, the arteries recovered good pulsatility, and the lower limb edema promptly reduced.[] A 36-year-old woman with history of intravenous heroin and cocaine abuse presented with right lower limb edema, inguinal bruit, and heart failure.[] We report the surgical treatment of a high-flow femoro-femoral arteriovenous fistula (AVF), a rare complication of intravenous drug abuse.[]

  • Non-Cranial Giant Cell Arteritis

    Bruits over major arteries such as the carotids, vertebrals, subclavians, axillary, iliac/femoral arteries.[] GCA may include the following: Weight loss Fever Asymmetric blood pressures in arms or legs may occur if inflammation causes stenosis of the subclavian, axillary, iliac or femoral[]

  • Cardiac Beriberi

    femoral bruit; this finding has clinical value in the diagnosis of acute cardiovascular beriberi (shoshin beriberi).[] A notable finding was that even in the presence of peripheral circulatory shock, patients with beriberi had preservation of the femoral pulses often with 'pistol shots' and[]

  • Renal Artery Stenosis

    ; signs of coexistant vascular disease e.g. carotid or femoral bruit; absent peripheral pulses A small kidney will be seen on intravenous urography on the affected side with[] Clinical examination showed an abdominal bruit and weak femoral pulses.[] , renal or aortic bruits and the coexistence of severe extra-renal vascular disease are the main clinical pointers to ARVD diagnosis (Table 1 ).[]

  • Pulmonary Valve Disease

    bruits when compressed with stethoscope signs of aortic regurg Hill's sign Systolic BP in legs 30 mmHg than in arms use echocardiogram to measure jet return from aorta back[] Quincke's pulse Diastolic blanching in nail bed when slightly compressed signs of aortic regurg de Musset's sign signs of aortic regurg Durozie's sign Systolic and diastolic femoral[]

  • Varicose Ulcer

    bruit and prolonged venous filling time Revascularization, antiplatelet medications, management of risk factors Neuropathic Most common cause of foot ulcers, usually from[] […] prominences, round or punched out with sharply demarcated borders; yellow base or necrosis; exposure of tendons Associated findings include abnormal pedal pulses, cool limbs, femoral[]

  • Fibromuscular Dysplasia

    Symptoms, when they occur, vary by location: Claudication in the thighs and calves, femoral bruits, and decreased femoral pulses when leg arteries are affected Secondary hypertension[]

  • Leriche Syndrome

    A 33-year-old female, presented with fever, lower limb ulcers and severe backache. The present history evolved four weeks after the complaints of claudication of buttocks, thighs and calves. Lower limb arterial pulsations were not detectable. Colour Doppler and Computed Tomograph (CT) Angiography revealed blockage[…][]

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