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36 Possible Causes for Fetal Anuria

  • Preeclampsia

    Pulmonary arterial pressure monitoring is rarely indicated but may be helpful in patients who have evidence of pulmonary edema or oliguria/anuria.[] […] bleeding (eg, funduscopic examination, cranial nerves) Monitor fluid intake and urine output, maternal respiratory rate, and oxygenation, as indicated, and continuously monitor fetal[]

  • Preterm Labor

    If oligohydramnios occurs, the amniotic fluid usually reaccumulates when the indomethacin is stopped, but persistent fetal anuria, renal microcystic lesions, and neonatal[]

  • Aortic Stenosis with Bicuspid Valve

    Yes, avoid breastfeeding Hydralazine C Fetal distress with decrease in blood pressure rate, thrombocytopenia Yes Calcium Channel Blockers Diltiazem, verapamil, nifedipine[] Unknown Sodium nitroprusside C Cyanide toxicity Unknown Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors/Angiotensin receptor blockers D Contraindicated oligohydramnios; neonatal anuria[]

  • Anuria

    , abnormal umbilical flow velocities in either twin, hydrops in the recipient, and intrauterine fetal death (IUFD) in either or both twins.[] A few days after fetal loss, she presents with edema and anuria.[] PUJO presenting as recurrent anuria per se is an uncommon mode of presentation.[]

  • Oligohydramnios

    […] have a deleterious effect on fetal renal development and general well-being.[] In growth-restricted fetuses, chronic hypoxia results in shunting of fetal blood away from the kidneys to more vital organs. Anuria and oliguria lead to oligohydramnios.[] Correlation of animal data with previous case reports of neonatal anuria in association with maternal angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors suggests that these agents may[]

  • Pregnancy-induced Hypertension

    […] hypotension, decreased glomerular perfusion pressure, impaired renal tubular development, reduced fetal urine output or complete anuria and oligohydramnios, limb contractures[] […] antihypertensive drug as soon as pregnancy is confirmed. 128 Studies of pregnant women who received the above classes of drugs and animal experimental studies showed increased risk of fetal[]

  • Nonallergic Interstitial Nephritis

    ; renal function impairment; diabetes mellitus; gout; MI; pancreatitis; state of severe electrolyte depletion Precautions Pregnancy D - Fetal risk shown in humans; use only[] […] enhanced when taken concurrently; increased plasma lithium levels and toxicity are possible when taken concurrently Contraindications Documented hypersensitivity; hepatic coma; anuria[]

  • Multiple Pregnancy

    I Maximum vertical pocket 8 cm in recipient sac II I Donor anuria (anidramnios / absence of bladder) III I II Doppler anomalies in donor IV I II III Fetal hydrops V I II III[]

  • Fetal Trauma

    Fetal tolerance of maternal hemorrhage depends on the degree of maternal sympathetic response, the oxygen carrying capacity of the maternal blood, and maternal blood pressure[] […] volume), hemorrhagic shock is manifest along with significant tissue hypoxia, tachycardia (ie, 120 beats per min), hypotension (ie, MAP 50 mm Hg), altered consciousness, and anuria[]

  • Megacystis - Megaureter Syndrome

    .: Fetal pulmonary hypoplasia, anuria, and oligohydramnios: clinicopathologic observations and review of the literature. Am J Obstet Gynecol, 118: 1119, 1974 104.[]

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