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202 Possible Causes for Fetal Bradycardia

  • Long QT Syndrome 15

    Presentación del tema: "Síndrome de QT Prolongado"— Transcripción de la presentación: 1 Síndrome de QT Prolongado Dra. Laura Sanziani Hospital Italiano – Sanatorio Los Arroyos 2 SQTL: Historia 1957: 1er reporte SQTL 1963-1964: Síndrome Romano-Ward : 25 casos de SQTL reportados 1971: 1er Tto SQTL (Estelectomía[…][]

  • Bradyarrhythmia

    RESULTS: Fetal bradycardia ( 110 bpm) was confirmed in 65 of the 78 referred cases.[] Abstract Cardiac anatomy and rhythm were evaluated in a fetus at 39 weeks' gestation in a pregnant woman referred because of severe fetal bradycardia with a persistent fetal[] Fetal bradyarrhythmia refers to an abnormally low fetal heart rate (less than 100-110 beats per minute 3,7 ) as well as being irregular, i.e. irregular fetal bradycardia .[]

  • Congenital Heart Block

    Abstract Persistent fetal bradycardia in early pregnancy is a rare finding and indicates towards congenital heart block.[] Abstract Congenital heart block (CHB) is a rare cause of fetal bradycardia and, if misinterpreted as fetal distress, may lead to detrimental obstetric intervention.[] bradycardia.[]

  • Sinus Bradycardia

    A fetal sinus bradycardia is a sub type of fetal bradycardia where the fetal heart rate is abnormally slow ( less than 100 beat per minute) but runs at the regular rate with[] RESULTS: The cardiotocogram showed persistent fetal sinus bradycardia (baseline heart rate permanently below 120 beats/min) in 12 of 17 fetuses (71%) with long QT syndrome[]

  • Abruptio Placentae

    If significant placental separation is present, the fetal heart rate tracing typically shows evidence of fetal decelerations and even persistent fetal bradycardia.[] Cesarean delivery Cesarean delivery is often necessary if the patient is far from her delivery date or if significant fetal compromise develops.[]

  • Fetal Hypoxia

    Abstract Cardiac anatomy and rhythm were evaluated in a fetus at 39 weeks' gestation in a pregnant woman referred because of severe fetal bradycardia with a persistent fetal[] Causes of Fetal Bradycardia Fetal bradycardia can exist for a number of reasons.[] Human fetal bradycardia was caused by the hypoxia, because fetal PaO2 is less than 50 mm Hg.[]

  • Uterus Rupture in Pregnancy

    Changes in fetal heart rate pattern (such as recurrent or late decelerations) and prolonged fetal bradycardia are early indicators for uterine rupture.[] Symptoms and signs of uterine rupture include fetal bradycardia, variable decelerations, evidence of hypovolemia, loss of fetal station (detected during cervical examination[] […] decelerations or fetal bradycardia are often the first and only signs of uterine rupture.[]

  • Amniotic Fluid Embolism

    CASE: This report describes an atypical presentation of AFE manifested by sudden fetal bradycardia and complicated by maternal DIC.[] Eight hours after admission, tetanic uterine contractions ensued, followed by persistent fetal bradycardia.[] Hypotension (severe low blood pressure) Dyspnea (shortness of breath) Seizure Cough Slow fetal heartbeat (fetal bradycardia or fetal distress) Cardiac arrest (heart attack[]

  • Bradycardia

    Fetal bradycardia refers to an abnormally low fetal heart rate , a potentially ominous finding.[] This article highlights arrhythmic fetal bradycardia rather than bradycardia caused by perinatal distress.[] Applies To Depressed fetal heart tones Fetal: bradycardia tachycardia Fetal heart rate decelerations Non-reassuring fetal heart rate or rhythm ICD-9-CM Volume 2 Index entries[]

  • Fetal Distress in Labor

    These warning signs include: Fetal Tachycardia ( 160); Moderate Fetal Bradycardia (100-120) with lost variability ; Absent beat-to-beat variability (STV); Marked Fetal Bradycardia[] The correlation between fetal bradycardia area in the second stage of labor and acidemia at birth.[] If the fetal bradycardia persists, the fetus must be delivered as soon as possible, which will be by Caesarean section in most cases.[]

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