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370 Possible Causes for Fetus Small for Gestational Age, Large Penis

  • Donohue Syndrome

    Affected females may have cystic ovaries and an abnormally enlarged clitoris/ breasts, while males may be afflicted with an abnormally large penis.[] Figure 4: Thin and emaciated extremity with protuberant abdomen and large penis Click here to view Leprechaunism was first described by Donohue (1948) [3] and since then it[] Other abnormalities that have been observed in infants with leprechaunism include recurrent infections, abnormalities of the intellect and unusually large hands and feet.[]

  • Kenny-Caffey Syndrome Type 1

    The boy had pinoscrotal hypoplasia and short penis which was later surgically corrected, while the girls had normal genitalia. All other systems were normal.[] The children were thin and lean with narrow faces, deep set small eyes, bowed nasal bridges, pointed noses, large ears, long philtrum, thin lips, long tapering fingers, clinodactyly[]

  • Bloom Syndrome

    Abstract The Bloom's Syndrome Registry comprises the 71 individuals in whom this rare genetic disorder has been recognized between the time it was described in 1954 and the end of 1976. The major objective of the Registry is surveillance for cancer in both affected homozygotes and heterozygotes. Of the 61[…][]

    Missing: Large Penis
  • Wiedemann-Rautenstrauch Syndrome

    penis Growth Postnatal growth deficiency Hearing Sensorineural hearing loss Intrauterine development Intrauterine growth retardation Joints and Tendons Joint contractures[] Cardiovascular Cardiovascular abnormalities Ventricular dilatation with cortical atrophy Endocrine and/or Exocrine Hyperprolactinemia Hypothyroidism Genitourinary Hypoplastic prepuce Large[]

    Missing: Fetus Small for Gestational Age
  • Chromosome 19q13.11 Deletion Syndrome

    Prenatal ultrasound examination was performed at the 27 th week of gestation because the fetus was small for gestational age.[] The biparietal distance of the fetus was 55 mm (50 th percentile for 23 weeks), head circumference 210 mm (50 th percentile for 23 weeks), and femur length 45 mm (50 th percentile[]

    Missing: Large Penis
  • Seckel Syndrome

    We report the case of a 17-year-old male with Seckel syndrome and horseshoe kidneys which had a 7 mm kidney stone in the lower pole calyx of the right moiety. The patient had a history of rotoscoliosis with 60 dextroconvex curvature and hepatic steatosis. Attempted ureteroscopy was unsuccessful due to stone[…][]

    Missing: Large Penis
  • Placental Disorder

    Raio L, Ghezzi F et al (1999) Prenatal diagnosis of a lean umbilical cord: A simple marker for the fetus at risk of being small for gestational age at birth.[]

    Missing: Large Penis
  • Fetal Hypoxia

    Ultrasonic recognition of the small-for-gestational-age fetus. Obstet Gynecol. 1987;69:631–5. 13. Rutherford SE, Phelan JP, Smith CV, Jacobs N.[] Small for Gestational Age Environmental Infection/ Inflammation Genetic Endocrine MaternalNutritionalPlacental Unknown 14.[] A history of a previous small-for-gestational-age infant has been reported to be among the most predictive factors for subsequent IUGR.[]

    Missing: Large Penis
  • Meconium Peritonitis

    […] scrotal swellings, completely embedding the shaft of the penis, were noted on a newly delivered, full term, male infant.[] Calcifications are seen throughout the abdomen in this 17 week fetus with meconium peritonitis Meconium peritonitis in a fetus of 23 weeks gestational age.[] Department of Paediatrics, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda, Co Louth, Ireland; sgorm{at} Statistics from fetal meconium peritonitis hydrocele Large[]

  • Hypertension

    [small for gestational age, premature birth]); and 4) severe hypertension, often in the setting of preeclampsia, requiring urgent treatment to prevent HF, stroke, and adverse[] […] hypertension; 3) preeclampsia (a dangerous form of hypertension with proteinuria that has the potential to result in serious adverse consequences for the mother [stroke, HF] and fetus[]

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