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37 Possible Causes for Fever, Hodgkin Lymphoma, In-Curving Forearms

Did you mean: Fever, Hodgkin Lymphoma, In, Curving Forearms

  • Gout

    Forearms. Elbow or knee. Hands or feet. (Older patients, particularly women, are more likely to have gout in the small joints of the fingers.)[] (see also Fever, paratyphoid) 002.9 [ 711.3 ] parvovirus B19 079.83 [ 711.5 ] Pneumococcus 711.0 poliomyelitis (see also Poliomyelitis) 045.9 [ 711.5 ] Pseudomonas 711.0[] The elderly patients were more likely to have fever (51.1%) during the attack than the young (20.8%) and middle-aged (30.8%) patients (P 0.001 by χ² test).[]

  • Palmar Abscess

    The impact of tobacco smoking and alcohol drinking on survival of patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. International Journal of Cancer. 2008;122(7):1624-9.[] Drain Parona space infections through a straight or curved incision on the palmar forearm.[] Low-grade fever is often present.[]

  • Olecranon Bursitis

    lymphoma mimicking rheumatoid arthritis.[] It’s situated at the upper end of the ulna (forearm bone). It’s the hard bony part felt at the back of the elbow.[] A 25-year-old male patient was admitted with fever of 20-day duration, right-sided hip pain, and night sweating.[]

  • Klinefelter Syndrome

    Autoimmune disease was not mentioned on any of the death certificates for men whose cause of death was non-Hodgkin lymphoma.[] Other differences can include abnormal fusion of certain bones in the forearm (radioulnar synostosis), curved pinky fingers (fifth finger clinodactyly ), and flat feet ( pes[] The patient was admitted with a fever and headache that had persisted for three weeks. Repeated blood cultures showed growth of Streptococcus oralis.[]

  • Rothmund Thomson Syndrome

    After surgery and chemotherapy, a secondary malignant neoplasm (SMN) developed consistent with nasopharyngeal non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.[] The large bone of the forearm on the “pinky” side (ulnar) is short and curved and the short bone of the forearm on the thumb side (radius) is underdeveloped or missing.[] […] ostial and dermal duct nevus 0/0 Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation 0/0 Post-inflammatory hypopigmentation 0/0 Reactive perforating collagenosis 0/0 Rubella 0/0 Scarlet fever[]

  • Congenital Clubbing

    ’s lymphoma Nail clubbing seems to occur with some lung disorders, but not others.[] , causing a shortening and curving of the forearm and giving the appearance of a J-shaped club.[] There are two new chapters on examination in specific situations: The frail elderly The adult with fever A new section explicitly spells out how to demonstrate the techniques[]

  • Papular Urticaria

    lymphoma, allergies (mediated by IgE, bridging by multivalent ligand), IgE independent allergies (contrast dye, opiates, aspirin [suppresses prostaglandins]), hereditary[] They appear most often on the legs, forearms, and face, but have been known to occur in small clusters all over the body.[] , adj urtica rial. cold urticaria urticaria precipitated by cold air, water, or objects, occurring in two forms: In the autosomal dominant form, which is associated with fever[]

  • Phlegmasia Alba Dolens

    ’s lymphoma.[] […] polytetrafluoroethylene grafts in hemodialysis patients: Curved or loop?[] The fever commences with a violent chill, followed by heat, with a full, irritated, at first hard, and afterwards soft pulse.[]

  • Dyschondrosteosis-Nephritis Syndrome

    (B-cell non-Hodgkin); Lymphoma (diffuse large cell); Lymphoma (follicular); Lymphoma (MALT); Lymphoma (mantel cell); Lymphoproliferative syndrome (X-Iinked); Lysinuric protein[] 0002986 Short tibia Short shinbone Short skankbone [ more ] 0005736 Tibial bowing Bowed shankbone Bowed shinbone [ more ] 0002982 Ulnar bowing Curving of inner forearm bone[] Symptoms typically include digestive disturbances, fever and visual problems.[]

  • Dental Disorder

    Certain subtypes of non-Hodgkin lymphomas, such as cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, Burkett lymphoma, and AIDS-associated lymphoma, are commonly associated with both cutaneous and[] Patients also have short forearms, short fingers, loose joints, prominent foreheads.[] , bleeding, swollen lymph nodes Herpes Simplex Labialis (HSL) - aka cold sores or fever blisters -wash lesions with mild soap or water -wash hands to prevent spread of virus[]

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