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35 Possible Causes for Fever, Hyperhidrosis or Diaphoresis, Mouth Breathing

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Seek medical attention when you have a fever that is greater than 100.4 F or 38 C, fever unresponsive to fever reducer, fever present for more than two to three days, or a[] Does Mouth-Breathing Decrease Risk of Viral Infections?[] You have chest pain or trouble breathing. When should I contact my healthcare provider? You have a fever over 102ºF (39ºC).[]

  • Common Cold

    But seek medical attention right away if your child has any of the following: Fever of 100.4 F (38 C) in newborns up to 12 weeks Rising fever or fever lasting more than two[] Decongestants Decongestants can be taken by mouth as drops, or a spray into your nose. They can help make breathing easier by reducing the swelling inside your nose.[] While a person’s breath can travel 4.5 feet per second, droplets from a sneeze can travel (insert shudder here) at about 100 miles per hour. 8.[]

  • Streptococcal Infection

    This dogma is based on an accumulated body of epidemiologic evidence relating to both primary and recurrent episodes of rheumatic fever.[] Furthermore, chronic mouth breathing may initiate and/or contribute to this disease.[] Symptoms include: painful throat, especially when swallowing dry scratchy throat redness in the back of the mouth bad breath mild cough swollen neck glands The symptoms are[]

  • Heart Failure

    The most common symptoms of CHF include: breathing difficulties during the night or when lying down coughing and wheezing fatigue and weakness shortness of breath swollen[] Few cases report patients with heart failure, secondary to dilated cardiomyopathy, with high fever.[] […] lip breathing.[]

  • Myocardial Infarction

    We report the case of 56 year old male, who presented with high grade fever and leukocytosis.[] DO NOT give the person anything by mouth unless a heart medicine (such as nitroglycerin) has been prescribed.[] A 6-month-old female infant was referred with a 3-day history of low-grade fever, slight nasal congestion and rhinorrhoea.[]

  • Food Intolerance

    Hay fever in conjunction with FA/FI tends to be clinically more severe since therapeutic needs are enhanced.[] If it is released in the ears, nose and throat, you may have an itchy nose and mouth, or trouble breathing or swallowing.[] […] or throat, and difficulty swallowing or breathing.[]

  • Hyperhidrosis or Diaphoresis

    Diaphoresis in Children Viral gastroenteritis (stomach flu) in small children (diarrhea, fever) Rubella, rubeolla, scarlet fever, chicken pox (rash, fever) Other infectious[] There are two important terms associated with excessive perspiration – hyperhidrosis and diaphoresis . The terms are often used interchangeably. What is hyperhidrosis?[] , sensitivity to low temperatures, mouth dryness, slight fever and constipation.[]

  • Delirium

    The sufferer experiences palpitations, dry mouth, dilatation of the pupils, shortness of breath, sweating, abdominal pain, tightness in the throat, trembling, and dizziness[] All potential fever or delirium causes were evaluated. Following discontinuation of dexmedetomidine, her fever, agitation and delirium ceased.[] In each case, there was no identified inciting cause (eg, fever, medications) other than the presence of influenza.[]

  • Orthostatic Hypotension

    The patient takes a deep breath and then tries to blow out with the mouth closed and the nose blocked (so no air can get out).[] , and hot environment Dehydration Working with arms above shoulders Straining with urination or defecation Coughing spells Rapid ascent to high altitude Hyperventilation Fever[] Call your doctor right away and go to the nearest emergency room if you develop these signs and symptoms: high fever, stiff muscles, movements that you cannot control, confusion[]

  • Menopause

    I thought, I must be ill — I had a sudden fever that had come on from nowhere. It was really embarrassing.[] , bad taste in mouth, change in breath odor Osteoporosis (after several years) Changes in fingernails: softer, crack or break easier Tinnitus: ringing in ears, bells, 'whooshing[] This is particularly the case with hay fever, asthma, and dermatitis. Allergies can be a frustrating menopause symptom, as they can impair daily life.[]

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