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9,931 Possible Causes for Fever, In-Curving Forearms, Recent Dental Work

Did you mean: Fever, In, Curving Forearms, Recent Dental Work

  • Atelectasis

    Using chi 2 analysis, no association could be found between fever and amount of atelectasis.[] The available evidence regarding the association of atelectasis and fever is scarce.[] A 12-year-old boy presented to our clinic with recurrent lower respiratory tract symptoms that are wheezing, cough, bronchopneumonia, and fever and with a diagnosis of bacterial[]

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  • Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis

    The patient denied recent dental work and was on no medications at that time. On admission, his body temperature was 38 C and pulse was 105 bpm.[] […] antibodies reactive with streptococcal peptidoglycan-polysaccharide complexes (PG-PS) have been estimated by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in patients with acute rheumatic fever[] Fever, anaemia, splenomegaly and positive blood cultures for Gram-negative bacteria were found on admission.[]

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  • Septicemia

    Direct arguments Fever effects on infectious agents Fever has an impact on microorganism growth.[] The typical course for cases of bacterial superinfection involves a second peak of high fever; other clinical signs are variable.[] We report a fatal case of M. haemolytica septicemia in a seven-month-old infant who presented with prolonged fever, sepsis, and pneumonitis without discernable preceding history[]

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  • Acute Bacterial Endocarditis

    Fever may be absent in elderly or immunocompromised patients.[] Typically the presentation is silent, with persistent fever and positive blood cultures being the only consistent findings.[] The patient presented with fevers, fatigue, abdominal pain and renal failure and was found to have acute left-sided staphylococcal endocarditis.[]

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  • Dental Disorder

    Patients also have short forearms, short fingers, loose joints, prominent foreheads.[] , bleeding, swollen lymph nodes Herpes Simplex Labialis (HSL) - aka cold sores or fever blisters -wash lesions with mild soap or water -wash hands to prevent spread of virus[] The only symptoms may be flu or cold-like symptoms such as aches and fever.[]

  • Pharyngitis

    Recent dental work or oral surgery? Recent oral procedures increase the likelihood of a surgical site infection? Sexually active and sexual orientation?[] Most of these children have undergone workup(s) for sepsis performed by their pediatricians because of the associated high fever.[] It suggests that periodic fever with aphthous stomatitis, pharyngitis, and cervical adenitis syndrome may have a certain monogenetic background.[]

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  • Gout

    Forearms. Elbow or knee. Hands or feet. (Older patients, particularly women, are more likely to have gout in the small joints of the fingers.)[] (see also Fever, paratyphoid) 002.9 [ 711.3 ] parvovirus B19 079.83 [ 711.5 ] Pneumococcus 711.0 poliomyelitis (see also Poliomyelitis) 045.9 [ 711.5 ] Pseudomonas 711.0[] The elderly patients were more likely to have fever (51.1%) during the attack than the young (20.8%) and middle-aged (30.8%) patients (P 0.001 by χ² test).[]

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  • Sialadenitis

    She reported no fevers, chills, or any other complaints, and had no pertinent medical history—specifically, no history of recent dental work.[] We present a case of a 37-day-old infant with sialadenitis who presented to the pediatric emergency department with fever and neck swelling.[] […] report, we describe a preterm neonate with NISSS due to infection by S aureus and Klebsiella pneumonia presenting on day 11 of life with submandibular swelling and low-grade fever[]

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  • Peritonsillar Abscess

    Risk factors for the development of peritonsillar abscess or retropharyngeal abscess include immune deficiency, recent dental work, chronic or recurrent tonsillitis, alcohol[] We describe a left frontal brain abscess accompanied by fever, headache, and weight loss for a 3-month period.[] Integumentary: The skin may appear flushed due to fever. Facial cellulitis may be seen as complications of the disease.[]

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  • Pseudomonas Septicemia

    […] hygiene those using a catheter people who’ve had recent surgery or dental work those working in an environment with great exposure to bacteria or viruses, such as in a hospital[] Blood infections caused by pseudomona bacterium may present with fevers, chills, fatigue, and muscle and joint pain.[] Concurrent septicemia in patients with dengue fever is rare and only few cases have been reported.[]

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