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905 Possible Causes for Fever, Jaw Pain, Night Sweats, Toothache

  • Polymyalgia Rheumatica

    Other clues are fatigue, weight loss, a slight temperature, night sweats and feeling unwell.[] Diagnosis of GCA is based on clinical features, such as headache, jaw pain, vision changes, and temporal artery tenderness, along with an elevated erythrocyte sedimentation[] Temporal arteritis: a cough, toothache, and tongue infarction. JAMA. 2002;287:2996–3000. ... 2. Cantini F, Niccoli L, Storri L, Nannini C, Olivieri I, Padula A, et al.[] Additional signs and symptoms include low grade fever, fatigue and depression.[]

  • Sinusitis

    […] pressure/tenderness Stuffy nose Thick yellow or green nasal discharge Loss of smell and taste Congestion/cough You may also experience: Fever Ear pain Headache Tiredness Toothache[] Hence, pathology here may be felt as upper jaw pain, toothache or pain in the skin of the cheek. This article will give you an overview of rhinosinusitis.[] Question: Other than trying to avoid irritants and triggers, is there anything health wise I can do to alleviate or reduce the symptoms of hay fever and sinusitis?[] […] for months or years Recurrent : Several attacks per year The symptoms of sinusitis include: Pain or pressure in the forehead, cheeks, nose and between the eyes Headache Toothache-like[]

    Missing: Night Sweats
  • Non-Cranial Giant Cell Arteritis

    ., fever, weight loss, night sweats, fatigue, and malaise ), and new headaches.[] […] symptoms related to reduced blood flow in the upper extremites. 3 Giant cell arteritis presenting as severe anemia, scalp necrosis, pericardial and pleural effusion, dry cough, toothache[] Jaw pain and vision problems Although less common, people with giant cell arteritis may also experience jaw pain (jaw claudication) and visual disturbances.[] While GCA has a classic presentation occurring after the age of 50, atypical presentations (eg, fever of unknown origin, cough, low or normal erythrocyte sedimentation rate[]

  • Vasculitis

    After completion of 4 cycles of ipilimumab for the treatment of metastatic melanoma, our patient complained of increasing fatigue, drenching night sweats, and chills.[] Giant cell arteritis can cause headaches, scalp tenderness, jaw pain, blurred or double vision, and even blindness. It is also called temporal arteritis.[] Temporal arteritis: a cough, toothache, and tongue infarction. JAMA, 287 (2002), pp. 2996 [8] J.C. Amor-Dorado, J. Llorca, C. García-Porrua, C. Costa, N.[] We must better appreciate the limitations of positron emission tomography in investigating a fever of unknown origin.[]

  • Periapical Abscess

    History: 50 year old man with jaw pain.[] Do you feel throbbing pain around your tooth or severe toothache when chewing or biting?[] Perform blood culture in severe cases with signs of systemic infection - both aerobic and anaerobic cultures should be obtained if the patient reports fever.[] On Wednesday I had some minor jaw pain in the morning and by 10 PM it looked like I was smuggling a golf ball in my cheek.[]

    Missing: Night Sweats
  • Temporal Arteritis

    Fever, anorexia, weight loss, and night sweats may also be present. With TA, respiratory symptoms occur in 9% and are the presenting feature in 4%.[] The patient reported jaw pain and limited mouth opening. Laboratory examination showed elevations in erythrocyte sedimentation rate and C-reactive protein.[] sweats Joint or muscle aches Temporal arteritis may cause: Headaches Scalp pain or tenderness over the artery Jaw or tongue pain Pain when chewing Vision problems: Partial[] A 76-year-old woman with pulmonary asbestosis was admitted with fever and polymyalgia. She subsequently developed a visual disorder, hemoptysis, and hemoperitoneum.[]

    Missing: Toothache
  • Acute Myelocytic Leukemia

    sweats easy bruising or petechiae (tiny red spots on the skin caused by easy bleeding) bone and joint pain belly pain (caused by the build-up of cells in organs like the[] A patient with acute nonlymphocytic leukemia developed progressive lung infiltrates and unremitting fevers during a profound neutropenic state.[] Symptoms of chronic myelogenous leukemia include fever, night sweats, and feeling tired. Sometimes chronic myelogenous leukemia does not cause any symptoms.[] Acute leukemias affect immature cells; the disease develops rapidly, with symptoms including anemia, fever, bleeding, and swelling of the lymph nodes.[]

    Missing: Jaw Pain
  • Giant Cell Aortic Arteritis

    Takeyasu’s arteritis can lead to: a loss of vision cardiac disease hypertension fainting joint pain muscle pain fatigue malaise a fever night sweats weight loss Progressive[] HEADACHE, VISION CHANGES, JAW & JOINT PAIN Temporal arteritis can cause headache, changes in vision, jaw pain while eating, and arthritis of the jaw, neck, shoulders and hips[] Patients may also present with a variety of unusual pains in the craniofacial area, including ocular pain, earache, toothache, odynophagia, odontalgia, and carotidynia.[] […] inflammation in the wall of medium-sized and large-sized arteries, and it usually occurs in patients over 50 years of age. 1) Symptoms are nonspecific, and include fatigue, fever[]

  • Alveolar Abscess

    CT Scan in case the infection has spread or is suspected to have spread to other parts of the face and the neck. [ Read: Jaw Pain In Children ] Treating An Abscessed Tooth[] History : Symptoms include toothache or painful throbbing, swelling or reddening of the gums, extremely painful biting or chewing, and sensitivity to heat and cold.[] When to seek help If you experience severe toothache you should see a dentist immediately.[] Fever, Irritation, etc Diagnosis of Alveolar Abscess Symptom of Alveolar Abscess Tooth may be easily treated when infection has progress to develop periodontists due to elongation[]

    Missing: Night Sweats
  • Orbital Burkitt's Lymphoma

    However some patients may not manifest fever even in the presence of an infection because of the impaired immune response. [2,4,5] Night sweats [1] Night sweats is also another[] pain and rapidly progressive orbital symptoms, particularly in female, African American, and diabetic patients.[] Lymphoma presenting as a toothache: a wolf in sheep's clothing Yazan Hassona 1, Ghadeer Almuhaisen 2, Ahmed Almansour 2, Crispian Scully 3 1 University of Jordan, School of[] Systemic symptoms (B symptoms) such as night sweats and weight loss may be present.[]

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