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4,486 Possible Causes for Fever, Kidney Disease, Tachycardia

  • Fabry Disease

    Although ventricular tachycardia has been reported in male patients with Fabry disease, it is not thought to be a frequent finding in females.[] […] with kidney disease.[] KEYWORDS: Algorithm; Diagnosis; FUO; Fabry disease; Fever of unknown origin; RFUO; Rare diseases; Recommendations; Recurrent fever of unknown origin[]

  • Tyrosinemia Type 1

    Abstract Tyrosinemia type I (HT1) is a genetic metabolic disorder characterized by progressive liver disease, kidney disease, and rickets.[] […] acute intermittent porphyria, manifesting with painful parasthesias (causing patients to assume ophisthotonic position, self mutilation), autonomic signs (hypertension, tachycardia[] Case 1 was a male infant who presented at 2 months old with fever, vomiting and refusal of feeding.[]

  • Renal Arteritis

    The latest clinical information including recent clinical trials, genetic causes of kidney disease, cardiovascular and renal risk prediction in chronic kidney disease, new[] The patient's workup showed a pulse rate of 104 beats/min, cardiomegaly and signs of cephalization on chest X-ray [Figure 1] , and sinus tachycardia on electrocardiography[] […] and hyperlipidemia was admitted to our hospital for the investigation and management of general fatigue, anorexia, a 5-kg weight loss, and a 4-week history of high-grade fever[]

  • Goodpasture Syndrome

    diseases.[] The patient has intermittent fever and cough for 45 days and oliguria for 6 days.[] Symptoms include the following: Constitutional symptoms (eg, malaise, chills and fever, arthralgias) may precede or develop concurrently with pulmonary or renal manifestations[]

  • Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

    […] sustain significant kidney damage that slowly develops into chronic kidney disease (CKD).[] Patient 1 had rising fever, tachycardia, and severe abdominal pain 24 hours after admission.[] At that time, she exhibited moderate dehydration, pallor, drowsiness, and a generalized seizure of 10 to 15 min duration, tachycardia, tender and tense abdominal wall, and[]

  • Acute Bronchitis

    People at an increased risk of developing pneumonia include: elderly people people who smoke people with other health conditions, such as heart, liver or kidney disease people[] Pneumonia should be suspected in patients with tachypnea, tachycardia, dyspnea, or lung findings suggestive of pneumonia, and radiography is warranted.[] When bronchitis is severe, fever may be slightly higher at 101 to 102 F (38 to 39 C) and may last for 3 to 5 days, but higher fevers are unusual unless bronchitis is caused[]

  • Renal Cell Carcinoma

    Abstract BACKGROUND: New-onset chronic kidney disease (CKD) following surgical management of kidney tumors is common.[] At admission she had hypotension, tachycardia, and was febrile.[] A 58-year-old Chinese male presented with general fatigue and intermittent-remittent fever, accompanied by palpitations and dizziness.[]

  • Perinephric Abscess

    Physical exam for both acute pyelonephritis and perinephric abscess is usually positive for the following: fever, tachycardia, tenderness over the costoverterbral angles and[] 5 patients with polycystic kidney disease undergoing chronic hemodialysis who developed perinephric abscesses are described.[] Fever was documented before diagnosis in 88% of patients.[]

  • Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis

    Kidney involvement may result in blood in the urine and kidney failure. Kidney disease can quickly get worse.[] The event was associated with multiple episodes of sustained ventricular tachycardia without any structural heart changes or electrolyte disturbances.[] Seven months later, he was hospitalized with symptoms of cough, high-grade fever, and loss of weight.[]

  • Pancreatitis

    To the editor: Adults with polycystic liver and kidney disease have cysts in the kidneys and, in many cases, asymptomatic cysts in the liver, pancreas, ovaries, and spermatic[] Typical signs include epigastric tenderness, fever, and tachycardia.[] During this time, he experienced increasing fatigue, joint pain, and reported fevers and significant weight loss.[]

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