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5,012 Possible Causes for Fever, Paralysis

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Seek medical attention when you have a fever that is greater than 100.4 F or 38 C, fever unresponsive to fever reducer, fever present for more than two to three days, or a[] INTRODUCTION: Unilateral vocal fold paralysis (UVFP) without an identifiable cause is termed idiopathic unilateral vocal fold paralysis (IUVFP).[] After paralysis with vecuronium (0.12 mg/kg iv), the trachea was intubated and the lungs were ventilated manually with 3% sevoflurane in oxygen until the end-tidal nitrous[]

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    In sporadic cases, the patient may present with paralysis without any previous self or familial history.[] It has been suggested that high fever is generally caused by bacteria, while mild fever indicates viral gastroenteritis.[] Patients with Salmonella infection frequently presented with fever, lethargy, bloody stool, and elevated serum level of C-reactive protein (CRP); norovirus and rotavirus infection[]

  • Otitis Media

    If your child is younger than three months of age and has a fever, it’s important to always call your healthcare provider right away.[] Clinical evolution after four months was marked by the appearance of mastoiditis with facial paralysis.[] In the case of chronic otitis media or the delayed onset of facial paralysis, the paralysis likely is secondary to erosion of the osseous facial canal.[]

  • Influenza

    Hippocrates described coughs that started toward the winter solstice and were accompanied by many symptoms: sore throat, leg paralysis, peripneumonia, problems with night[] Miller, Acute Fever and Petechial Rash Associated with Influenza A Virus Infection, Clinical Infectious Diseases , Volume 29, Issue 2, 15 July 1999, Pages 453–454, Download[] It is the commonest cause of acute neuromuscular paralysis in the United Kingdom, with an estimated annual incidence of 1.5/100,000 (95% confidence interval: 1.3, 1.8) ( 1[]

  • Sinusitis

    Hitomi Takayama, Shinya Banno, Takahiro Shimizu, Kunihiro Nishimura, Tetsuya Ogawa and Hiromi Ueda , A Case of Sphenoid Sinus Mucocele Associated with Isolated Paralysis of[] Question: Other than trying to avoid irritants and triggers, is there anything health wise I can do to alleviate or reduce the symptoms of hay fever and sinusitis?[] Abstract "Headache and fever" is a common presentation to the urgent care and emergency department setting and can have many etiologies.[]

  • Pharyngitis

    Laryngeal electromyography was used to investigate the causes of VCI, and revealed vocal fold paralysis on the left side and cricoarytenoid joint fixation on the right side[] Most of these children have undergone workup(s) for sepsis performed by their pediatricians because of the associated high fever.[] It suggests that periodic fever with aphthous stomatitis, pharyngitis, and cervical adenitis syndrome may have a certain monogenetic background.[]

  • Drug-induced Fever

    Consider intubation, paralysis and ventilation for the critically ill.[] Drug-induced fever has been described as fever coinciding with drug administration when no other etiology for the fever can be discovered and when the fever abates after cessation[] Seven patients had fever with on other symptoms or signs that would suggest a diagnosis of drug-induced fever.[]

  • Streptococcal Infection

    This dogma is based on an accumulated body of epidemiologic evidence relating to both primary and recurrent episodes of rheumatic fever.[] Honey should be avoided in infants less that 1 year of age because of their increased likelihood of botulinum toxicity and paralysis.[] […] glomerulonephritis in Trinidad, J Infect Dis, 1972 , vol. 125 (pg. 619 - 25 ) 10 The families of patients with acute rheumatic fever or glomerulonephritis in Trinidad, Am[]

  • Insect Bite

    Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is caused by bacterium Rickettsia rickettsii that is transmitted by infected ixodid (hard) ticks.[] That's important, because prompt treatment with antibiotics usually cures infections and prevents complications such as acute arthritis and facial paralysis (with Lyme disease[] See your doctor if you develop a reaction around the bite site, or if you feel generally unwell or experience muscle weakness or paralysis after a tick bite.[]

  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    Glandular fever mostly affects teenagers and young adults.[] Both peripheral and cranial nerves were affected causing paralysis and need for assisted ventilation.[] EBV can also cause many other diseases and conditions, including but not limited to: Viral meningitis Encephalitis Transverse myelitis Optic neuritis Paralysis of facial muscles[]

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