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483 Possible Causes for Fever, Recurrent Jaundice

  • Choledocholithiasis

    Calcification in the head of the pancreas Disease Process of choledocholithiasis Recurrent Bile duct inflammation with bouts of fever, pain and jaundice. 2.[] By comparing them, was observed that fever and jaundice were the signs and symptoms with statistical significance.[] CBDS easily lead to biliary obstruction, secondary cholangitis, pancreatitis, and obstructive jaundice, even endanger life.[]

  • Ascending Cholangitis

    Patients who have not been treated with cholecystectomy have shown an increased probability of suffering from jaundice, recurrent biliary pain and further cholangitis episodes[] Indeed, the presence of a complete Charcot's triad ranges from 15.4–72.0%, which is why fever and jaundice remain the most important features.[] […] biliary pain, jaundice, further episodes of cholangitis, and need for further ERCP or cholecystostomy; the risk of death is also significantly increased. [21] Prognosis [[]

  • Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

    -Patients with rapidly progressive jaundice or recurrent cholangitis in the setting of PSC should undergo cholangiography to identify any of these three features.[] In addition to typical clinical findings as fever, hepatosplenomegaly, and cachexia, VL is associated with autoimmune phenomena.[] Benign recurrent intrahepatic cholestasis is characterized by episodic jaundice and pruritus lasting for several weeks to months, with long symptom-free intervals.[]

  • Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

    Presentations of primary sclerosing cholangitis History: Fatigue Pruritus Weight loss Right upper quadrant (RUQ) pain Recurrent biliary infections Examination: Jaundice Hepatomegaly[] The pathogen was supposedly acquired during a trip to Thailand, causing severe fever, cholangitis and pancreatitis.[] Common initial symptoms include: Fatigue Itching of the skin Jaundice Diarrhea Weight loss In more advanced disease, if the bile ducts become infected, patients may have fever[]

  • Alcoholic Hepatitis

    Prednisolone administered orally for 10 days produced a slight improvement in the jaundice and fever.[] Slight clouding of consciousness, fever, and jaundice were evident on his admission to our hospital.[] We describe a patient with severe alcoholic hepatitis, markedly elevated white blood cell count, and high fever.[]

  • Drug-induced Toxic Hepatitis

    Oral contraceptives are contraindicated in patients with a history of recurrent jaundice of pregnancy.[] If fever, rash, or pruritis occurs from any medication, its use should be stopped immediately.[] Patients with recurrent idiopathic jaundice of pregnancy, severe pruritus of pregnancy, or a family history of these disorders are more susceptible to hepatic injury.[]

  • Chronic Cholecystitis

    The patient, a 69-year-old man, was admitted for epigastric pain, nausea, vomiting, and fever.[] -intermittent jaundice reynold's pentad of acute obstructive jaundice -persistent pain -persistent fever -persistent jaundice -altered mental status -shock[] Upper abdominal tenderness may be present, but usually fever is not. Fever suggests acute cholecystitis. Once episodes begin, they are likely to recur.[]

  • Chronic Hepatitis C

    Side effects occurring immediately after administration include headache, nausea, and influenza-like symptoms, such as fever and joint pain.[] A 61-year-old woman complained of headaches and a fever during treatment of a chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. She had been treated for 7 months.[] Other human pathogen viruses belonging to the family of Flaviviridae are those viruses causing Dengue fever, yellow fever and West Nile fever.[]

  • Chronic Active Hepatitis B

    A 28-year-old man was admitted to our department with intermittent fever, hepatosplenomegaly and pancytopenia.[] If you have symptoms such as jaundice, fatigue or fever or have been exposed to hepatitis B, don’t delay: make an appointment to see a liver specialist who is experienced[] Patients with IACAH most often present with insidious onset of malaise, anorexia, fever and fatigue.[]

  • Hepatosplenomegaly

    […] with portal hypertensionRecurrent Jaundice - Liver disease, Hemolytic anemiaDyspnoea / difficulty in feeding - cardiac causes e.g.[] A 24 year old woman living in the Mediterranean region of Turkey present with a three-month history of weight loss and irregular fever that was peaking at 40 degrees C with[] We present a 4.5-year-old boy who developed fever, vomiting, diarrhea, lymphadenopathy, hepatosplenomegaly, lymphocytosis, anemia, thrombocytopenia, and increased liver enzymes[]

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