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158 Possible Causes for Fever, Renal Insufficiency, Salicylate Poisoning

  • Dehydration

    Fever, presumably secondary to dehydration, is an useful early warning sign.[] Vomiting, diarrhea, excessive sweating, burns, kidney failure, and use of diuretics may cause dehydration.[] Some problems that may occur include: heat injury, cerebral edema, seizures, hypovolemic shock, kidney failure, coma and death.[]

  • Salicylate Poisoning

    Renal insufficiency exacerbates salicylate poisoning since most of the drug is eliminated by the kidneys.[] OTC drugs were the first-line treatment in 188 (74 percent) of 254 fever episodes during the 2 weeks before the cross-sectional survey.[] , acute renal failure.[]

  • Amanita Muscaria Poisoning

    After this there is a period of apparent well-being before liver and kidney failure. Death can occur within 6 days.[] […] with brotizolam and methyl salicylate 引地和歌子、山口晃志、大野曜吉、福永龍繁 日本法医学雑誌 72(1) 190 2018年5月 [査読有り] 液体クロマトグラフィー‐タンデム質量分析法によるヒト血液,尿及び胆汁中クアゼパムとその代謝物の定量分析 ZHOU Jing, 山口晃志, 大野曜吉 日本医科大学医学会雑誌[] Fever, hematuria, tachycardia, hypotension, rapid volume depletion, and fluid and electrolyte imbalance also may be present. POISONOUS PRINCIPLES : A. muscaria.[]

  • Colchicine Poisoning

    He also had a history of chronic renal insufficiency and arterial hypertension, which he treated with verapamil and trandalopril.[] Colchicine, gloriosine, superbine and salicylic acid are the most important ones.[] The use of colchicine was due to diagnosis of Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) in the families of 8 patients, diagnosis of Behçet disease in 1 patient's father, diagnosis[]

  • Hypersensitivity

    A nother remedy for the discomfort of itching poison oak lesions was recently reported to Wayne's Word.[] This leads to the characteristic hay fever symptoms, such as itchy eyes and sneezing.[] The role of renal insufficiency appears to be crucial and further investigation is required.[]

  • Acidosis

    Tinnitus or vertigo may occur with salicylate poisoning.[] Acidosis may develop in typhoid fever patients and must be guarded against.[] Creatinine will often be elevated as a marker of renal insufficiency, but may be normal, especially in the setting of acute overdoses.[]

  • Food Poisoning

    Abstract We report a 9-year-old girl with cereulide-producing Bacillus cereus food poisoning, who developed fulminant hepatitis, renal and pancreatic insufficiency, shock,[] Potassium practical present produced Prof proteid pulmonary Pyoktanin quantity Quinine remedy renal Salicylic Salicylic Acid salts sodium soluble solution stomach substances[] Of the patients with enteric fever and food poisoning, 16.4% and 15.2% respectively were infected with Salmonella.[]

  • Metabolic Acidosis

    Salicylate poisoning classically results in an increased anion gap metabolic acidosis.[] […] case of a 55-year-old women who developed a symptomatic overproduction of 5-oxoproline during flucloxacillin treatment for severe sepsis while receiving acetaminophen for fever[] Insufficiency Cohort) Study.[]

  • Acute Amphetamine Intoxication

    The patient is advised about conditions such as diarrhea, which may deplete the body of potassium or contribute to dehydration and renal insufficiency.[] I think its an unfair question, asking you if "binge for days" or "fever" is more specific.[] failure that requires dialysis (kidney machine) Destruction of muscles, which can lead to amputation An extremely large methamphetamine overdose can cause death.[]

  • Crack Ingestion

    failure Stroke Heart attack Death Ready to get help?[] […] and salicylates.[] Low-grade fever. Being excessively talkative. Being easily startled or nervous.[]

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