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656 Possible Causes for Fever, Tendinitis

  • Lyme Disease

    CASE DESCRIPTION: A 34-year-old male tennis player was seen for physical therapy for right shoulder impingement and tendinitis diagnosed by an orthopedic surgeon.[] Borrelia hermsii, a causative agent of tick-borne relapsing fever, possesses a putative c-di-GMP regulatory network that is uncharacterized.[] Abstract We present a 49-year-old man with subacute onset of fever, weakness, shortness of breath, unilateral lower extremity oedema and pancytopenia who was found to have[]

  • Reiter's Syndrome

    Enthesopathy (inflammation at tendinous insertion into bone—eg, plantar fasciitis, digital periostitis, Achilles tendinitis) is common and characteristic.[] Abstract A 32-year-old Japanese man developed polyarthritis with mild fever and conjunctivitis.[] The patient presented with fever, conjunctivitis, dysentery, urethritis and arthralgia.[]

  • Rheumatic Heart Disease

    BACKGROUND: Rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease (RHD) are important health problems in developing countries.[] There is also a genetic factor in rheumatic fever.[] What are the symptoms of rheumatic fever?[]

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    -- Toothache -- Xerostomia -- Otic conditions -- Introduction -- Cerumen impaction -- Otitis externa -- Swimmer's ear -- Podiatric conditions -- Introduction -- Achilles tendinitis[] Seek medical attention when you have a fever that is greater than 100.4 F or 38 C, fever unresponsive to fever reducer, fever present for more than two to three days, or a[] […] transplant complicated by recurrence of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis and post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder, presented nearly 2 years after transplantation with fever[]

  • Bursitis

    Surgery for Bursitis & Tendinitis in Adults Surgeons may repair a tendon or remove an inflamed bursa to relieve symptoms of tendinitis or bursitis.[] Fever, which could indicate infection.[] Fever is present in infective type. Swelling is more in acute type.[]

  • Tendinitis

    Achilles tendinitis occurs 4 to 7 times more frequent in males than in females. There is a male predilection for all forms of tendinitis.[] He exhibited mild fever, torticollis, and a moderately elevated white blood count; no swelling of the retropharyngeal wall was observed.[] Other frequent findings include low-grade fever, mild leukocytosis, and a slightly elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate.[]

  • Gout

    […] of tophaceous gout was obtained, tenotomy of the FDS to the middle finger was performed because of heavy intratendinous infiltration of the tophus and destruction of the tendinous[] The elderly patients were more likely to have fever (51.1%) during the attack than the young (20.8%) and middle-aged (30.8%) patients (P 0.001 by χ² test).[] A controlled clinical trial showed ultrasound therapy to be beneficial in the treatment of symptomatic chronic calcific tendinitis of the shoulder.[]

  • Erysipelas

    , bursitis (n 5) or algodystrophy (n 1), occurring after erysipelas with favorable course; and more severe complications, ie, osteitis (n 1), arthritis (n 1), and septic tendinitis[] FMF is a monogenic autoinflammatory syndrome highlighted by recurrent fever associated with polyserositis involving mainly the peritoneum, synovium and pleura.[] Osteoarticular complications may present as bursitis, osteitis, arthritis, and tendinitis. Classical erysipelas usually does not require elaborate diagnostic workup.[]

  • CINCA Syndrome

    Their quality of life is often poor and the functional prognosis depends on the occurrence of tendinous retractions resulting from the arthropathies.[] The approach to a child with persistent fever is available .[] Abstract CINCA syndrome is a genetic disorder characterized by early onset of recurrent fever, rash, progressive articular and neurological involvement.[]

  • Palmar Abscess

    , unspecified hip M7601Gluteal tendinitis, right hip M7602Gluteal tendinitis, left hip M7610Psoas tendinitis, unspecified hip M7611Psoas tendinitis, right hip M7612Psoas tendinitis[] We herein report the case of a 5-year-old male who presented with fever, cervical lymphadenopathy and odynophagia.[] Denied fevers ,chills or other symptoms. Denied insect, spider or other exposures. Admitted for IV antibiotics and ortho hand consultation.[]

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