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1,117 Possible Causes for Fever Followed by a Rash

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    : Diarrhea Vomiting Increase or decrease in urinary frequency Abdominal pain Signs and symptoms of infection - Presence of fever, chills, myalgias, rash, rhinorrhea, sore[] […] bind to specific enterocyte receptors and cause the release of chloride ions into the intestinal lumen, leading to secretory diarrhea Signs and symptoms These include the following[]

  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    High fever over 38.5 C may occur often. Look for other diseases (for example, rashes, pharyngitis) with careful systematic examination.[] The following are signs of respiratory distress: Cyanosis in severe cases. Grunting. Nasal flaring.[]

  • Insect Bite

    Symptoms of mild dengue include fever with any of the following: nausea, vomiting, rash, aches and pains (eye pain typically behind the eyes, muscle, joint, or bone pain).[] Chills, fever, rash, pain, nausea, and rarely, more serious symptoms like seizures or coma can follow a bite.[] Chills, fever, rash, pain, nausea and, rarely, more serious symptoms (like seizures or coma) also can follow a bite.[]

  • Hypersensitivity

    If you get symptoms from two or more of the following groups, call your doctor straight away. Fever. Rash. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or stomach pain.[] A high fever of 38–40 C is usually noticed first. This is quickly followed by a widespread skin rash . Characteristics of the rash are diverse.[] following initial exposure .[]

  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

    […] by vesicular rash Vesicular rash in dermatomal distribution, not crossing midline Mastoiditis Fever; otalgia Postauricular erythema and swelling; tenderness over mastoid[] […] eruption Dull ache behind posterior molars Tenderness to palpation over emerging tooth Infection or inflammation Herpes zoster and postherpetic neuralgia Prodrome of pain followed[]

  • Drug Hypersensitivity

    Although there are many causes for fever and rash, the following findings help to differentiate DHS from infections and malignancies.[] Two weeks following therapy, the patient developed fever, skin rash, nausea, and headache. The next day, the patient became anuric.[] A high fever of 38–40 C is usually noticed first. This is quickly followed by a widespread skin rash . Characteristics of the rash are diverse.[]

  • Exanthema Subitum

    In most cases, the disease is diagnosed based on the appearance of the fever followed by a rash as described above.[] followed by a rash.[] […] lasting several days and followed by a fine macular rash that appears within a few hours to a day after the fever has subsided.[]

  • Sexually Transmitted Disease

    Symptoms of that stage include: Rash on the palms, stomach, or soles of the feet that usually doesn't itch and goes away on its own Fever Swollen lymph glands and sore throat[] But if the infection is not treated, a secondary stage follows.[]

  • Tonsillitis

    ) Peri-tonsillar abscess (typically one-sided, worsening sore throat) Scarlet fever (swollen red tongue, rash on cheeks and body) If you notice any of the above symptoms,[] When to call your child's healthcare provider Call your child’s healthcare provider right away if your otherwise healthy child has any of the following: Fever (see Fever and[] If you or your children exhibit any of the following symptoms contact your doctor immediately: High fever Pus in the throat Difficulty in breathing Difficulty in swallowing[]

  • Skin Infection

    Stevens-Johnson syndrome involves high fever with a severe rash and skin-peeling in reaction to a drug.[] In classical cases, this prodrome may be followed by skin rash, bite‐eschar(s), regional lymphadenopathy, conjunctival injection, icteric sclera, jaundice, and bradycardia[] Shingles follows are unilateral distribution along dermatome tracks Scabies typically affects interdigital and intertriginous areas. Intense nightime itching.[]

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